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I'm not sure I should be sharing things here, The voices say that's a bad Idea.


To any human that has found this book, I hope that you never have to experience the events that I did as I was ripped from our world and into this one. If you do end up in Equestria then hopefully this book can help you in your attempts to integrate into the new world that you have arrived into. The fact that you are reading this in the first place shows that you have the time and dedication needed to translate Equestrian into English (most likely using the convenient translation guide in the back of the book). This book may just save your life.

To any ponies reading this book. I ask that you enjoy the experience of witnessing your own culture through the eyes of an alien. A being from a world vastly different from the one you know. Don't worry though, I mean no harm. Like you, I am just a pony struggling to find a place in this world. If my experience makes it easier for another then it is my duty to share it with the world. You might even enjoy your time reading it.

Blank Slate never imagined the events that would occur after writing a semi-successful book. Most of his readers never imagined that the book was autobiographical.

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This sounds like quite the interesting concept. I have seen simmer ideas done in the past but only in passing by the main character of the story. Let's see where this story goes as I want to see how the nudity taboo is handled.

I love this story already. Continue it more!

this seems good i well keep an eye on it :)

I think Luna would be very intrigued by his dreams. I bet she could be making a guest spot sooner rather than later.

Okay, Squee-chi, I'm ready to edit your stories.
Watch, fellow readers, as I magically create good grammar!
So when do I get paid, Squee?

Paid? Do hugs and Kisses count?

Comment posted by Stormsilver deleted Sep 28th, 2017
Comment posted by Stormsilver deleted Sep 28th, 2017

Well this looks promising, I have been wondering how long it would take for a character to use Blank Slate as a name. It is intersting to see that you are going more of a comparative note between Ponies and humans in every aspect and that you are making it sound more of a series of trade off between the two states. If you mange to keep up the work and quality you might just get as uprise from someone. :raritywink:

Good luck

I actually quite like how vivid you describe the character's mindset. Very well written, excellent use of prose, just an all round excellent chapter to begin with.

Thank you for your comments. I feel I should state that my prose is greatly improved by my editor Stormsilver

Maybe I'll post a before and after comparison sometime :trixieshiftright:

Eh, could be interesting.

I rather like the tone of this story so far, and hope to read more of it. I assume the story will be split between chapters showing excerpts from the book and narration of the author after the book's publication?

That is indeed what I was trying to do. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far!

Equestrian sounds like Latin, filtered through Mandarin, and spiced with Navajo. With a side serving of Klingon.

Ouch, none of those four are related and one was used in the Pacific during WW2 as a way to pass coded messages, it was never broke. I feel sorry if this where ever to help me as I suck at learning any other languages.

Steak well-done? Almost couldn't read past that part! Why would you murder poor innocent steak like that?

To ensure it cooked. I’m glad you read past that though.

Can you believe Squee-chi doesn't like his meat to bleed? It sure shocked me when I met 'em :facehoof:

Boggles my mind. Like, I can understand with pork and other animals I'm not familiar with, but you don't cook steak past medium-rare or it's heresy, to be honest.

It's a fun little story, I'm not going to stop reading because you're a heretic :trollestia:

Well, I’m glad your enjoying it regardless of meat preference.


Well, I’m glad your enjoying it regardless of meat preference.

See, this is why he needs an editor.

... It’s early ...:pinkiesad2:

Ouch I get the feeling that as this story spreads it will definitely draw some attention from a certain book loving princess and she has some passing knowledge of "humans".

Does Riff Raff/Major Key only have one wing? Didn't see it mentioned specifically anywhere, but I can't think of any reason a pegasus would only preen one wing.

Interesting chapter, I wonder where he was found, it doesn't look like he ever knew about MLP or that he he will ever really know any of the mane? I am not sure if the format of the story will work well for my tastes as it seems that there might be a lot of time skips to it with all the alternating between the past and the present and I wonder if there will also be important events happening during his present life as well for the story? Looking forward to the next chapter.

