• Published 8th Oct 2017
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Anonymous And The Nightingale - Nemisis Warmaster

Anon asks out Rainbow Dash, only to be shot down

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Crushing Rejection

W-What did you say, Anon?" Rainbow Dash said with the most shocked and dumbfounded look that you've seen. Maybe she was just caught off guard by your question? Yeah, she probably needs to hear you say it again,

"I love you Rainbow, I have for a long time now and I felt that since today is Hearts and Hooves day...It was the perfect time to ask you." You looked on at Rainbow, still wearing a look of massive confusion her face, then, her stunned and confused look shifted into anger and rage,

"Anon no, no way! That's so uncool, we're friends, why would I want to ruin our friendship like that?!" Her loud tone made you flinch, you had never seen her so pissed before. Hesitantly, you murmured out a respone

"So that's why?" She didn't yell this time, but her voice stern and cold,

"No Anon. It's not just that, it's the fact that you aren't,"

"A pony?"

"That and the fact you aren't even athletic. I need a stallion to keep up with me, somepony that I have things in common with. And the way I see it, we hardly even relate to each other. Sorry, Anon, but no just...no." There it was, the truth. Your mind and body were brimming with sadness as you contemplated ways you could hopefully change her mind, even though her mind is made up. Looking down at the ground on the brink of tears, you grab the shattered remnants of your heart, humility and pride and made your way out of her home,

"Anon wait, we can still be friends right?" She said wrapping her hoof around your left arm, upon feeling her soft fur make contact with your naked skin sent a shiver down your spine as you turned to her. As you looked down at her you became lost in her features, those big beautiful magenta eyes, her rainbow colored mane and tail, and that cute little nose. Mustering a fake smile you respond to her question,

"Y-Yeah of course, Rainbow Dash." When she heard your answer she gave a smile.

"Cool, and not to sound rude or anything but I have to get to go to work for a night shift, aaand I'm kinda running late." You nodded and opened the door to leave, during the short trip over to Twilight's hot air balloon, thoughts bounced around in your head,

"Why can't she see past the fact that I'm human? Am I really that repulsive to her? Will she ever love me?"

"Anon!" Twilight shouted waving, you took a seat as she began to feed the hot air balloon with the much needed fire.

"How'd it go? What'd she say?" Twi asked while tending to the balloon,

"She said no." This made Twilight's ears splay back as she turned around,

"I'm sorry, a-are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. But, can you drop me off at the bar instead, I could use a drink."

"Sure." The ride was about 5 minutes but the lingering thoughts that plagued you made it seem exponentially longer. Once you got to the bar, Twilight rested a hoof on your shoulder,
"Take it easy, Anon."

"No problem." You said rather flately, as you step into the bar. The bar keep turns around when he hears you sit on the stool,

"What can I get ya?" He asked, cleaning out a cup with a magically manipulated cloth. The stallion had a forest green fur coat, gasoline green eyes and a yellow mane and tail. He had a jug with three x's on the label for his cutie mark.

"Whiskey'll be fine."

"Comin' right up." He says levitating a bottle of whiskey over to a shot glass.

"Leave the bottle,"

"Hm, sounds like somepony ain't just here for the occasional drink. You got something on your mind?

"Oh, trust me I do. How much would five bottles be?"

"Hey now. I'll sell you a bottle. I don't need you running up and down Ponyville, drunk off your flank. If you want to buy in bulk, we got some quality beer."

"What do you have?"

"Hold on, give me a minute." He ducked underneath the counter for a short moment before coming up with two different 20 packs of bottled beer, "Okay, I got "Dos Equus" or Buckweiser." Buckweiser looked good,

"2 packs of Buckweiser."

"40 bits."

You set down the bits, grabbed the packs of beer and made your way towards a dimly lit booth on the right side of the main entrance. You took out a bottle and slammed the top against the table's corner, but before you could indulge in it, you heard a certain tomboyish laugh that you had come to love.

"Soarin stop!" She said playfully, slugging Soarin with a hoof. From what Rainbow Dash told you, Soarin was a member of the Wonderbolts. After he rubbed the spot Dash punched, Soarin then proceeded to take his hoof, sliding it down her back to her plot, giving it a resounding slap. She reacted by turning her head with a lustful look in her eyes, then she kissed him on the lips. When they broke from each other's lip lock, Rainbow Dash opened her eyes. "You better be this eager in the bed tonight, sexy."

"Oh, you think you're ready for it?"

"You know it, stud." You watched the...couple, take a seat and ask the bartender for their drinks, you stared at them, unmoving. Your eyes did not blink, nor did you want them to. The sadness you felt was overcome by hellish rage. You wanted to walk over there, beat the ever loving shit out that pie obsessed fuckwit and slap Rainbow for telling you a half-assed lie. Instead of doing so, you managed to curb some of your anger, grab your packs of beer and walk out. Once the door closed, you turned to see them one more time through the glass. Their mouths were moving, occasional nods and smiles came here and there. They seemed so, happy together. You wanted a little bit of that too,

"I hope you like him, Rainbow Dash." It was time to go, this thing you were doing became slightly stalkerish. You backed away from the door and begun the long trek home. Who accompanied you on this journey? Your anger and sadness, Luna's night and the cold winter breeze.

Author's Note:

"The greatest way to destroy a man, is to break his spirit."

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