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My Little Planeswalker: Shattered Sunset - Zennistrad

When the portal to Equestria is destroyed, Sunset Shimmer's planeswalker spark awakens in a moment of despair. Upon arriving in a world where souls are transformed by nightfall, the very foundation of Sunset's identity is broken in two.

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”...though we know the human species to have first evolved two hundred thousand years ago, the precise details of our evolutionary ancestry remain unknown.”

Sunset Shimmer’s eyes glazed over at the droning sound of Mental Vigor’s voice, her hand barely propping up her head above her desk in the back of the biology classroom. For the past six months, she’d found it difficult to focus on school, her thoughts constantly drifting away to places entirely unrelated to her studies. Twilight’s help had ensured that her grades didn’t suffer too badly, but it was clear that her friend was concerned for her academic standing.

It wasn’t hard to understand why she was having trouble focusing. In the past six months, the other Twilight had barely written to her at all. Sharp resentment grew within her chest as she stared at the page, but she quickly pushed it into the back of her mind. Getting angry wouldn’t help her. Princess Twilight Sparkle was the first true friend she’d ever had.


With a sigh, she grabbed a pencil and started writing.

Dear Princess Twilight,

I know it’s been a long time since you’ve written back to me. I know we haven’t really had a chance to speak with each other in person since then, either. And I know it might be annoying that I’ve been writing to you almost nonstop since then. Is there something wrong? Did something happen? You’re not upset with me, are you?

Please write back soon. I miss you.


Sunset frowned. Did she mean to write that last word? She quickly erased it, and finished the letter properly, thank you very much.

Your friend,

Sunset Shimmer

As she finished the final words, the clattering of the school bell announced the end of third period.

Mister Vigor’s dour blue-green face scanned the classroom. “...And that’s all the time we have for today,” he said. “Reading will be assigned on chapter fifteen of your textbook. You are dismissed.”

Without another word, Sunset hurriedly followed her classmates out the door.


As Sunset strode her way into shop class, she could tell right away that something was off. Handy Craft was gone, his rough yet cheerful face nowhere to be seen.

Instead, standing at the teacher’s desk was a very dire-looking man. He possessed grey-blue skin and great black dreadlocks hanging from his head, as well a scruffy yet pointed goatee. His clothes were marked by a very long grey coat, the color of an old television tuned to a dead channel, or perhaps the the sky on particularly stormy evening. Most strikingly of all, however, was the prosthetic limb replacing his right arm. It looked like no prosthetic Sunset had ever seen, a skeletal construct crafted from a metal she could not identify, one that shifted organically with every motion made by its owner.

As the students assumed their usual seats, Sunset sat herself down next to Twilight, who had elected to take shop class at Sunset’s request. It was one of the few times they had the opportunity to sit together. They both gave the new figure their undivided attention, and Sunset could feel a strange tingle in her spine as she looked at his eyes, which were filled with steely determination.

“Greetings... class,” the man spoke. The words were forced out, as though they were painful to utter. “My name is Ether Seeker. I will be your...” A sigh escaped his throat. He very much looked like he didn’t want to be there. “...Your substitute teacher.

Sunset’s eyes drifted to Twilight. On some level, she was relieved to see her friend was just as unsettled as she was.


Lunch had come soon afterward, Sunset couldn’t rightly keep her mind on food. In just one period, Ether Seeker had proven himself to be one of the most unpleasant teachers she’d ever met. He was strict to an absolutely ludicrous degree, and his demands for absolute perfection in even the simplest wooden crafts were impossible to meet. Sunset had briefly considered speaking with Principal Celestia; it didn’t seem like the new substitute was keen on sticking to curriculum.

The lunchroom was abuzz with the usual activity, each of the school’s many social groups sequestered into their own tables. Jocks, nerds, preps, goths, college-bound students, each their own set of friendships and associations. In the corner of her eye, she could see Zenith Star and Everfan playing a game of Space: the Convergence, as they usually did during lunch break.

