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When life gives you lemons, don't make them into lemonade... you weaponize them...


”There are those who are warm...”

”...and there are those who are cold...”

”...and this is one such tale of the warmth, and the cold...”

Ok I’m just going to start off by saying who the heck thought it was a good idea to write a story about me and bunch of ponies saving other ponies from ice from an evil group of other ponies who were banished, of course in all reality they were hidden all over the place, and sure they were from the past, but was it a good idea... sure if somepony else was there and I was them, I would have sent my friends on their merry way and say ‘they’ll be fine,’ and then I would pack my bags, show the princesses my favorite feather, and make like horse apples and leave. But they’re not me, and I’m not horse apples, no sir, I am the very definition of a good friend, so it was all up to me to get to the bottom of that madness... I just wish somepony didn’t write a story about it...

Sex tag for sexual references, and possible things for later chapters... maybe, though nothing too serious.

Very minor gore scenes, maybe a few slightly gorier scenes, but other than that, pretty clean.

OC’s used are mostly made by me, other characters from the show do not belong to me, any other OC’s that are not mine belong to other people and will be credited if they wanted their OC in here.

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