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This is what you get when you mix a love for guns with a will to write something down. I'll let you be the judge on whether or not it's good.

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Thanks. :twilightblush:
Mind if you tell me why you enjoyed or if any errors that could be fixed?

Heh. Sorry, I believe 'Quality over Quantity' fits that well. Quality takes longer to produce, but is usually worth the extra time. Quantity could be very often, but at the cost of Quality.

Your story has been advertised on the Facebook Fo:E facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/
Feel free to join us there, post updates, gush about your story, and self-advertise your Fo:E works. It's encouraged. Also a good place to find editors, co-writers, fans, ask questions, find good art, or other stories by other great writers.
Hope to see you there.

Wait, are you serious?
I mean, That's really surprising. Is this what happens when you spend a lot of time reading other's work for writing techniques and plotting out story ideas? Hell, The idea for this story came to me when I was playing Fallout: New Vegas suddenly, so I'd figure I'd give another shot at the FO:E universe (My first story was FO:E and was horrible), so forgive me if I'm a tad skeptical about this being that good,

Woooow. Relax.
We're just a normal foe group that advertise people. :)

The groups point is to be a place dor writers specifically, but foe fans generally. Writers often feel like they annoy people with self advertising, i wanted to make a group that encourages it.
With this is mind, i advertise stories that i feel dont get the coverage they deserve. But i also eagerly encourage people like yourself to pop into the group, and gush your heart out about your work and world.

I wont lie to you, i havent read your story yet. I chose it because its new, updated frequently, and in needed some time in the spotlight to gather more views. :)

I wasn't mad, just confused. Sorry if I sounded mad.
I just didn't really expect this, y'know? But, thanks.

This story is really cool! I like the concept, please continue

I plan on it. However, sometimes real life's a bitch and throws things to do at me.

Honestly, I'm not sure. I don't want to terminate it yet, but at the same time I have came up with ideas for a completely different story. I also get hit by writers block pretty hard. So things are going to be pretty slow.

Maybe, though I might shift my priorities to the other story I have my mind on, as it doesn't have much lore from external sources. If you wish to talk about it, It would be better for something over PM.

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