Sunset silently shook her head. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out why anyone would spend so much money on pieces of cardboard.

Naturally, Sunset’s six closest friends were sitting on their own table. Rarity was reading a book with a black cover, depicting an apple being held in a pair of pale hands on the front. The book was, apparently, the subject of their current conversation.

“People used to bully me because of that series, you know,” said Twilight.

“Twilight, you know that none of us would dare to make fun of you for any particular naming coincidences,” Rarity reassured. “Besides, I’ve always had a fascination with vampire romance novels.... even if the writing leaves something to be desired.”

Pinkie Pie scratched the top of her head. Or at least, scratched somewhere beneath the frizz that presumably had the top of her head below it. “Weird. I always thought you were more of a werewolf person.”

Rarity’s pupils suddenly dilated. “Werewolves? I, ah... I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about there.”

“You don’t? How come?” said Pinkie. “You and I were just at a convention last month!”

Rarity’s face suddenly turned beet-red. “Pinkie!” she hissed. “We are not supposed to speak of that in public!”

Sunset caught her friends’ attention as she approached the lunch table. “What’s this about a convention?”

Pinkie let out an excited gasp. “Ohmigosh, you don’t know? It’s the bestest thing ever! Here, let me show you a picture I drew of my fursona!”

Sunset raised an eyebrow. “What’s a fursona?”

Twilight and Fluttershy both blushed deeply, while Applejack simply smirked. Rainbow, meanwhile, covered her own mouth with a hand, barely holding back her own laughter.

“U-um... maybe we shouldn’t talk about that here,” said Twilight. “In fact, there’s something a lot more interesting I wanted to show you, now that you’re here.”

Twilight reached into her backpack, pulling out a small object. Sunset’s eyes went wide as she saw what it was.

There, grasped within Twilight’s fingers, was a small test tube. Its opening was sealed tightly with a cork, and within it was a mass of black oil that glistened in the cafeteria’s fluorescent light.

A shiver ran down Sunset’s spine. “What is that?”

“I don’t know,” said Twilight. “But I found it on Mister Seeker’s desk.”

“Whoa, hold on,” said Rainbow. “You stole something from a teacher? You?

Twilight glared at Rainbow. “It’s not stealing! I just wanted to take a closer look! You can feel it, can’t you?”

“Feel what?” said Sunset.

And then, she felt it. It was subtle at first, barely noticeable. But as she leaned closer to the test tube, the sensation that was creeping its way into her awareness was unmistakable.

“Oh my God,” said Sunset. She’d become accustomed to human vernacular surprisingly quickly, all things considered. “Is that magic?

“I know,” said Twilight. Apprehension had already crept its way to the edge of her voice. “And it’s only a hypothesis so far, but I don’t think Mister Seeker is just a teacher. This oil is why he’s here.”

“What, you mean the guy who’s substituting for Handy Craft?” said Applejack. “Ah think Ah heard about him. He certainly don’t sound too nice, from what other folks are saying. Glad Ah got mah shop credit before he came along, to say the least.”

“Not to mention that weird prosthetic arm he had,” said Sunset. “That definitely doesn’t look like anything they’d give someone at a hospital.”

“So what are we waiting for?” said Rainbow. “He’s probably up to no good, right? Let’s pony up and kick his butt!”

Rarity shook her head. “Rainbow, dear, you know it isn’t that simple. We don’t even know what he’s planning, or what this oil even is. In fact...” She shuddered slightly as her eyes passed over the test tube. “...I’m getting quite a bad feeling just looking at it now.”

Sunset nodded. “Rarity’s right, Twilight. We don’t even need to study that oil’s properties to know that it’s probably dangerous. We need to make sure it’s dealt with properly.” She paused, and something she recalled hearing from Twilight months ago came to mind. “You said your older brother is in the National Guard, right?”

