• Published 18th Jul 2012
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But, She's a Pony! - Uke-Joe

Starring You and Fluttershy, your new roommate at your apartment.

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4


You rub your temples as you try to concentrate on the article in front of you on your computer. As it turns out, not only had you violated Fluttershy's privacy, but also suggested something intimate by touching her wings. You groan as the consequences of your actions hit you.

It was completely unknown to you of course, there was no reason you should have been informed on pegasus anatomy. Nonetheless, you wouldn't be at all surprised if Fluttershy didn't come out of her room for weeks, being as shy as she was. An even worse thought appeared in your head: what if she moved out?

“I won't let that happen!” you boldly think to yourself, jumping to your feet, “She can't just leave me now!” You pause, “Because of the rent... Yeah, the rent.”

You leap over to the door and fling it open before dashing over to Fluttershy's room. Or, that was what you would have done, had Fluttershy not been right outside your door. You slam on the brakes just in time to stop yourself from trampling her. She jumps back, surprised at the sudden movement. You stare awkwardly at Fluttershy, not quite sure what to say.

“Uh, I just wanted to say-” you begin, Fluttershy's voice echoing your own. You both pause briefly, until Fluttershy decides to continue.

“I just wanted to say it wasn't really your fault. I mean, you had no reason to know that would happen is all.”

“But-” you begin, trying to apologize.

“It really isn't your fault, I was just embarrassed, so I ran off...” She continues her thought as you pull a vibrating phone out of your pocket. One new Facebook message.

“...and that's when Rainbow Dash told me I should go apologize because I you probably didn't even understand and-”

“You told Rainbow?!?” you almost shout, reading the message Rainbow sent you. A very threatening message at that.

“Y-Yes?” Fluttershy mildly responds, surprised from your sudden outburst. You soften your tone, remembering that it was your fault you were in this situation anyways.

“Sorry, I just got this message from Rainbow-” You're interrupted by your phone vibrating again. You laugh as you read Rainbow's new message. Fluttershy casts you a inquiring look, and so you explain the situation to her.

“I guess that does sound like Rainbow. She used to play lots of jokes on ponies back in Ponyville.”

“I guess so. So, are we alright then?”

“Consider yourself forgiven.” She smiles and holds her hooves wide apart, as if beckoning you to come give her a hug. This draws a questioning look from you, but she just smiles back. You lean down and carefully place your hands, one closer to her neck and one a bit below the wings. You're surprised to feel that her coat was actually very soft, far soft than you'd expected. You hadn't noticed this before, besides during the incident earlier in the day, you never really touched a pony, and-

Your train of thought is derailed by the buzzing of your phone, You break off the hug and reach down to inspect it. Fluttershy trots off towards the bathroom.

Rainbow Dash: But really, touch her again and you can kiss your flank goodbye.

You smile and type her a quick response. You hear the shower turning on from inside the bathroom. With no further reason to be loitering just outside of your room, you grab your laptop and sit on the couch, clicking on the Facebook tab and opening your chat with Mark.

Andrew Smith: Ponies are soft.

Mark Willis: Well, yeah... They do have those colorful coats of theirs.

Andrew Smith: Softer than I expected, at any rate. Like a big stuffed animal. Or like the entire collection of beanie babies you had as a kid.

Mark Willis: Sure, they're comfortable enough I guess. Ponies like to give out hugs here in Equestria, so you get used to it. It's like a greeting ritual I guess. Anyways, how are things with soft yellow pony?

Andrew Smith: She completely understood actually. She knew I didn't mean to appear to be hitting on her or invading her space. Things went well.

Mark Willis: So you hugged and made up, but in the process accidentally triggered a reaction showing by touching her wing which made the situation awkward after you realized that said reaction was caused to the pony being a little excited and also stimulation to the wings, right?

Andrew Smith: No... Wait what was that? What's the reaction caused from?

Mark Willis: Did you even read that link I sent you? It's not like you just poke a some ponies wings and “POMF” insta-wingboner. Pretty common sense.

Andrew Smith: You mean, Fluttershy was... turned on or something?

Mark Willis: Yeah, because you're a sexy hunk of a man Andrew.

You start to type: “But... She's a pony!” but don't send it. Instead, you delete the message. After all, Mark was dating a pony. He probably found some feature about them that was attractive, so he wouldn't understand, and might even take offense.

“Sure, ponies can be cute,” you think to yourself, recalling Fluttershy wearing the Hoodie. “but that's different. I would never think of Fluttershy as a-”

You thoughts are interrupted by the opening of the bathroom door. You glance over at the steam filled room before going back to typing a response to Mark, but almost immediately look back towards the bathroom. Mane and tail still dripping with water, she walks out of the bathroom and into her bedroom, coat glistening from the water still covering it. As she enters her room you catch a glimpse of her curvy flanks, also glistening from the her shower. She exits your sight after what feels like forever and shuts her door, oblivious to your staring. You slowly get back to typing your response to Mark, but first shift your computer's position from your lap, realizing it has become uncomfortable. You pause as you realize the reason it has become discomforting to you.

Andrew Smith: … Ponies are sexy.

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