• Published 21st Jan 2018
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When - Filipino_Gal7787

Twilight tries to gain the attention of one friend. No matter how long it will take for them to notice.

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》No Matter What I Do, You Still Don't Notice《

Author's Note:

Thanks to this I had the inspiration to write one scene that hit me right in the feels. I don't really consider it romance since girls are affectionate towards each other, platonic of course. Be prepared though for a really big TIME SKIP.

And maybe some of you, or all of you, might cringe at the end. So sorry in advance:twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish::twilightblush:

Continuity to Previous Chapter
Rainbow Dash stealthly made her way inside the sapphire tent as she tried her hardest to hide her snickers. She looked towards Sunset's bed to confirm Spike's word.

Both girls were laying beside each other on their sides with Twilight held in between Sunset's arms.

Rainbow couldn't past up on an opportunity to tease Sunset as she got her phone out and went to camera and quickly snapped a picture of the sleeping duo. She wanted to take it so bad that she completely forgot to silence her phone.

Being the light sleeper that she is,Twilight stirred awake as finds the source of the snapping sound but couldn't really identify them since she wasn't wearing her glasses but she did see a rainbow blur leave the tent. It didn't take a genius to figure out who that was.

Yawning,Twilight got her glasses and was about to sit but was prevented from doing so. Looking down she realized that she was encased in Sunset's arms. Turning her body she found herself face to face with Sunset and with only a short distance between them.

Twilight felt the heat rising to her cheeks as she registered the situation she was in right now.

Oh,how she dreamt of this moment for so long but even she knew moments don't last forever. She savoured every minute as she awaited the wake of her dear friend.

"You're a lot of things Sunset Shimmer... apparently being oblivious to ones feelings is one of them." Twilight inched towards Sunset's cheek nonchalantly and gave a light peck causing said girl to stir at the sudden moisture in her cheek and then eventually fluttered her eyes open.

"Twilight?" Looking down at their position, Sunset blushed at how she had trapped her friend."Oops, sorry."

Bringing her arms back to her sides,both girls got up from the bed and stretched their tired limbs.

"How are you feelin' Twi?" Sunset asked while tying the laces of her shoes.

"I'm fine. Thanks for letting me sleep next to you."

"No prob. If you have nightmares again,you can just slip right into my bed." Sunset suggested as she got out the tent with Twilight following suit, cheeks tinted with a deep shade of red.


"How you holdin' up?" Twilight looked at Sunset in all her glory as her form was bathed with the moon's soft glow, a sight that tempted her jaw to drop but she controled herself.

"I'm ok." Putting her cup down, Twilight hugged Sunset unexpectedly catching her off guard and, although slightly puzzled, Sunset reciprocated.

"Mind telling me what this is for?" Twilight hummed and buried her face in Sunset's neck, subtly inhaling her scent.

"Words can't describe how thankful I am to have you as a friend." Just by saying that word stung Twilight inside out as she tighten her hold and felt the tears rising and in no time was gently crying in Sunset's neck, both in joy and sorrow.

Joy because she was truly and incredibly grateful to have a friend like Sunset. For the sorrow was because with each passing day this infatuation of hers is turning into something else and Sunset only viewed her as a friend. She fears that this would be an issue. She'd rather lie to Sunset everyday than to lose her because of this, she's not even sure anymore, crush!

"Whoa! Twi, you alright?" Sunset tried to pull Twilight back but Twilight latched onto her.

"I am. I just... I'm just really,really thankful." Twilight sniffled as she pulled back with a tight smile and wiped her tears.

Sunset puts down her cup and heels and helped wipe away her friends tears." I'm thankful too,Twi. I'm happy to have a friend that can actually relate to me. The others are great but your really the only one that understands me."

Sunset had slid her hands down Twilight's arm and had intertwined their fingers together and both gazed into each others eyes both filled with mixed emotions. Good thing Sunset is a fast learner or else she would've been reading Twilight's thoughts and emotions by now.

A slow waltz can be heard playing from the cave and an idea sparked in Sunsets mind and she lets go Twilight's hands and did a gentleman like bow as she offered her hand." May I?"

Twilight felt like squealing but she held it in and took Sunset's hand in which Sunset pulled them closer and raised her other arm with her hand behind Twilight's shoulder and the latter had her arm over Sunset's with her hand on her shoulder. The two rocked back and forth to the music in harmony when it came to the climax of the song, Sunset unexpectedly raised Twilight's body in the air and twirled her around before finally setting her feet back on the ground.

Twilight released a flurry of giggles as she enjoyed every minute, every second with Sunset and for the remainder of the night the duo didn't bother to go back inside the cave and were satisfied just by being with each other talking about various topics as the night progressed.


Timber continued to marvel at the sight of numerous fireflies as some glowed brighter and some dimmed and some blinked to resemble those of far away stars. He turned to look his companion hoping to be met with the sight of her eyes but his hopes were quickly faltered as Twilight's sights were directed at the fireflies but with a look of far away longing present in her eyes.

Ever since Camp Everfree he knew that he couldn't let her leave without confessing because the moment he laid his eyes on her he was struck by cupid's arrow and was captivated by not just her outward appearance but with her inner beauty and quirks as well. However when she announced that she was already interested in someone else and that it wasn't just measly crush or fling. He was devastated beyond compare and was even tempted to dispose of this person but thinking it through, that would just be selfish of him and cruel. So as much as it pains him to see her with someone else, he rather see her happy than to be forced into a relationship with someone she doesn't have a romantic interest in. They did however keep in touch with each other and over the course of a few months the two bonded and remained good friends. Although, Timber still harbored feelings for Twilight and didn't lose faith that she might feel the same way someday.

