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One bullet, is all that is needed.


(Important: Chapter two and three are both under maintenance. Expect them to be edited in the future. And, I also need an editor to help me edit and add chapters in this story. PM me if you want to.)

'Being a good soldier comes down to one thing. To one single question: What are you prepared to sacrifice?' ~Laurence "Prophet" Barnes.

'This question, has plagued my mind ever since I got here. Day and night, I wouldn't stop thinking about that question. And I always wondered, what am I prepared to sacrifce for? And it appears that I don't have to wonder no more. For the answers were already with me.' ~Scot "Nova" Mcarthur.

1st Lt. Scot "Nova" Mcarthur dressed in a CELL Nanosuit, goes to a convention with his younger sister. He then buys the 'Predator Bow' from a cosplaying merchant. He then gets sent to a Modern Equestria with power that can make a city crumble. What will he do there? Will he protect this land? Or will he abuse its powers and make Equestria fall to its knees?

( A/N : I don't own My Little Pony nor Crysis, they belong to their respective owners. This is my first story. Story sets in a modern Equestria. The Mane Six are now not part of the main characters of the story. They still interact with Scot, but they're not part of the main characters. All characters wear clothes. Dragons and Changelings are no exception. )

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Comments ( 48 )

Really interesting start to this story, can't wait to see where it goes. Wish the chapters were a little longer, otherwise I have no complaints.

This is cool a bit short but still pretty cool more pls

"Yeah, why did you asked?"


Also great story so far!



I'm gonna post a chapter a little later, cause I'm making it longer than the first two.

Thank you for the story there are no crysis stories these days

"N-nova? Is t-that your curie mark?"


And hey not so bad on this story, fucking love crysis



Comment posted by ZWORZT_WRITER deleted Oct 15th, 2017

This made things a bit more interesting

Can’t wait for the evolve story to come out :3

It's good to see people taking the cross-over chapter well.

As far as these displaced stories go, I think yours starts off the best. Great job.

Once the green silhouette was in front of Lock

Isn't the new suit red?

You had my interest. Now you have my attention. This story is really something. You've used concepts that not many would dare to use. And you did it beautifully. If you need help, I'll be glad to do what I can.

Ok, now I see it. Didn't see the camo in there. Sorry

Sure, I'll PM you so we can get started.

You haven't updated in a long time.

I didn't make the fic, double check the names.
I was just curious.

OH! ffffff- I was disappointed because he hasn't updated in a long time even after I had Link help him out.


..I'm sorry? Are you laughing at the cross-over chapter? my Displaced Link? This story? Link wasting his time helping him out?

Comment posted by HellBreaker deleted April 10th

No, it was just the little mess up that was kinda funny, I'm also disappointed there hasn't been an update in a long while.

It happens, its not the first time I helped someone who wanted their Displaced learn how to make a token. Like this one WoW displaced a long while back, Link helped him out, but never updated again since then.

Indeed, especially when he's got a good amount of likes.

Can we finish this story I really like it

Another displace another downvote.

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