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I'm an amateur writer, but hopefully I'm getting better. P.S I like dark stories. P.P.S also go check out my B.B.B.F.F, The Conspicuous Writer.


Loose Steel, a grey Earthpony mare who has gained the ability to morph any metal she makes contact with by mysterious forces, lives in the large city of Fillydelphia.

Fillydelphia has an unfortunately well known reputation for it's crime, and Loose can't stand it. One day, while working on a shield that was personally requested by a friend of her's; she was engulfed by a silver light.

At first it seemed like everything was normal, but that quickly changed when she resumed work on the shield, the piece of metal instantly became a shield. It was perfect, virtually no flaws.

She began testing her powers on any piece of metal she came across. Eventually she recognized that she could use this new power to fix Fillydelphia's reputation by stopping the crime manually.

She now dawns of persona of Alloy, a knight ready to stop crime at it's source.

Authors note: This is part of the TMMDW universe and every chapter will tie in in someway. Also the cutie mark art was made by LR-Studios.

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