• Published 10th Oct 2017
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Trixie's Buggy Day - LegionofPony

Starlight, and Pharynx's combat form, help Trixie during her heat.

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While this is hot enough to clop to, it does feel a tad rushed. And somewhat repetitive. The worst offender being your use of 'meanwhile':.

On the creative side of things, it's pretty unique -- I enjoyed it very much! Props for writing clop about such a beautiful creature!

Is anyone gonna tell that Starlights second name is written wrong in the description?....

and she had to do it all while in estrus and only wanting her friend-with-benefits and heat-buddy Starlight's Gilmmer's quelling touch.

Also... drop the 's from Starlight's

This is nice I like it :trixieshiftright:

aww, you mean we don't get to see the bloated and gravid trixie with a belly so round with ling jizz that she can't move anymore? :fluttershysad:

Really loved the story! Just wish there was even more of it~

I think there's only one word here.


Yeah, I didn't notice just how much I overuse that word. That or 'however' tend to become a fixation for that story. Gonna pop in some variations or outright exclude some of them.

Fixed that. Whoops.




Glad you three enjoyed it!

*boops the silly pony*

wlam #8 · Oct 11th, 2017 · · 2 ·

Didn't read, but I just wanted to say that the cover to this story really reminds me of this guy I used to know who wrote Alien: Resurrection porn fics.

That's all, carry on.

A neat little story. The first of its kind I actually saw here about this episode. The cock design is rather interesting. Though are ribs cockrings? Just wanted to clarify since I wasn't sure about it, though it certainly sounded like that in the story.

In any case wouldn't mind to see more Pharynx clop around. Especially in this beastly form! :rainbowkiss: :trollestia:


Think multiple medial-ring-like structures that curve backwards and get thicker the further down the penis they go. So basically, natural cockrings.


Think you mean "popped" there, unless the Pope was involved. Also the italics seem a little off.

lick his loff-white bug


Well, now that I've finally got around to reading this, the idea has stopped bugging me:raritywink:. Good story though, as always:twilightsmile:.


That pun. :facehoof:

Thanks for the compliment though! Glad you liked it!

8535359 The best kind of pun. No problem.

Trixie quickly stood on week legs, the 'ling's off-white cum drooling down from her pussy in a thick stream, her belly hanging heavy from just how much he'd put in her womb, still panting and her legs quivering.

Weak! Not week as in 7 days!


Whoops, fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.

"Well, here we are," Starlight said with some fanfare, "and there's your reward!"
"Wait, what? A pony is my reward?" Pharynx asked, befuddled to say the least.
"Her name is Trixie and, yeah. As they say, to the conqueror goes the...breeding rights, after all." Starlight said, quite the sultry tone in her voice.

I would be okay with that!

"Hmm, what have we here? A pinned little pony, in heat and horny, being naughty and rubbing herself off...and a ferocious pony-eating beast. Whatever will happen now?" Starlight asked, grinning down at the pinned pony.

Simple! Eat her out!

"M-Mmmmm... i-is my naughty mare enjoying her punishment?"

Pharynx: "Don't worry, you are next!"
Starlight: *gulp*

Good story! Have my upvote!
I wonder how long it went until all three are fully satisfied (and who of them gave up first/lasted the longest).

(And I feel I should mention we have an Pharynx-tag now.)

Well...that was hot

...Trixie had brought her magic into the mix now, seeing the light blue of her magic ...

Trixie’s magic is light pink.

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