He sighed and got his cup of hot coco and took a sip, thankfully the breeze lowered its temperature." So...you still haven't told her, huh?"

Twilight diverted her attention from the fireflies to the boy who casually drank his beverage beside her. Deciding to do the same,Twilight replied afterwards,"Almost....I was about to confess to her after winning that dance music video competition but..."


After ordering their smoothies, the Rainbooms and the Crystal Prep. girls were seated in a long booth that fits all of them.

Twilight and Sunset were seated at the far end minding their own business, Sunset anyways. Twilight was fiddling with her drink as she glance at the young woman from time to time. She was a nervous wreck. Sure she had had conversations with Sunset but said girl was usually the one to start it off.

Ugh! How do I do this? How do you tell someone you love them without babbling like a complete idiot?!

Yes.Love.For the following months Twilight had been contemplating her feelings for the redhead girl and only then did she realize that her infatuation did bloom into something else. And that something else was love. A feeling she was very new and afraid of.

Inhaling through her nose, exhaling through her mouth, Twilight turned her body face Sunset as her confidence was building. Twilight cleared her throat and Sunset turned to look at her.

"What's up Twi?" Sunset asked sitting up straight and smiling at her friend.

Gulping, Twilight started." Sunset Shimmer. I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Sunset tilted her head and Twilight's wall of confidence came crumbling down just by how Sunset looked really adorable right now.

"I...I...I noticed the stain on your cheek." The lavender skinned girl said instead.

Sunset reached a hand up to her cheek and indeed there was a stain."Oh...thanks Twi."

At that moment Twilight wanted to bang her head literally anywhere and die.


Timber wanted to laugh out loud but Twilight's expression prevented him, he cleared his throat and gestured for her to continue.

"I had another opportunity and I had the courage so I was prepared. But unaccounted events got ahead of me." Twilight sighed and rested her head on her hands her lips pursed.


Twilight took a deep breath before walking up to the subject of her desires. She was gonna do it. She was finally gonna confess to Sunset Shimmer, this time for sure.

She had planned this event,gave herself a little pep talk, and with assistance from Spike, learned to control her urges to back down from a situation that would leave her mind blank.

The blunette tapped the redhead on the shoulder and said redhead turned to look her way smiling at the sight of her friend."Hey Twi! Didn't expect to see you here?"

"I actually wanted to talk to you about something." Twilight responded,confidence lacing her voice as she spoke.

"Sure,what is it?"

"This is a secret i've kept to myself since I transferred to CHS and the more I hide it the stronger it becomes. At first it was just a small thing, something I thought it was gonna fade after a while because that's how it's supposed to be. But it didn't. It kept growing and growing as the months passed and the longer I stayed it changed and turned into something else. Something I never thought I would feel or even need." Twiight inspected Sunset's face to find her staring at her curiously."...and I couldn't keep it a secret any much longer." She took Sunset's hands in hers and looked at her directly in the eye. Her heart pounding against her chest as she was finally gonna say her feelings out loud. "Sunset Shimmer I-."

"Yo Shimmer! Practise is about to start!" The distant voice of Rose Heart yelled as she waited for Sunset.

"Oh,right. Can this wait later,Twi? I gotta go."

"Shimmer!" Rose Heart yelled again.

"C'ya Twi!" Sunset grabbed her helmet and ran towards Rose and both made their way to the area where fencing practise would take place.

She forgot. How could she,Twilight Sparkle, forget? She had Sunset's entire schedule printed in a calendar and incoded in her computer! And yet she forgot!


Timber chuckled at Twilight's misfortune at her futile attempts to come out to Sunset Shimmer.

"Wow. It's like the universe is against you or something."

Timber joked as he thought of this as a way to brighten up her mood about the whole confessing to Sunset Shimmer situation. But this only caused her mood to transition from annoyed to utter sadness.

"I don't know what else to do,Timber. I have had multiple to chances to reveal to her but everyone one them falls somewhere between bad and/or disastrous."

Twilight looked down at her feet as the hope in her eyes were slowly dying. Timber knew he was probably too late to offer some words of encouragement now, 'cause Twilight might thought it was pointless, and because he didn't have enough dating experience to know how to handle this situation, but better late than never,right?

"Look Twi I am no good at this dating thing and I don't know what you're feelin' right now but what I do know is that there is a problem to every solution." He placed a comforting hand on Twilight's shoulder,giving it a light squeeze." things will work themselves out eventually. You'll get your chance to tell Sunset when you feel the time is right, no matter what the circumstance is." He finished his sentence with a smile her way at which she returned.

"Maybe you're right, Timber. There's a time and place for everything. I just can't force it to come sooner. I might not be able to tell her today, tomorrow, or even a month but I will get to tell her someday." Twilight pulled Timber into a hug with Timber hugging her body tightly." Thanks for the encouragement,Timber. You're a great friend."

This is as far as intimacy as he'll ever get but he'll take. Timber will always treasure Twilight as a friend no matter how big his desire is for them to become something more.

"No problem Twilight."