Twilight’s eyes lit up. “Oh! You mean Shining Armor? That’s right! He’s the commanding officer of their new Magical Containment Unit!” Her face flushed slightly. “I, uh... I may have been the reason it was created to begin with, now that I think about it.”

Sunset beamed. “So we have a plan, then. Bring the oil to Shining Armor, have the Magical Containment Unit study it, and contain it if it’s dangerous. We’ll also let him know about Ether Seeker, and what he might be planning. We’ll put a stop to this whole thing before it even starts.”

Pinkie wiped off her brow in an exaggerated motion. “Phew! Crisis averted!”

Any attempts Sunset made to further clarify the plan to her friends were cut short. Her backpack began to vibrate intensely, and a tingle of warm magic seeped its way through the container, through her clothes and into her skin. It was a shock to feel such magic again, but it was far from upsetting. In fact, she was absolutely overjoyed.

In a blur of motion, she hastily removed her backpack and pulled out the journal, a soft light glowing from its pages. She slammed the book onto the table, opening its so quickly that it nearly broke the spine, and flipped to the page just after where she had last written. There, written in a script that could only be accomplish by a quill held with telekinesis, was a letter.

Dear Sunset Shimmer,

I’m deeply sorry that I haven’t written to you in a while. Due to unexpected circumstances, I’ve been preoccupied with other studies that have distracted me from the journal. It’s all very engrossing, but I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear about right now. What’s more important is something I’ve discovered about the Magic Mirror.

Several months ago, shortly after Starlight Glimmer came to your world, I conducted some preliminary research on the Mirror’s impact on Anthropia. I’d discovered that forcing the Mirror open more than it was originally intended to had caused magic to leak through it, like a permanent planar gateway for mana. If left unchecked, I feared that the Mirror would cause your world to become... well, the best word I can think of would be “oversaturated,” but it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Suffice it to say, it could have a profound and potentially damaging impact if left alone. At least, that’s what I’d thought.

Upon further researching the Mirror, I found something curious. Namely, that there’s actually a lot less magic going through it than I had initially believed, much less than there should be given the amount of ambient mana in the castle. My current hypothesis is that there’s something surrounding Anthropia itself that’s greatly limiting the flow of magic into the plane. If true, that would explain why human magic is such a rarity: most of the mana the plane receives would be consumed just to sustain its existence, leaving precious little left to be harnessed for other purposes.

Whatever the case is, I’m going to be traveling to Anthropia to find out. I have another hypothesis about the plane, too, namely the transformative effect on ponies entering it. To test it, I’ll be coming over there to visit you, but you should probably know in advance that I won’t be traveling through the Mirror. I’d say more about how that’s possible here, but I’ve limited myself to a single page per message to maximize the number of messages I can send before needing to create another journal. I’ll explain to you fully once I arrive.

Your friend,

Twilight Sparkle

Sunset stared at the page. “What.”

Twilight leaned in closer, grinning all the while. “Ooh, what’d she say? Did the other me tell you why she’s been gone for so long? Do you think she’s coming over?”

“Well, that’s just the thing I don’t get,” said Sunset. “She says she’ll be paying a visit.”

Sunset’s friends shared a look. “And what’s the catch?” said Applejack.

“She also says she won’t be using the Magic Mirror to get here,” Sunset replied. “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Twilight fidgeted anxiously in her seat. “You don’t think she’ll try to tear a hole in the boundary between worlds, do you?”

Sunset shook her head. “I don’t think Twilight would be foolish enough to do something that dangerous.” She froze as soon as the words left her mouth, realizing what she had said. “Um, not you. The other you. The you that’s you did do exactly what I just described, but I said Twilight wouldn’t do something so foolish, and I-I, um, uh...”

Just then, Sunset felt something warm gently hold her hand. Twilight held onto her, her lips curving upwards as she gazed at Sunset with bright, soulful eyes. “You don’t have to worry about offending me, Sunset. You helped me move past my mistakes, after all.”

