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Beige Beaker is a chemist with a promising career ahead of her. She's got a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a loyal best friend. Yes, life is good, and Beige knows it.

Then there's the 'accident.' It wasn't an accident, Beige knows that, but how else can she explain what happened? Suddenly, life has gotten harder, and it's getting worse. And worse. And worse. None of it makes sense. Bad things don't happen this quickly without explanation.

Is it bad luck... or is it a curse?

Set early in Season 1.

A big thanks to my ever-patient (even when I wasn't) pre-readers and editors: Georg, BlazzingInferno, and Pascoite. You guys are awesome.

Cover art by Agamnentzar. Used with permission.

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So, if the description says... "The story is complete, so expect daily updates until it is over."

Why is it marked complete? Now to read it :twilightsmile:

wait what do you mean by daily updates?

Oops. Didn't mean to have it marked complete like that.

wait what do you mean by daily updates?

Exactly that. I will add one chapter a day until the story is fully uploaded.

You are frightening me with that dark tag and this passage.

His cheeks glowed at her words and he promptly averted his eyes. His ears tucked back as he muttered, “I-I had my reasons, okay?”

Already completed and promised daily update? Tracking it is then.

Bah! If SS&E were so great, he wouldn't abuse his readers with crummy sound effects and 500-word chapters! I may not be able to keep up with his pacing or wordcount, but I shall stare this thing in the eye nonetheless!


...please don't crush me, SS&E. :twilightsheepish:

Well now. A curse or conspiracy revolving around a brilliant Best Pony? You most definitely have my interest.

Ah, but will I have your attention? :ajsmug:

*Hops onto the hype train*

go bb you can do it

It could always be worse, Beige. Much worse. So fight on.

I wanna complain that this was not a daily update.

But of course, I’m only poking fun. Good chapter, can’t wait for more!

Go BB, be brave!
Challenge the (traitorous brain perceived) world!:rainbowdetermined2:

Experimental? I suppose you could call it that, sure.

This whole 'will she ever fly again' drama is unfortunately rendered somewhat moot by the fact that we literally see her flying in the show.

Huh? Wait a minute... *checks tags*

Oh no, this is an AU! :raritydespair:

This is too sad, and yet I can't stop!

I can't imagine how terrifying it must be to lose parts of oneself like this, like having your identity peeled away one layer at a time.

At first, I thought "that's the spirit!" but then "No, she doesn't deserve this.

I’ve never even touched an oven before yesterday. I came up with that recipe out of my head. How did I do that, Chip?

Methinks she's being overwritten by her mainline timelline analogue, and that the Good Doctor might have something to do with it.

Not just peeled away, but replaced with something alien. Remember the bit with the inexplicable muffin knowledge?

chip your gonna die and I am going to eat popcorn while you beg for your pathetic life

Ok, I think I know what happened now.
Fate itself caused her malady to preserve harmony. If her research had continued to fruition, earth ponies would have been rendered inferior, leading to mass unrest and possibly war.


I can't imagine how terrifying it must be to lose parts of oneself like this, like having your identity peeled away one layer at a time.


Not just peeled away, but replaced with something alien.

Worse yet, having that happen to you and being cognizant of the fact.

spreading fertilizing clouds all over

This has probable been mentioned previously in the comments, but I cannot help but giggle at the idea of the Weather Factory manufacturing literal shit-storms

I'm getting a bit of a 'Background Pony' vibe from this story now. Seriously.

Bad move, Chip. Supporting your wife and then this? No matter where you hiding, we will find you and make you pay!

damn you for giving me the feels

Now I've got a "Truth Be Told" vibe.
You are very good at slipping in similarities to famous stories.

Beige really doesn't deserve any of this


i think im going to favorite this this is just to good not to

So, wait, if this is the same thing that messed with Luna, couldn't Beige also be fixed by a rainbow to the face?

And now it's back to 'Background Pony'. These just feel eerily similar.

Every new chapter makes you feel more sorry for Beige

See also Red Shirts, though in that case it is the writers. That's probably Luna's explanation though.

Gonna be painful if this supposition turns out correct.


Actually, it would be really interesting if this suffering only happened during a retcon.

It wasn't until fanon was accepted as canon (and included into an episode) that changes started to ripple through the timeline. Then it wouldn't be the writers or the fans but the revision of "accepted" history that caused the painful character rewrite.

Wow. I was waaay off.

It's rare to find a meta-narrative executed well, but this is an example of how to do one right.

i kinda feel like a jerk now ;-;

Tragic, and more than a little horrifying. A bit predictable, but still effective.

Sorry, this story just didn't work for me. The ending is just too mean-spirited. It's a sad, tragic, terrible event played off like it's a happy ending.

Holy meta verse Batman!
So now it's back to "Truth be Told" because of meta.
You, sir, have thrown me for a loop, and I haven't even read the epilogue yet.

Well now I have to pay attention for the sequel.

There is a phrase I heard when I was young; "Put your soul into it" My dad's way of getting me to work a bit harder. No one has to subscribe to the thought that when we write stories we put a little piece of our soul into the work. However, these last two chapters made me take a step back and really think about it with all the complex issues brought to light.

Truly a great story, and I look forward to reading more in this 'verse.

Ponies meeting their creators! That's rare to see!

Well, I don't mind that, it's a unique concept and interesting too.

Glad you approve of my first attempt at it!

Why do people assume stuff like this is mean-spirited? In many cases, the writers feel worse than the readers do.

But yeah, I knew there'd be people who would react as you do. I like to refer to them as "happy ending crusaders", and I've long accepted that they don't like sadfic and will never accept stories in this vein.

I'm sorry? :unsuresweetie:

Predictable, true, but it sets the scene for the future. If I ever get to it.

It may be a little while. Too many story ideas, not enough time.

I'm sure it will be worth the wait

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