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One year ago, the parasites known as the Shinion came from the stars to Equestria. Unable to survive without a host, they attach to the back of a pony's head and drain the essence of their emotions, undetected even by their own host.

All except one pony, that is.

Applejack, as a former Bearer of Harmony, was too powerful and headstrong to succumb to the Shinion's influence. Instead, she twisted her parasite to her own will, combining its power with her own.

Now she fights the marauding Shinion as Equestria's hero: the Iron Rider, Rangelkai! But even heroes have their weaknesses...

An action-packed pastiche of the tokusatsu genre of Japanese entertainment, written to be accessible to those unfamiliar with kaiju, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, etc.

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Must admit, not a Kamen Rider fan (More a fan of the other major Toku franchise, you know the one) but color me intrigued here. You could probably get away with expanding this into a longer story, really. And why do I have the strangest and saddest feeling that new Rider is Rarity?

Yeah, this is really good. You really need to do more to expand the Kamen Rider half, for those who haven't watched that show yet, but the use of flashbacks made it easy to invest in what would have been stakeless fight. Great job!

Kinda wish I knew more about the source material. The story certainly made sense without it, but I do feel like I was missing a lot of context.

I like the back-and-forth cuts, although I do wish there was some white-space padding between the flashbacks. Took me a bit to figure out that there were jumps.

Yeah, totally Rara

Author Interviewer

If this were a longer story, I'd write it as a full season, with this being about the halfway point. Applejack has discovered all her forms, now there's suddenly a brand new threat she's unable to stop. That said, I also think it would be dreadful to write, since this is so serious in tone, so that's why I just did the one 'episode'.

And you should definitely have that feeling. :)

Yeah, that new Rider is definitely Rarity.

Anyway, good action and emotion. I liked the flashbacks cut through. Will admit, know nothing of Kamen Rider. Still, I was able to follow it. So kudos.

Author Interviewer

This technically isn't even Kamen Rider, so if you could follow it, I succeeded at what I was going for. :D

Man this kinda begs to be continued xD

Having just a single episode worked pretty well, and it reminds me of when you were younger and only got to see random episodes of a show on television. Another chapter would be quite interesting, but I probably wouldn't want to read a drawn out version. I think 'less is more' applies here.

Havn't seen Kamen Rider, but I got a very 'Parasyte - the maxim' feeling.

Author Interviewer

Interesting! I'm familiar with Parasyte, but haven't actually watched it.

A Kuuga style rider vs what seems like a biological version of the Bugsters. It was a good fight. No fear, no pain, right?

Fascinating and gripping stuff throughout. The isolated episodic feel does add to the Tokusatsu atmosphere, though I found myself wondering just how bad the situation is for the rest of Equestria. Yes, the overt attacks are isolated to Ponyville, but travel between towns is a thing that happens, and a siege from the stars isn't going to do much for national morale.

In any case, thank you for this. And I have to say, the "English vs. German" aspect lent an unexpected air of the second season of Nanoha.

Author Interviewer

"What's happening in the rest of the world" is a question that has plagued me. I decided it's outside the scope of this story, as are many things, but it still bothers me, because I'm not quite sure.

Ponyville is the epicenter of the invasion, for sure. I figure the Shinion are traveling via pony to other parts of Equestria, but none of them are attacking, necessarily, because that's a reaction to the Rider's presence. Or something. -.-

Goes to show, in Kamen Rider, the monsters always show up in town, or in the stretch of countryside that is a quick motorcycle drive from town. c.c

I reviewed this story as part of Read it Now Reviews #112.

My review can be found here.

Author Interviewer

Yay! :D You got the title wrong. :B

Hey, if no one else in the story can get it right, why should I? :trollestia:

Well I can see one thing I know right off the bat. The Shinnion are partly based on the Worms of Kamen Rider Kabuto.

And the cover art is a ponfied Kuuga Mighty Form.

Author Interviewer

If the Shinion are like Worms, I wouldn't know, as I haven't seen Kabuto yet! :D But you're right on the second part.

With full context, this fic could potentially become a literal life-changer for me, so I guess I should get around to reading it.

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