Sunset exhaled, and her heart fluttered gently. Pleasant memories of times she’d spent with Twilight danced across the edge of her awareness. “Thanks,” she said. As she released herself from Twilight’s grasp, she glanced around at the others. “I’m still baffled by the idea that Princess Twilight is traveling here without the Mirror, though. Just what are we supposed to expect?”

Pinkie leaned forward, and pointed to a space near the ceiling. “How about that?”

Sunset craned her neck upwards, and what she saw nearly made her jaw drop. There, just above the table she was standing at, was a single mote of purple light. It rapidly grew in size and brightness, taking the unmistakable shape of Twilight’s cutie mark.

Then there was a flash of light, and the lunch table was snapped in two by the impact of something large, purple, and human shaped. Sunset flinched from the sudden noise and impact, then turned to see what had caused it.

...And then sharply turned her head away again, shut her eyes tight, and covered her eyes with a hand for good measure. Blood rushed to her face, and she suddenly understood a particular human cultural taboo that had baffled her for so long.

“Yes! Humanity! It worked!” Twilight’s voice called out. “My hypothesis is confirmed! It isn’t the Magic Mirror that transforms ponies, it’s a transformative enchantment surrounding the plane Anthropia itself!”

“Wow, Twilight!” said Pinkie’s voice. “I didn’t know you were a nudist! You probably shouldn’t do that in school, though.”

“A what?” said Twilight. One of them. Probably the naked one, not that Sunset could see her. She kind of wanted to, if only out of curiosity. Yup, definitely curiosity, and nothing else. “Oh. I guess the Mirror must be some kind of clothing generator. Hold on, I can fix this.”

Sunset felt a subtle pulse of magic, one that very distinctively felt like Twilight’s magic as an alicorn, even though her magic as a human had felt different.

“Um... I think you can look now, Sunset.”

As Sunset opened her eyes, she could hear Rainbow Dash burst into uncontrollable laughter. Sure enough, one look at Rainbow showed that she was literally rolling on the floor. Sunset’s other friends were all various degrees of flustered, and Pinkie, she noted, also looked slightly disappointed. The human Twilight in particular was burying her head into her hands, trying to make herself appear as small as possible. Princess Twilight stood on the wreckage of the lunch table with a new set of clothes, the same outfit she had worn the day she first came through the Mirror. The entire cafeteria was staring at her, and many students were pointing their cell phones at her.

Sunset shot Princess Twilight a glare. “I don’t know what you did, but please never do it again.”

“Don’t worry about it, Sunset,” said Princess Twilight, “I’ll be sure to put up a clothing illusion before I planeswalk here next time.”

Sunset blinked. “Planeswalk?” Her curiosity over the term was quickly overridden by another question that popped into her mind. “Wait, your clothes are an illusion? You’re still naked?”

“I don’t see why it matters,” Princess Twilight huffed. “It looks exactly the same as if I wasn’t. Enough about that, though! There’s so much I want to show you! Here, touch me!”

“W-what? Now hold on!”

“I think she means look into her mind, darling,” Rarity pointed out.

Sunset laughed nervously. “R-right, of course. I knew that.”

Swallowing a lump in her throat, she reached out and grabbed the Princess’s outstretched hand. The geode hanging around her neck pulsed with raw power, and the next thing she knew, Sunset was drawn into a vibrant, colorful memory. It was like watching a movie made of Twilight’s own experiences, fast-forwarded a hundred times. When it finished, she slowly pulled her hand away.

Princess Twilight grinned. “Well, what do you think? Isn’t it incredible? I hope it explains why I was gone for so long, I really felt bad about neglecting you.”

“Um... no, I don’t think it explains much,” said Sunset. A nugget of information she’d gleaned from the memory popped into her thoughts. “Wait, ‘Fizzlepop Berrytwist?’ Really?”

“Oh! Oops!” said Princess Twilight. “That was the wrong memory. Here, touch me again! And go deeper this time! Maybe it’ll work better if we both move together.”

