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You. Are. Insane.

The good or bad kind of insane, I'm not going to say.

Well, this is deeply disturbing on multiple levels.
However, I would like to commend you on a story that you obviously put a lot of work and thought on. There's quite a few run-on sentences, also a lot of unnecessary commas, but those aren't big issues. All in all, a well-put together story. Please seek help.

Do us all a favor and seek professional help. Please.

I find the concept morbidly fascinating... But a little too morbid and not fascinating enough to actually read it.


Seriously, the President and the Princesses having sex? I was really disturbed by the concept of this story. Don't all of you commentators agree on that?

Well, while your story is not bad. Its just weird for the readers to read this story. So I would basically say, well I don't know what to say.

concept was disturbingly interestin.........but.......being who tah president is makes me.......Meh.......in lol level this is a win....just take this gif as general reactions




though that story was just woah, I have to agree if Barack and Celestia had one DAY one 24 hour day not to be president or a princess of a kingdom to be treated as any other citizen they would party like there is no tomorrow.

The description is enough to put a huge WTF?!! expression in my face.

No need to read the story.

A good read. Interesting and funny concept that was well written, save for a few misspelled words here and there, but that's nitpicking.I laughed my ass off during the whole thing, and that deserves a like (also all the wtf it's causing is a bonus).

You find me one spelling mistake and I'll give you a dollar.

Now that I've actually read it, it's clear you put quite a bit of effort into it. It's well written and interesting. And totally, completely cracked. 4/5.

I thought it was a fascinating exploration of a leader's psyche

jeez even tho im interested in where this lead to in long run, the wtf reactions are making my day,,,:rainbowlaugh:

My brain would not physically allow me to read past the first two paragraphs, but against my better judgement I forced my brain to comprehend it anyway. I have read almost every kind of clopfiction from romantic encounters to gore, but nothing has disturbed me as much as this piece of work. I wanted to read some nice pony love before I went to bed but no. I will be having Obama based nightmares for weeks. This is coming from the girl who giggled while reading "Cupcakes." Congratulations sir, you have created a whole new kind of horror. :fluttershbad:

This is totally awesome. You didn't go for cheap laughes - you played it totally straight with exploration of the characters' psyches and everything, and let the inherent absurdity of the idea supply all the humour needed.

Now we need more of this. Some sort of analogue from the Equestrian side for Obama worrying about the Secret Service - Celestia's staff wondering what's up and snooping, I dunno. This idea is too batshit, and its current execution too good, to not take it further.

Totally mailing a link to whitehouse.gov :twilightsheepish:

i am going to fav this pure lolz :pinkiehappy:

.... what? :rainbowhuh:
I'm faving this because it is so deliciously insane :pinkiecrazy:

uh... wait... I can't... uh...

i still squirm about the michell bit but whatever im open minded enough to like this........:twilightoops:

that pic that pic lololololololololololol *DIES*

Dear god...

What have you done!?

I love you for what you have done here, my friend.

I felt my face do exactly this upon reading the title, and seeing the image:

I... don't know what to think...

Politics in fimfiction.net? In an election year? With my least favorite president? I'm not even going to bother to read this. What's more, why was this featured on EQAD? Why would you even submit it? Why, pray tell, has this story not been revoked yet? So many questions, not enough red thumbs...

Well it sounds interesting
i am probably going to read it, but not now


Congrats. You are now on the WTF Pony Fanfiction tumblr, courtesy of me.


Thank you my friend. I'll just have you cameo as a guy who gets tied up and spanked in the nuts with a riding crop. But it's a magic riding crop so when it hits you it feels like you just drank hot chocolate.

What kind of buckery is this? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Yes We Can!

this is funny as hell

There has to be SOME way we can get this into the election campaign. SOME way.

This is one of the greatest fucking stories in the history of mankind. Well done sir.


"Do one with Reagan!" :pinkiecrazy:

...............There is so much wrong with both this and you:twilightoops::raritydespair::pinkiesad2::raritycry::pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh:

Barack missed out on the most important question, I feel:

"WHY do you know a spell to make you shit chocolate syrup?!"

What this fic needs is to cover Barack's re-election campaign and have Celestia shit-talk democracy and the peculiarities of the US presidential race non-stop. During sex.

And Luna should fuck Michelle. Maybe she *likes* her hairless monkeys saggy and worn-out.

It's updating?
EQAD is being bothered with updates for this?
Just stop now, man... Just stop now.

im not ashamed to say i loled :rainbowlaugh:
no clue what these people are so upset about, carry on man.


This fic should be BURNED AND BURIED!! :twilightangry2:

I look at the description... and here are my first thoughts:

It feels kinda OOC to do this with Obama, but Bill Clinton, I could see that working. He did get 3/3 right when quizzed on FiM trivia.

Now what does that say about /me/?

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