• Published 8th Oct 2017
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[Displaced] CRYSIS: Legacy - ZWORZT_WRITER

Goes to convention as a CELL operative in a Nanosuit, buys the Predator Bow from a shaddy Merchant, and end up in Equestria. Yup, totally a normal day.

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Worst Wake Up Call... (UNDER MAINTENANCE)

'Suit Integrety at one hundred percent.'

"Quite down, will you?"

'Systems recovery... Corrosive agents isolated.'

"Wha- Argh!" I woke up from slumber as my whole body was electrocuted. "Alex! What the fuck!" I yelled at Alex, to only see that I was at the middle of a dense forest. "Where am I?" I asked, to nobody at particular.

'Location Unkown.' Wait, was that...'Re-routing primary power systems. Please wait.' No way... It is SECOND! 'Primary systems re-routed. Cleared to proceed.' the suit then became lighter than earlier.

Going over my shock, I returned to the matter at hand. I checked my surroundings, to only see that I am in a forest. A very unfamiliar forest, no doubt. I then decided to go to higher ground, to pinpoint my location. I looked up to see that I can just climb up a tree and do my stuff there. But before I can even start climbing, I heard a very familiar voice speak,'Maximum Power.'

I stopped and recalled everything I know of the suit and its abilities. "Wait, maximum power increases my jump height, right? Then that means..." I went wide-eyed when an idea came into my head. I quickly got into stance and jumped, reaching the tree's branches and grabbing onto it. "Wow. That went, pretty well." I said, climbing up the tree.

Once I popped my head out of the tree line, I used the Suit's binoculars and started pinpointing random stuff, and it was fun. That is until my eyes landed on a mountain. What's special about this one is that it has a castle on the side, the freaking side. What's more weird is that it looks offly familiar. Not gonna pass the opportunity, I pinpointed it for future reference.

That is until, I heard a scream. Or screams that came approximately 30 meters away. How do I know this? Well, just ask SECOND on how he does it. Or is he a she? I don't know, but I'm just gonna stick with calling SECOND a he.

I jumped down the tree, activating the suit's armor at the last second of my fall. After getting up and facing the direction of the screams, I activated the suit's speed and ran.

"Damn!" I yelled in surprise as I ran with my speed thrice the average.

I smiled at this but quickly wondered,'How am I doing this? This is just my first time. Hmm... It probably has to do with SECOND linking with me or something. Meh, I'll think about it later.'

I reached to a small clearing and hid on top of a tree. After that I quickly scanned the area and saw wolves made out of wood? Wha? I quickly regained my focus as I heard a cry of help in front of them,"Somepony, help us!"

I didn't know what happened to me but I quickly took out my 'Predator Bow' and changed my ammo to Super-thermite,
'What am I doing?!" I yelled in my mind,'This won't work! It's not even real!' I then aimed to the nearest wolf and fired a shot.

It hit the wolf in the back before the arrow started beeping. It confused the wolf, its comrades and me. Until the beeping stopped and it exploded, killing the wolf. Seeing this, the others whimpered and retreated back, not wanting to end up like their fallen comrad.

Regaining from my shock, I turned my attention back to the ones I saved. To only see three familiar anthro ponies, who was holding each other in fear. And my shock coming back, to see that it was the CMC from the show MLP. How do I know this, you ask? Let's just say SECOND showed me my old memories. My memories when I was still a brony.

"Great, now I feel like a dick." I mumbled to myself as I collapsed the bow to its compact size and holstering it on my back. After that I jumped down, gaining the attention of the three. Who was now starting to cry.

I got up and slowly walking towards them. Once I was over their cowering bodies, I crouched down to their eye levels to speak,"You three alright?"

The one with a yellow fur, red mane with a rid ribbon, Applebloom, if I remembered correctly, nodded, "T-t-thanks m-mister."

Aw come on! I am not that scary, right? Shaking my head, I stood up and held out my hand,"Come on, let's get you home." They hesitantly took my hand and stood up,"Now, you three know the way home?"

They nodded,"Alright, I'm gonna follow you three to make sure nothing gets you, ok?" they nodded again. *Sigh* 'This is going to be a long walk.' I gestured my hand for them to lead the way, to which they lead of course.

After walking a few minutes, I decided to at least ask them a few questions,"So, what were you three doing out here?"

"Oh, well we were just visiting our friend, Zecora. Until we were chased by those timberwolves." the orange colored pegasus, Scootaloo if I remembered, said.

"Hmm, at least I got there to save you three. Who knows what would've happen if I were'nt there." I said, carrying the white unicorn, known as Sweetie Bell, over my shoulders.

"I know. It was really scary." Sweetie whimpered.

"Don't worry, nothing bad will happen. Now that I'm here." I said with pride.

"So mister, what's ya name?" I flinch at that sudden question. But it looks like no one noticed.

"Oh, well just call me Nova."

"Nova, huh?" Scootaloo asked beside me, "Are you a Royal Guard? Is that why you're wearing that weird looking armor?"

I simply just nodded,"Mhmm."

"That's so awesome! Not as awesome as Rainbow Dash but still, awesome!" Hmm, SECOND? I want you to search informations regarding to this 'Rainbow Dash'. Give me the results later.

"N-nova? Is t-that your cutie mark?"

"Hmm?" I glanced at my right shoulder to see the CELL's logo.

"Yeah, why did you ask?"

"W-well I was wondering on why is it on your shoulder instead on your... flank..." she mumbled that last part, clearly embarassed about asking that question. Good thing this suit has an enhanced-hearing system.

"Well, the suit is kinda hiding it. Also I don't want anyone looking at my flank." I said.

"O-oh." Good, she bought it.

"Then what's it suppose to mean?" Scootaloo asked.

"What?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"Like, what are you good at?"

"Well, I call it CELL." I said.

"Why's that?" Three of them were now leaning.

"It's just an acronym."

"Then what's the whole word then?" They were now really, really leaning.

"CELL stands for Canterlot Enforcement & Local Logistics." I saw them with puzzled looks,"It means I'm in a private military."

"Oh..." all of them said. Thank you SECOND, for that valuable information.

"Welp, I guess this is where we part ways." I said as I dropped Swettie Bell. We were already at the edge and we can already see a town not far from here.

"Welp, it was nice meeting you three." I said as I walked away,"Bye!". Once I was out of sight, I activated the suit's cloak and left the area. Heading deeper in the forest. Which will be now my temporary home.

Author's Note:

Wanna know who's SECOND?

Semiautonomous Enhanced Combat Ops: Neuro-integration Delivery AI (SECOND) is a non-sentient information delivery Artificial Intelligence used by Crynet's Nanosuit 2 as a data storage, delivery, and transfer device that allows the suit to store its data within the brain of the user, and stream data directly into the user's brain almost instantly.

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