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Merc the Jerk

Merc's fic guide: by Bookplayer: Is there kicking and/or punching? [Yes/No] Have you considered adding kicking and/or punching? [Yes/No] Have you considered adding more kicking and/or punching?

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Before I even read anything, the title...

*snorts* Dik-tat. :rainbowlaugh:

Aww shit.

I should read this.

But should probably re-read TLS first.

Omg I can't wait!!! Will read later today for me!

Well this is interesting to say the least. I do wonder tho why does it seem like they are treating Spike like he is 12 or something? I mean I wont go into the rant that any Spike fan goes into, since I have made them all before lol, but it just seem like he doesn't really get treated like a equal but more like a child being teased by a carrot of affection than someone on equal footing with our favorite pink terror.I just wonder will this relationship even work out? I mean she already stated that the way he looks is a big issue for her and he is going to look like that for a long while. He is far more mature than his looks give off just like his age so he may only be able to put up with this for so long and who knows how it will effect Diane if this falls through.

I'm probably going to have reread some of the previous stories. I recall some of it, but for a part of it I thought they were on the run or something... Or that was a completely other story line.

Its great to read something from you again, and can I be honest with you?
Even though I didnt really like the concept of Laughing Shadow at first, after reading it to the end a few months back, I can say it grew quite a bit on me. It isnt one of my favorites of your work, but thats because the setting isnt really my cup of tea, but what drew me in was your great writing style. I‘m going to watch the sequel and it looks really great! Keep up the amazing work:yay:.

Edit: Something that I really liked, even though it was a small thing, was that Pinkie is wearing boxers to bed. It was something of a small little treat to see that she is wearing something that, unfortunately, is almost always stereotyped as something that only female characters wear, when they are stereotyped as masculine AND only then when they are are also gay (Like Dash). So, I‘m sorry if I made you uncomfortable with focusing on something like this, but its the small things sometimes, that make me love a fanfic.

Welp! You got me interested and excited again! Love your world! :3 :heart:

Woo hoo there is a sequel!!!!

It's been a while since I read the prequel, but it's all coming back to me in these chapters. Very eagerly looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here.

So glad you’ve come back to this story! Looking forward to more.

Glad you all are enjoying it so far!
No kidding, been forever since I posted anything. Hopefully I'll keep a shipshape upload schedule now
Yeah, thought it made a bit of sense for her to sometimes get dressed up in that instead. Figure Rarity would be the only one that would consistently wear

Well, in this universe he isn't 12, but he is someone that has grow up alongside the others. And if you've ever known someone for years of your life and they're younger, you tend to see them as younger. Sure, he's more mature now and everything, but it's still a bit hard to shake that stigma totally, and a part of their relationship is trying to see how he is as a grown man in some degree.

Yaaassss. I was just about to suggest you start posting. Love this, as always.

I wouldn't have even gotten it posted without your help. So thanks for everything you've done, pal. I really appreciate it.
And I'll need to get the Gilda one ready soon™ too, since it goes hand in hand with it. Maybe I'll stop being lazy eventually.

No but srsly, that Gilda fic is gonna turn out fantastic. I’ll be watching it and editing behind you. Uh, after I finish with this one. I’m on like... chapter 19 or 20 now? Looks clean so far.

Well shit. Only a few hours after I post a review of TLS, we get a sequel.

Really like all the character work and setups, especially Applejack's. It's rare to see the hero's burden, (for lack of a better term), explored like this. Makes for such a powerful and interesting character.

am so ready for this adventure

Always nice to see Spike supporting his sister, to say nothing of seemingly impossible Crusader shenanigans. The dance should provide plenty of opportunity for further developments, especially if Twila follows Spike's advice.

Amazing chapter! I think Rarity in a suit looks surprisingly... dapper. Or a bit more eye catching than in a dress, maybe that‘s because it‘s not something you would expect her to wear.
One thing that was a little confusing to me, was that Twila suggested Gilda and Dash as potential crushes. I thought that they came together again, at the end of TLS, after Dash saved her? I think that you like to write these things subtle, not so in-your-face. But I think that TwiDash would be adorable:twilightsmile:.
Edit:You mean Celestia right? :twilightblush:

Considering I know Spike is talking about Celestia, I'm not sure how Twi was being so dense! XD

Also.... do I detect Gilda and Chylene as a thing!? Ooooh that'd be interesting and different than Gilda with Dash!

