Sweetie Belle doesn't understand why Twilight wants her to save self-teleportation spells for the future, and she doesn't know why Rarity shares her concerns. After all, would she not be capable of handling such an advanced spell after hours and hours of studying?


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Have a like from me. A my little dashie story with Sweetie Belle, that's rare to find.

It's actually not a my little dashie story lol. Both stories do share similar themes, though.

Indeed, similiar themes, makes me always think of my little dashie for some reason. Eager to see how it goes.

will this be similar to our little scootaloo?

I'm sorry, I haven't read that story, so I wouldn't know.:twilightblush:

its pretty much scoots going through fillyhood going to a human school high school college marrying a human while making friends with other humans while helping humanity willingly without being forced too with her dna and getting a job as a nurse as a first responder and eventually helping equestria and earth work together after she is found and afterwards on the effects of her life afterward and the aftermath of her friends and family afterward

Oh, gotcha. This story isn't anything like that.

It's still gonna be super cute, adorable, and totally snuggly though!

Okay, 11 likes and 1 dislike, 0 views. I guess Fimfiction is drunk again.

If you look at the bottom of the chapter, that's where it polls the active views. Dunno why it also doesn't show it at the top.

I know, just found it funny. I shouldn't say this and I apologize if I bothered you with it, your story reminds me of a similar story I wrote with Sweetie Belle.

I normally HATE POE (ponies on Earth) But for once, this was nothing major so....I liked this, doubt I'll ever read an HIE or POE again but great job.

this story is going to be so good and full of ddaaawwwwsss.

i gve this story 5 mustaches out of 5 :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Great job. Keep up the good work.👍

You have no idea haha.

in a way i do as i am following several of your story's SIR.

Yet another awesome concept and story from you Abyss. Following this story! Loving Jenna so far. :unsuresweetie: Also, I blame Twilight. :twilightoops:

Okay, you got my attention! I'll be following this! :pinkiesmile:

Twilight is always to blame haha

Good start! I like how Sweetie Belle's an active character responsible for her own hapless stranding on Earth. There're so many ways you could go with this idea - I hope you have a plot in mind, rather than just Jenna's daily life or the mechanics of Sweetie living on Earth? So many good HiE and PoE fics have died out there, and I'm hoping this won't suffer a similar fate.

This is an interesting start.

This fic has a good start. Who could resist to Sweetie's cuteness?
I wonder though, what will Twilight do next?

Hmm, this chapter was pretty darn good.

I think you deserve a follow and a favourite. Let's see where this story leads, eh? :moustache:

Let's see if this one makes more sense than most of this genre.

Seriously, weird-looking talking alien unicorn pony showing up out of the blue... and no one EVER thinks the authorities should be informed about this.

It makes me realize you humans will be incredibly easy to invade. :trixieshiftright:

Sweetness and light
Should you call
I'll follow
I'll follow
I'll fave you

Hey, this is a nice first chapter, I can't wait for the next one mate! :twilightsmile:

I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to do with this story, and it's not gonna peter out.

Thanks! The next chapter is gonna be adorable as hell lol.

Nobody can resist the adorableness of sweetie belle!

As for Twilight, she has no idea what happened.

Heh, why not? :P

Well, unicorns aren't alien to Earth. They've been in so many stories and movies that pretty much anyone on Earth can readily identify Sweetie Belle as a unicorn (and one in need of snuggles, too).

Also, if you came across Sweetie Belle shivering in a cardboard box in the rain, would you take her to the cops? Let's be real here for a minute lol; you and I both know you'd take her back home.:moustache:

Thanks! I'm gonna see if I can push some things around so I can get the next one out soon!

Not a bad first chapter.

Take your time with it. No worries.

Merlos! Where ya been, dood? Long time no see and all that stuff.

You can't rush art! Take your time mate.

I've been on my couch. Same as always. lol

Sweetie Belle and patience are not besties.

This looks good, I'll follow it.

Only one chapter in and allready this is looking really promising :twilightsmile:
By the way, Happy Birthday to MLP:FIM :pinkiehappy:

Yep, this is cute

Can't wait to see Rarity's and Twilight's reactions to this; the former's younger sister completely vanished from the face of Equestria, while the latter warned the young unicorn not to do what she did.
I can only imagine how utterly terrified Rarity would be.

Only a couple nit picky issues:

The pacing is a little fast. Mostly at the part where she teleported. A little more world-building could have been used to create her surroundings. Your descriptions were mainly generalized concepts, which could have been used a little further, to make the setting more precise.

The other thing that isn't much of an issue, but just didn't make sense is how the head chef was fired for not being able to cook. If he can't cook, where's his rat to do it for him? xD

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