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Thunder Wolf

Tales From The Lone Wolf Himself


Anon Has His Heartbroken For The Last Time, And Now Ponyville Sees How Much They've Hurt Him. During One Of His Bar Exploits Anon Meets A Bat Pony That Goes By The Name Nightingale.

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You have my attention to this interesting story.

I kinda imagined "Hollywood Undead - Pour me" playing in the background

One of the stories involing anon that i actually like, good job so far

gona keep an eye on the story , looks interesting so far .

Great story, I like it and keeping my eye on this story

Did this just go through a name change

Juvia has officially found My fav anon story have a like from Juvia :)

its off to a great start i really am enjoying it so far good work keep it up

I really enjoy this story, great job

I don't recall giving you permission to publish my life's story.

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