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My name is Willight Robinbine. I wished to go to Equestria for real. I've been a brony for 7 years since January 19th, 2013. Beginner Gmodder.


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The typos and/or spelling errors really interupt the flow too much. I like the story, but with it being so short on terms of build up and what i stated earlier, id assume is the reason why so many people dislike it.

I'd auto-accepted it, because I already had 2 stories written by me.

And this is why I've to go on Writer's block every time I get dislikes to my stories. And now this time it's on forever.

It should probably have the Comedy tag if it's really a parody. Also, Willight?

Why would you subject my two favorite ponies to this?

It's a disrespectful take on an overrated piece of boo-hooing and "gibsmefeefees", so it's an autamatic like for me.
Except for the lack of editing. Come on dude. You gotta do this right.

With an attitude like that, my only response is, "do as you will."

Writing is hard. Writing to make others enjoy what you've written is hard. If you're just going to cry and give up because you're not instantly the best at it, then you're better off finding something else to do. Something simple, shallow, non-challening. Like taking duck-lipped selfies and posting them on Facebook. It shitposting on twitter.

Honestly, and this is just poorly written... bad grammer, constant use of the same words, and the structure of the sentences and paragraphs are an eyesore...

I've nothing against the overall concept of a self-insert, heck some of my favorite stories are self-inserts, but the poor writing is simply Abyssmal... I would suggest getting a proofreader and editor, and invest time in using a thesaurus app, book, or google thesaurus.

I liked this out of pity cuz i thought, hey guys are blasting it cuz foalcon, but holy shit, diapers? really bruh?

I get the distinct impression that I should hold off on more Pony Thread Simulators.

Okay, this is a trollfic, right? C'mon man, level with me, you made this account just to troll.

Sorry, but I don't do trollfics. But tomorrow's chapter will be an non-canon chapter. It's called Chapter -2: Friday the 13th(Non-Canon). All the non-canon chapters will have an negative sign in it.

Did you read the end of the chapter that it will be continued until further notice?
This is the same as my 2nd story for the crossover chapter.
I did got the idea... but now I don't have it.

This story is not dead, because I keep getting ideas for non-canon chapters. Like today's non-canon chapter. The next non-canon chapter will be on the next special day that in the USA or 14th of June or my birthday that is on July 10th.

I finally decided that the big story crossover for both this story and my 2nd story continued on my birthday(July 10th).

Plus this story and my 2nd story might be joining the Displaced because of this crossover. Or my 4th story that will be displaced and somepony I know on discord, skype, and google hangouts will be in it.

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tip: planning is key, set goals appropriate to your righting level, read over your own work to fix punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Good luck:twilightsmile:

See what I did there at the end of this chapter?:trollestia::twilightblush::twilightsheepish::raritywink:

TF2. When Engineer said that in the video when the Blu Spy met Rarity.

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You're a troll aren't you? Crafty bastard. Almost got me.
please tell me this is for a laugh

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