Also role reversal for Jack and Rares for outfits is a fun thing too! :3 really fun stuff so far Merc! Though I imagine we are only building up for mayhem!

It has my interest, which is saying a lot since I've been growing further from the fandom in general. Please do not despair and give up on this story, it has potential! Let's see what is in store of us with the latest adventures from this world

Yep, you kind of kicked me in the tail and got me moving again on it

You're probably thinking of the Fool's Gold series, the more modern setting story

Well, hope it lives up to expectations. AJ being brow beat by the kind of dual roles she now fills is something I think just came very naturally due to the circumstances.

Don't worry, ain't giving up on it. It's a different beast with a different purpose compared to the first, but hopefully still enjoyable enough.

God I love the dialogue here! "Would it be treason ta say "too damn bad"" lmao xD love it!!

Ooh, Gilda and Lovecraft. There's something to look forward to. Though with Chrysalis and Cadence both in play, it could get very complicated indeed...

Still, that's a matter for another time. For now, it's time to quest for the Grail. Let's just hope that Scandinavian reading isn't the grail-shaped beacon of Castle Anthrax.

Great to see this finally come to fruition! I'll be reading! :rainbowkiss:

Great chapter, but one thing I really don’t like is how Jack treats Rarity. Like she‘s a cute little cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. And how she trains Pinkie and Rarity differently, in that Jack treats Rarity as if she is too delicate to even get a paper cut. You could argue that she only does it because she is her wife, but Rarity can very well handle herself and it would be counterproductive if Jack would use kids gloves on her, doesn’t she realise this?
And I loved the scene with Celestia and the little kid, she was too cute with him, and I find it cute that we got to see such a carefree and adorable side of her :rainbowkiss:. I hope we get to see a scene between Twila and Lew where she tells him about Celestia.
One question I have is: I thought this world is a lot more tolerating than it once was, so does Lew even know that his sister is bisexual? I assume that he, as her big brother, would be the first to know something like that. Or is Celestia Twilas first crush on a woman and that the reason why he doesn‘t know?

How AJ treats Rarity and Pinkie is great, really raising the stakes. All this calm before the storm.

Dueling seal is terrifying, btw. Am quite relieved there was no accidents, but even then, ouch. Never thought of how it feels for Rarity having to see Jack go through stuff like that until this chapter. Hit hard. Was interesting because it's easy to stomach (relatively) seeing Jack go through danger for Rarity, but seeing it in reverse? Some hard perspective and self reflection there. So good.

Last scene was super amusing, love those setups. Celestia so sly.

The day we stop learning is the day we stop living. Everyone, from bundles of hammer-swinging joy to the rulers of nations, has some area in which they stand to improve. Perfection is not a destination but an eternal journey of progressive improvement. What matters is whether you keep moving forward.

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about doing that one, while this store is more straight forward, Gilda's will be a little harder to place
Glad you're liking it!
Sometimes you can care too much about a person and end up doing something harmful when you were trying to aid them, that's a bit what's showcased here, I feel. Glad you liked the Celestia bit, I had a lot of fun with it, considering the first story set in this world didn't have her doing much, was nice letting her get out and stretch her wings literally and metaphorically.
Yeah, the seal is something I never really said much on the inner-workings in the first one, and this one I think I gave a bit more information on, but not enough to have it down to a concrete science. And I know what you mean, Rarity suffering seems different that Jack doing the same in a lot of ways, probably due to the masculine and feminine natures of them in a way.
Words like that could have come outta Will's mouth, well put.

Hoo boy. I knew Twila was tempting fate with all of those variations on "what could possibly go wrong?" but I wasn't expecting her to leave Camelot completely. This could go very poorly indeed... but I suppose that's a tale for another day.

Speaking of which, I'm imagining Emperor Nobunaga with the voice of Mako, and you can't stop me.

As for Rarity's concerns about the necessity of the Grail... Only time will tell there.

Lots of foreshadowing and I'm not talking about that cloud.