Somehow, Rainbow’s laughter managed to intensify even further, until she was barely able to breathe through her wheezing, dry-throated gasps. “S-stop! Please! I can’t take it!”

Sunset let out a sigh. It was far too late to avoid the embarrassment now. Might as well go along with it. “...Alright, fine. Come here.”

Princess Twilight stepped closer to Sunset, and reached out with a hand. Sunset brushed her own hand against it, and she once again felt the geode pulse with magic. She focused her mind outward, into the mind that her touch had connected to it, and delved deeper, into Princess Twilight’s memories of the past six months. Hopefully there she would find the answer to her absence.

And the answer indeed came to her, but it was far from what she expected. Sunset didn’t actually know what to expect, in all seriousness, but it certainly wasn’t what she saw. Glimpses of worlds beyond worlds, planes of existence that she wouldn’t have even dreamed of. An entire multiverse beyond the human world and the pony world, a seemingly infinite expanse of universes with an equally vast collection of peoples and cultures.

And then, the memory shifted to Equestria. To Princess Twilight’s experiments with an artifact called a Planar Amulet, to her discovery of the multiverse, to her full realization of her nature. A being that could travel to any plane of existence in the multiverse, using only her own power.

The memories faded, and Sunset found herself staring slack-jawed at the former alicorn standing before her. She thought she knew her friend, but in a single moment, all of that had been called into question.

“I... I don’t believe it,” said Sunset. “A planeswalker? You can travel between different worlds at will?”

Princess Twilight let out a squeal. “I know! Isn’t it incredible? I could have just told you, but words really couldn’t do justice to the things I’ve seen with my own eyes. So, what was your favorite plane you saw in my memories? Shandalar? Ravnica? Ulgrotha, maybe?”

Sunset felt her body tense. “I... I’m sorry, this is a lot to take in. You’re telling me you can just come to Anthropia whenever you want? No restrictions?”

Twilight nodded. “That’s right. I, uh, might have to figure out how to work out the clothing situation, though.”

A fire began burning within Sunset’s chest. Six months. Six months Twilight had spent, so enthralled by the multiverse that she hadn’t even bothered to write. Sunset took a deep breath, quelling the fire and pushing the fuel back where it had come from. “Okay, fine. That’s fine. But you’re telling me you don’t need to use the Mirror?”

“Nope!” said Twilight. “Isn’t it great? It means I don’t have to worry about forcing the Mirror open!”

“Right,” said Sunset. “And it also means you can also go back to Equestria whenever you want.”

“It took me a while to figure that out, actually, but yes.”

Sunset’s fingers twitched, curling slightly so that her hands had halfway turned to fists. “And if you’d ever ended up stranded here while the portal wasn’t active, you could go back whenever you wanted. You could always go home. You had a home to go back to, no matter what.”

“Well, yeah,” said Twilight. Her eyes softened slightly, and her lips curved into a frown. “Sunset, are you okay?”

Sunset threw her hands up into the air. “Yes, I’m okay! I’m perfectly fine! So stop asking!” She turned around and stormed off, not even bothering to stick around long enough to hear what her friends had to say.

As she neared the cafeteria exit, she’d seen Flash Sentry regarding in the corner of her eye. “Um... hey, Sunset.”

What!?” A very horse-like snort escaped her nostrils as she swiveled around to face him.

Flash placed a hand behind his head. “I, uh... I think your weird mind-reading thing with Princess Twilight gave you some kind of psychic nosebleed. I thought you might want to know.”

Sunset blinked. She rubbed a finger against her nose, and then held it in front of her. Sure enough, a small splatter of blood had rubbed against it.

Sunset’s eyes narrowed. Dammit, Twilight.


Sunset had gotten her fair share of weird looks from other students for the rest of the day, but lately she was more than used to attracting the wrong kinds of attention. At the very least, she didn’t accidentally overhear any arguments about which of her magical transformations was hotter.

