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This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls: The Elements Awaken (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

After a return of Queen Chrysalis, and a battle to strike back against her, Sunset and her friends resume their lives back at CHS all the while they cope with the loss of their newest friend. But when a new threat appears in the form of Sunset's human counterpart, Coppermane discovers something has been brought back from Equestria into their world that might be more dangerous than they realize...

Coppermane belongs to Nordryd
Smokestack belongs to me

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How interesting.


Wow that Neon Lights is an asshole. :twilightangry2:

Neon is a psycho. Not just because of the things he's done to Smokestacks and Coppermane, but he also displays multiple signs of a psychopath throughout his scenes in Nordryd's stories and here as well. He shows no remorse for his actions in this chapter.

OOH, I should leave a comment regarding Neon Lights and his various displays of psychopathy throughout this story whenever they're shown! Sounds like a good idea.


Neon's an asshole.

“Apparently they beat up old Smokie more than we ever had and wanted to attend just to satisfy his ‘final wish’ or something.” Neon replied. He felt sick just saying that.

Based on the list of psychopathic traits on this page, Neon's words here still fall under the sixth item: a lack or remorse or guilt. He's implying that he doesn't feel bad about what happened here.

Unless "He felt sick just saying that" is meant to show that he does feel bad, but that doesn't seem like Neon.

Rewrite is pretty good so far! :D

Well, this is definitely interesting.

Hmmm... Neon doesn't seem to have shown many psycho traits in this chapter, so I have nothing to say regarding that. Wonder how the ex-Shadowbolt girls will recover, though. It's gotta happen, right?

...right? D:

Oh, well. Good chapter!


Quite interesting.

Poor ex-shadow 5. They're going through the Sunset redemption stage.


Whoa that end. :rainbowderp:

But at least Cop and the ex-shadow 5 are in somewhat good terms now.

So Neon Lights is up for blood now, eh? Anyone wanna split the pay on some Fight Night tickets?

Pretty good so far!


Oh shoot.

Wow, they were the cause for his glass eye? Holy crap, I thought I knew some messed up kids.

Huh. Perhaps I was wrong about Neon? At least in this canon. :P

Good chapter!


I still say Neon needs to learn a lesson.

Ayy, my dude smokestack is alive.


But he's also in the hospital, injured.

not as lit 👌


Smokestack's alive?! Good news for Sunset!


At least Smokestack is alive. But oh boy he looks terrible. Hopefully he recovers soon.

Smoke found himself in nothing but pitch-blackness. He had no idea where he was, but he knew something wasn’t right. He looked around as many figured came into view. He was thrilled when he realized it was his friends. Then his happiness came crashing down again when he saw their current state.

They were hanging... all of them... from nooses.

w h a t i n t h e g o d d a m n

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