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Midnight - FandomPlays1234

Twilight has recently started doing research on the paranormal and Equestria's creepiest secrets, everything was fine until now

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Chapter 2: 3:33

2:00 A.M.

Trixie Starlight and Fluttershy quickly ran into Twilight's room and began barricading the door with whatever they had before hiding. Absolutely terrified Fluttershy continued to cry fearing for her life. This is not how she wanted to die. And neither did Starlight nor Trixie.

"How much longer?" asked Trixie.

"An hour and 33 minutes," answered Starlight.

"I can't do this I'm sorry," sobbed Fluttershy jumping out of her hiding spot.

"Wait what are you doing?" asked Starlight.

"I'm going home, I'm sorry but I can't take this anymore," sobbed Fluttershy running to the window.

'Wait Fluttershy stop!" Starlight called out to her. But it was too late, when Fluttershy swung open the window a black stallion was standing on the other side. Fluttershy's eyes widened with pure terror as she took a step back.

"No," she whimpered. The stallion came in and slammed the window shut before putting out Fluttershy's candle. Both Trixie and Starlight screamed as they ran out of Twilight's bedroom relighting their candles in the process.

"This is impossible, there is no way anypony can survive this long" whimpered Trixie.

Starlight quickly checked the time 2:20 A.M. ,"Stay strong Trixie we're almost through with the night keep going," said Starlight. Trixie wiped her eyes with her handkerchief as Starlight led the two down into the basement. For the next few minutes the two continued to wander around the dark house occasionally relighting their candles when they needed it. Each time the Midnight Mane seem to get faster by the moment.

"How long have we been doing this?" asked Trixie catching her breath. Starlight looked at the clock to check the time. 3:00 A.M.

"It's three, just 33 more minutes, you can do this Trixie let's keep going," said Starlight. Trixie let out a sigh of relief to hear that they were gonna make it to the end. Suddenly both of their candles went out. The two quickly took out their matches and relit the candles as they got up and began moving again.

"Almost there keep going," said Starlight. Each time the two made a move, so did the Midnight mane. Each hour that passes Midnight Mane starts becoming more active than you expect, each time the two slowed down, time slowed down as well.

"3:20 A.M., almost there Trixie keep it up," said Starlight.

"Yeah," said Trixie. Finally this Nightmare was gonna end. Suddenly Trixie's candle went out. Panicking she reached for her box of matches only to realize something.

"What is it Trixie?" asked Starlight.

"I ran out of matches," Trixie answered. Suddenly the black stallion appeared behind Trixie. Slowly turning around Trixie let out a scream before she suddenly disappeared with the black stallion.

"NO!" Starlight yelled. Trixie didn't come back. Starlight choked back her tears as she continued on with the game.

3: 23 A.M., the end was coming. "Almost there," said Starlight.

3:25 A.M. Relight the candle and move on.

3:27 A.M. "It's so close yet so far,"

3:29 A.M. She could see it the end was in sight.

3:30 A.M. One final push.

Finally it was 3:31 A.M. Starlight had mad it through the entire night without dying, she was going to beat the Midnight Mane.

3:32 A.M. "I've done it I won," said Starlight slumping down on the couch. Wiping her forehead she was getting ready to celebrate. when her candle went out. She reached in her bag to find she had run out of matches. She watched as the Midnight Mane approached her. Starlight closed her eyes and clenched her teeth ready for her judgement. When the clock struck. Starlight looked at the clock 3:33 A.M. She had done it, she won the game. She looked up as the Midnight mane turned around and walked out the door. Starlight slumped on the couch feeling relived to have finish this death game.
But now it was over. Starlight got up and walked out the door leaving the library in it's current state.

Author's Note:

The End. Not scary in my opinion but still glad to see that Starlight made it out ok. R.I.P. for everyone else though.

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