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After killing Devin Weston and Steve Haines, Michael, Franklin and Trevor wanted to start a new life in peace. Living a life without all the corruption of the government. But everything changed as the Police once again knocked on their door.
After a crazy chase with the Police they tried to hide on Mount Chilliad.
What happened after that was a mystery. One thing was sure. It was a gate to a new life... but also to a new world.

- No Human/Pony, Pony/Human Transformation
- Story takes place after season seven
- Contains strong language and death
- If you are not familiar with GTA (left: Franklin, center: Michael, right: Trevor)

It's a Grand Theft Auto crossover, what did you expect anyway?

Thanks for reading. :-)


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*just calmly browsing new stories feed*
*Sees this*

That’s enough FimFiction for one day.

I love GTAV, but I will read it and see if I love it.

I read it and...
I'm just doing T.

Thank you, that you enjoyed this.

Well, this has certainly grabbed my attention.

More is coming tomorrow. Thank you so much! :)

when discord see those 3 may whatever god the pony worship pity equestria


I await more
Bucking amasing work so far

Ty. Leave a like Comment, Subscribe and get $1000000 in GTA Online.

Thanks Dude! :)

I don't have GTA online.
Can i get 20 bucks in TF2 keys?

when I saw this story I didn't expect to almost start crying that these 3 are already acting like dumbasses, I have always liked trever because he's just a cunt in every sense of the word and that what makes him funny as shit to me and to me it felt like you copied and pasted his personality to this story 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10

Thank you so mach. Wait until the part with trevor comes...

Rainstorm has been saved to disc drive E:

Not a joke.

Disc drive E: is my 1 TB of MLP stuff.

Trevor doesn’t really say nigga lot. And there’s quite a few grammar mistakes on the first chapter.

But I’m enjoying it so far :3


Yeah, Andre did a few changes on the first chapter when he re-published it...

i like how trever had a cuteness overload when he saw applebloom and when he got super drunk that was funny as fuck

Well, that was a close call before Trevor had gone on another Rampage

Well, typical, help someone in need, the cops want to arrest/kill you. The Feature that you could greet pedestrians was one of my favorite features in GTA 5

Nice that you gave rainstorm a comeback! I always helped those in need in the game, giving the money back for those that got robbed

Well, if someone bullies Apple Bloom or threatens her, Uncle Travor takes care of it.

(sees this story for the first time)

It's the story I've been looking for, but not the one I want to read right now.

...So I'll watch it.

the idea behind Trevor is that some men just want the world to burn

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