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While young filly Celestia grows in friendship with the one pony she can count on, her simple life as princess seems to her like sunshine-and-rainbows. But a darkness grows in the corners and threatens to overshadow her happy reality and everything she's ever known. Follow Celestia as she takes along her one true friend in a journey that will lead to unbreakable bonds, but at the same time, inevitable broken hearts.

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For a first story, not too shabby. Cute cover art, too. :scootangel:

Just make sure to show not tell and work on developing your prose. Good luck. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I'll be sure to work on it in the future. Hope you enjoy my future chapters :moustache: :pinkiehappy:

Who made the picture? Did you do it?

Yaaay! Celestia's going to be a big sister:scootangel:!

Uh-oh... Princess Cloudwhisper was kidnapped?! That is NOT good:pinkiegasp:! Not good at ALL!

Oooh! I bet they are going

TO DA MOOOOOOONA:trollestia:

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