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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.


A lonely Princess Celestia asks an equally lonely Anonymous out.

Short, cute and fluffy Anon x Celestia story. Contains (among other things) cuddling, power metal, cosmology, terrible pacing and South Park.

Rated T for swearing and some mild sexual stuff.

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Comments ( 10 )

This made me gigglesnort and I'm not proud of that. A cute little read.

I fail to see the Power Metal! Unless a reference flew on by and I had no idea! Also that wasn't even a good episode of Terrence and Phillip! I kept expecting one of the guys to show up. It's downright surreal!

An Anon story I like....:rainbowderp:

Such a rare thing. Fav and upvote.

The arguable god character of the setting asking out some unlikable toggaf.
Go back to tumblr and neck yourself.

There's this link in the story.

Oh, you have no idea how I've missed your particular brand of humor!
Even if you said that this will be fluffy, I expected less fluff and more absurd humor. And I'm not complaining. Fun read!

Well, this definitely wasn't your average fluff.

Dong status: expanding

*cough cough* joel *cough cough*

Nice and comfy short. Thanks for sharing.

That was pretty good! :twilightsmile:

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