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What would it be like?

Spitfire has asked herself that question for years. From her upbringing to her graduation—and even her rise through the ranks of the Wonderbolts—a desire for change has always loomed in her heart, no matter how she might have suppressed it.

Now, with her strongest aspiration beginning to resurface, she's starting to remember why she wanted to make music in the first place: The world she lives in, the company she works for, the system she was born into, none of it is right, none of it should be the way it is. Could her music truly change that?

With a little help, Spitfire will come to realise that change is possible.

I cannot thank Ceffyl Dwr enough for the level of work he has put into pre-reading this story, offering suggestions, discussing and debating various details with me and generally helping me make this into something presentable. I'm immensely grateful.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 8 )

I'm so damn excited for you getting this out at last, mate. It's going to be an awesome ride. :twilightsmile:

Took you long enough, mate. Let's get this show on the road!

Don't mind me as I read and support your story :pinkiehappy::raritywink:


You're both absolute legends, thanks very much guys!


Yo yo will the real spitfire please fly up.
I mean her special talent is speed rapping or flying, and she is spitting fire on the mic.

The fact that I relate to the beginning of the chapter is a little worrying.

First and foremost: your characterization of Spitfire is to die for. I do not think you could have done a better job in this chapter, especially her interactions with Rainbow Dash, and her recruits. Only thing I could be critical with is how much you were tell-y in the middle of the chapter, but was honestly not bad in the slightest. Just something to keep in mind. It also helps to know the beat of the raps Spitfire writes, and sings, but I was able to imagine a good enough one in my head to flow with the lyrics.

Funny enough, just like Spitfire, I too just got back into writing, albeit not in the same sense as her. It was nice, though, to have a relatable attribute with the main character of the story.

I'm really liking this, like a lot, so I'll be moving onto the next chapter shortly. Keep up the good work, man!

man when spitfire saw Vinyl did she do a Spit take

is it odd that i read spitfire's lyrics in the voices of the main singers of shinedown and skillet?

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