Love the story and the frequent updates. :ajsmug:

Can anyone be trusted with absolute power? It's hard to say when you're speaking hypothetically; there's nothing in human experience that can capture the potential and temptation of what the Grail might offer. Rarity voicing her concerns might be advisable... but it's Celestia we're talking about. Not exactly the most approachable of people in the best of times.

Of course, first they're going to need to deal with whatever's causing the mystery cloud.

Holy judgment spell!! Phew.... thank god she finished her spell!

Hmm... Lime the mineral or lime the juice? I could see either working as a bane against sea monsters.

In any case, amazing fight scene, especially the conclusion. I just hope the cost wasn't too great. Bringing down the hammer of God won't help if there aren't enough sailors left to operate the ship.

Juice from the fruit, based off the (IIRC) Mediterranean belief that it served as a ward and tool against a few particular seafaring spirits.

Ah, Rarity, always looking for the good things. :raritywink:

Money, money, money... it's a rich man's world.

I'm loving the regular updates!!! And this has been quite the read so far, can't wait to continue seeing what happens! :3

Ah, side quests. Gotta nab that necromancer to trigger the event flag that will wake up Celestia. :raritywink:
In all seriousness, this promises to be quite the excursion.

Celestia's dreams and the community vs ambition debate do a wonderful job of framing the Grail dilemma, while Spike and Pinkie's similar concerns over how useful they can be set up some very interesting avenues they can explore later. Looking forward to more.

So.... wendigo now? XD just a minor continuity thing, the previous chapter called it a ghoul. :3

...Goddamnit, I missed uploading a chapter between the two. Thanks, Gdocs. Let me get that fixed up right quick.

Oh no! I wondered if I had missed something... like it felt like it could be continued from the last chapter but with a slight jump, but good to know that it wasn't a continuity error and more that we hadn't seen them discover it was a wendigo yet.

Should hopefully be fixed now. Don't mind me, I'm only pretending to be retarded.

Welp! I'll be sure to read it tomorrow! (''Tis late my time) but I'm excited! Like I said before, been loving the regular updates! It's been spectacular!

Interesting that you went with the wendigo.... lol not a commonly used creature. However I do have one thing that you continue to talk about in the fic with Rares and Jack that I disagree with the way you'll go about it xD but that's me.

I always felt it made more sense for Rarity to be the birth mother of kids between the two of them. Especially with Jack being so masculine in this world and being a monster hunter lol buuuut that's just my opinion xP

Normally I'd agree, but in this case it'd be far harder to do if they wanted a more "traditional" approach.
Soul-folk can physically alter their bodies with relative ease, including gender for a time, if you look at the first story. Altering someone else, however, would require a far stronger investment in magic, especially an earth-folk. It's something Twila could do for sure in order to help with their situation, but not Rarity, she doesn't really have the magical prowess. So, rather than relying on a third party, Rarity and Jack would probably choose the path of least resistance and the one that lets them rely on themselves more. Sure, you can also make the suggestion for a surrogate or someone donating sperm, but I see the two wanting to be as self-reliant on their own answers and solutions as possible due to their more independent streaks.

I agree to that nature that they'd rather be self-sufficient, but theoretically, couldn't Rarity study more in order to perform such a spell? Or...are there no potions out there that could work? I feel like Zecora may know a remedy or something for that lol xD Just me askin' out of curiosity!

Study wouldn't necessarily reflect improving a mana pool. Different spells learned and acquired, sure, but knowing the theory behind something doesn't equate to having the innate ability to cast it. As for the second, we can assume there may be something within Zecora's powers to do something similar, but it does go back towards AJ and Rare requesting a 3rd party's help for something they could feel being well within their own realm of powers.

In addition, in this story at least, AJ is far more romantically submissive, masculine tendencies or not in other regards. She'd more than likely want to carry a child over putting Rarity through it.

I suppose I see your point lol within the context of this particular story and whatnot it does make sense :)

Odd. It took a while for these chapters to appear in my feed, yet the numbers told me they were there. Were they blocked for pre-readers or somesuch?

Not that I know of. I had a little snafu in regards to missing a chapter, but I wouldn't think that'd hide it from the feed.

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