After the final bell rung, she made her way through the hallways, the corridors lined with strange pink flyers. Eventually she reached her locker, stopping by to drop off any textbooks she wouldn’t need to bring home. While that made her no different from the other students, there was something else about her locker that made it unique. There, taped to the mirror, was something truly special. One of the few mementos she had brought from Equestria, a picture of herself as a unicorn, with Princess Celestia herself sitting next to her. She and her former mentor both made silly faces at the camera, and she could keenly remember the exasperation of the Royal Photographer that day.

Memories came to her mind, unbidden. Memories of a life on the streets of Canterlot, memories of ambitions to rise above her lowly origins, memories of capturing the attention of the highest authority in the land with her talent. Memories of being rescued from squalor, memories of living with the closest thing to a family she had ever known. And then, all at once, Celestia had turned her away from all of it.

The fire within her chest returned, and she fought hard to push it back, to shove it back into the hole it had ignited from. She had come so far, she was better than those feelings now. She couldn’t show them, couldn’t afford to let them corrupt her mind like they had in the past. For the longest time she’d succeeded in keeping the fire down, yet something about it was different now. It was stronger, more powerful, drawing from a new fuel that had been sustaining it for the past six months.

A single tear dropped down Sunset’s eye. She slammed the locker closed with more force than was probably necessary, and quickly re-fastened the padlock.

As she hastily made her way towards the school entrance, she caught Twilight’s distinctive hair bun in her peripheral vision. Sunset turned to see Twilight walking right next to her, staying by her side. Concern glinted from beneath her glasses.

“Is everything okay, Sunset? You look tense.”

“I’m fine,” came Sunset’s attempted reassurance. “I should be the one asking you that question, really. What happened today must have been pretty humiliating.”

“During lunch?” said Twilight. At some point, Sunset’s hand had begun brushing against Twilight’s, seemingly of its own volition. “I, uh... I have been getting some really weird stares from boys. It’s pretty uncomfortable.”

Sunset frowned. “Well, they should know better. If anyone starts harassing you, tell me. I’ll be sure to give them a swift kick in the teeth.”

Twilight winced. “I, uh, don’t think that will be necessary. I don’t want you getting in trouble on my behalf. Besides, despite her... appearance, I actually enjoyed getting the chance to see my counterpart again.”

As their hands briefly touched, one of Twilight’s thought began making its way into Sunset’s mind. It wasn’t a memory, per se. More like a fantasy.

Sunset’s eyes went wide, and she pulled her arm away. “Wait. You don’t think she’s—”

“What? No!” Twilight’s response came quickly and forcefully, accompanied by a luminescent blush. “I-I mean, that’d just be weird, right? Not only is she me from a parallel universe, she’s not even technically the same species!”

“Oh,” said Sunset. The last part of Twilight’s statement had stung, for a reason she refused to think about further. “Well, in any case, it’s been an eventful day. Seeing the other Twilight again is one thing, but learning that there’s an entire multiverse out there that she’s been exploring? Crazy, right?”

“Tell me about it,” said Twilight. “I’m honestly jealous. There are so many things she’ll learn about other worlds that I’ll never get a chance to.”

There was a rustling sound from above, and Sunset turned her attention to the ceiling. The pink flyers that had been plastered along the walls had apparently also been placed on the ceiling. One of them came loose drifted down, eventually landing into Sunset’s awaiting hand.

Compleation and You: Finding Your Purpose in Life

Presented by Starlight Glimmer

This Friday in Canterlot High Auditorium

Sunset coughed so hard she nearly choked on her own saliva, and then stumbled to the point where she nearly fell off her feet. A pair of arms quickly grabbed her and propped her back upright.

“Sunset!” Twilight cried out. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” said Sunset. “I think you might want to take a look at this.” She passed the flyer to Twilight, who quickly grabbed it in her hand.