That sounds like a tragic backstory :raritywink:

The Guide chapters are attempting to show how he understands Equestria, while the plot of the present day sections is going to pick up soon. Regardless of MLP’s existence in his world, Blank Slate knew nothing about it.

this is really good and caught my attention. keep up the good work

Why else would it have brought me her

I try so hard, and he misses the last two characters when he copypastas :facehoof:

Edit: He fixed it. But it was there.

Why do I think he will definitely be getting a visit from the princesses if they find out about this book.

interesting but just having an exposition tend to make things dull you might was to mix it in with the experience of an event.

I blame my childhood love of Stephen King's fantasy stories. Those were 400 page books that spent the first 350 pages in exposition.

Updates will be late because the editor has homework. I apologize; it's very inconvenient for me, too.

I think he may have missed a few kinds of magic. At the very least, chaos and changeling magic. :twilightsmile:

I'd disagree on the Cutie Marks dictating magical ability bit. I've always thought that an interest and talent in something leads to a Cutie Mark in that field instead of the other way around. For example, I think that the pyromancer pony mentioned would have a fire Cutie Mark because of an interest in that area of magic and would find it easier to cast because they spent more time studying it.

Admittedly, this is mostly how Blank Slate sees it. He also tend to be (as my editor tells me) unintentionally elitist. As for your counter example, it seems lie a bit of chicken and the egg.

Then again, I plan to have Spoilers for future plot details hidden. So that helps.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far!

Interesting, it seems that their might be other former humans in the neighborhood then we first expected and this one might just actually know him, or at least she seems to hope so. I wonder if they will start making a human gathering convention after that, or other weirdos that might go bug Slate later on. Looking forward to the next chapter.

So we have another human possibly. I wonder how their foalhood went and just what is happening in these dreams?


Not sure if publishing the guide as fiction was a good idea. Next time a foal claims to be a human trapped in a equine body the caretakers will simple point the book and say the kid has too much imagination.


Considering they said that before the book, to both the humans so far, it's not a detriment. Plus, reading the book, realizing that the author knows what they are talking about, gives a starting point. Like, for instance, sending the author a letter.

I wouldn't get pass some ponies trying out that trick, but I think most ponies would be quickly dismissed or caught by medical professionals for tying to do that trick. Making up a language would be had, so it shouldn't be difficult to guess if it's a trick or not. I would imagine that ponies can't pronounce all the human words either so I don't think Slate could easily know what they are saying is human or not, but he could at least hear a pattern in the words, and I would be surprised that there are people of speaking other languages wouldn't be a possibility either. But I had more in mind that their would start to had conventions gathering about humans. I wonder what sort of fanfiction would emerge from that story alone.

On that subject I wonder if Slate had ever tried to find other former human around Equestria, it should be a lot of research to look over medical files manually from one medical center to another, prier to the book's publication. Still being a medical specialist he could hear rumors very easily about odd foals.

I wonder what his treatment was like about his human delusions?

you swore that you found away into the private sections

Ooh dear, so Blank Slate was right. That's even more troubling than if he's just nuts, because what did happen, to cause humans to be reborn in Equestria? How many humans? Is it still happening? Are ponies getting whisked away from Equestria in this way?

Please let it be him, or let it be a coincidence.

The mare couldn’t tell which she’d prefer.

Tomorrow, Daring Do would head to the Crystal Empire.


How’d we miss that? It’s fixed now. Anyway.

You also made me think that my editor stuck Daring Do in when I wasn’t looking. You cheeky ferret.

They're both in the fiction section! It could have been a thing! :derpytongue2:


Definitely. More specifically, I wouldn't be surprised if he got a visit from Twilight sometime in not-too-far future. Of all the Princesses she is the one most likely to pick up a "Sci FI" book for reading, or have one of her friends (or herself?) catch the radio program, or stumble upon it being mentioned if wild magic is brought up. And considering a certain mirror tucked away in her basement, and that she of all ponies would know what "human" means ... she'd probably break the sound barrier twice in a beeline to the Crystal Empire :rainbowlaugh:

The author is scared of canon characters. The editor laughs at his cowardice.

Don't worry, dear readers, I'll get them in the story somehow.

Blank Slate is the name of Blank Check's YouTube channel. Not sure why he did that.

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