Twilight adjusted her glasses as she read the paper, and her eyes widened in sudden realization. “Oh! It must be referring to this world’s version of Starlight Glimmer. I’ve heard she’s a motivational speaker here.” She paused, her eyes straining as she squinted at the letter. “Although, I have to say, it’s strange that she’s using this spelling of ‘completion.’ It’s not incorrect, but it’s pretty antiquated.”

Sunset shrugged. “It’s probably not that important. You want to head over to my place for a study session tonight?”

Twilight giggled adorably. “Sure. I think I’d like that.”


As Sunset and Twilight made their way out of the front entrance, they were both immediately confronted with an unusual sight. In any other circumstance, students would be rushing to leave the school grounds as soon as possible. Instead, however, they had formed a circle around the space where the statue-portal would be, an impenetrable mass of bodies huddling around its location.

“What’s going on?” said Twilight. “Did something happen?”

A pit formed in Sunset’s stomach. Already, she was having a very bad feeling about this. She charged forward urgently, pushing through the other students with reckless abandon. “Move! Out of my way!” Then, when she finally broke through to the innermost edge of the circle, she saw it. Or rather, she saw what wasn’t there.

The statue was gone. Vanished, leaving behind only a few stray pebbles. The last known entrance to Equestria, the last gateway to the world where she’d lived her formative years, and it was gone. And all at once, the realization struck her.

Sunset would never go home again. She was trapped, stranded in a world that, despite her many new friendships, had always felt alien to her. Her body trembled, and her legs lost the strength to support her. She fell to her knees, and gazed at the empty space with tear-soaked eyes.

“Sunset! What’s going on?” Twilight called from behind. As she pushed her way to Sunset’s side, she let out a horrified gasp. “Oh no, the portal!”

“No,” Sunset whispered. Her eyes screwed shut, and her hands clenched tightly by her sides. Raw anguish flooded itself into every muscle within her body.

“No,” she said, louder this time. “No!

Sunset followed her words with an ear-piercing scream, infused with all of the rage, frustration, and sorrow she could possibly feel. She screamed with the force of a thousand white-hot suns, and as she screamed, she felt something else awaken within her. A powerful magic, more powerful than any human could have possibly held, igniting and burning within her, consuming every inch of her mind, body, and soul.

And then, in a flash of light, the entire world disappeared.


When Sunset finally regained consciousness, she was left with the distinct feeling that she wasn’t in the same place she was before. The ground beneath her felt soft and grassy, and the warmth that trickled from the sky above was softer and more soothing than the sun she had felt before. The sunlight pressed against her eyelids, tinged with a subtle magic that was just as powerful as Celestia’s sun, but entirely foreign to her senses.

Her eyes pried themselves open, and she found herself staring at a pristine blue sky. It was clear, so clear that it almost seemed impossible to behold. And yet, here it was.

Sunset pressed her hands against the ground, and slowly lifted herself to her feet. She found herself standing in a perfect image of an idyllic meadow, like the ideal that all meadows aspired to be. As she breathed in the warm air, a single question burned within her mind.

“Where... where am I?”


Sunset the Redeemed 1RW

Legendary Planeswalker — Sunset

+1: You gain 2 life.
-1: Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains vigilance and haste until end of turn.
-6: Create a legendary 6/6 red and white Angel Avatar creature token with flying, vigilance, lifelink, and indestructible named Daydream Shimmer.


Author's Note:

Aaaaaaaaand you can probably see why I gave this one a T-rating. The last MLPlaneswalker story had that rating, too, but it’s especially needed here.

So yeah, Sunset’s the protagonist of this fic, and we’ll be seeing from here that things will be getting pretty interesting for her. As I finish writing this second installment in the My Little Planeswalker series, I’ll also be completing some chapters of My Little Planeswalker: Sideboard Stories, which will have supplemental one-shots (and the occasional two-parters) showing events set during the six months between Shattered Sunset and Twilight’s Spark.