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A Frozen Escapade - Honist

A remedy starts the journey of a lifetime for our protagonist.

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Chapter Two - The Welcoming Pony...

My name is Mint, Mint Cloud. I was one of the many ponies who were trapped in ice. I shouldn't be awake, or alive... but I am.

“Hmm, better take a look around,” I got up from my bed, and walked around, only to fall on my face for not walking for about... an amount of years. I got up, and got the hang of walking pretty quickly, I looked over the ponies who were unfrozen.

“So these are the others, three Pegasi, counting me, two Unicorns, and the rest Earth... interesting sum of ponies, perhaps they’re all from here,” I wondered, only making sure to make enough sound to hear myself, the sudden realization hit me harder than ever before. These ponies… they're… never mind that...

“...lets move her to my bed... I don't want her sleeping on the floor, not after she saved us,” I went to pick the mare off the floor up, she was pretty light, and easy to carry, I set her down on the bed I was on, and went over to the window.

“Night time... alright lets see what there is around here to look at,” I moved away from the window and walked around the room, the ponies on the beds had little bags of fluid next to them, their heart rates displayed on the heart monitor, each of them at average speed, at least that’s what I thought average speed was.

“She seems so peaceful when she sleeps,” I said, walking over to the mare who saved us.

I took in her looks, she was a nice lavender color with a dark indigo/purple colored mane, with strips of lighter shades of purple, her mane was cut off at a certain point as to not cover her eyes. Right now her mane was slightly disheveled probably from the fact she’s sleeping and has a really bad bed head, minus that I couldn’t see anything besides her Cutie Mark which was a large purple star burst surrounded by five smaller white stars. I would look further down, but I’m not a pervert, and we haven’t even met.

“I need to find a mirror, I know I still have my cloak that Scarlet made for me... she was pretty generous... she did say good bye when I left, I made sure to leave something for them to remember me by, but what was it... Ugh I’ll figure it out later... I still need to look around,” I left the spot I was at and continued looking around the room. There was no mirror, however, there were a few cabinets, I would have to check those later.

The door to the hallway was closed, I didn’t hear anything outside it so I assumed nopony was out at this time, which is pretty obvious, considering the fact that it’s night time. I opened the door and saw that it was dark with the occasional crystal shining above every other door. The front desk wasn’t too far away and was occupied by somepony, they seemed to be reading something, they looked at the time and their eyes widened, it seemed like he forget to check on something. I immediately shot back into the room and went to sit down on a chair next to the window, this seemed like a nice way to fool them into thinking I was thinking.

I heard the door open, as I think was the doctor walked in, I figured at this point they froze, seeing as I felt a gaze rest on me, I didn’t move nor did I say anything, I just sat there doing nothing but staring at the night sky.

I think the doctor knew not to disturb me as he saw that I left the mare in my bed, I think I heard him mutter something like, ‘seems familiar,’ and ‘pretty generous of him,’ but other than that he kept to himself and switched the bags of fluid out with full ones, and left me once again alone in the room. After a few minutes he came back and set something on the counter along the back wall. I looked around and found it was a cup of water, and an apple. I got up from the chair I was sitting in and grabbed the apple and bit into it, as juicy as it was, it was too good to last, and a few bites later, nothing was left besides a core. I also grabbed the cup of water and finished its contents

“Well, that was certainly interesting... wonder what else is there in here,” I put the cup back on the counter and continued looking around, after looking for something interesting for about half an hour, I quit, all I found were simple bandages, clipboards, crayons, parchment, and even some dolls and stuffed animals within the cabinets.

After that not so exciting search, I went to grab the chair and set it down next to the mare , I really needed to find out her name so I could stop calling her ‘the mare.’

“Let’s see what’s the agenda for when I get out of here, find a place to stay... might not be a problem unless Ponyville is still... Ponyville... try to stay out of the light of the princesses, they’ve got a nice hold when it comes to memories, and me being a hero of this town may be like remembering the loss of a loved one... help ponies, defeat bosses, profit... hmm, might want to reconsider that one, eventually I’m going to need bits, and when I left I had only twenty bits on me, and I think I still have them too,” my statement was answered by feeling a bit bag deep within my cloak, “maybe read somethings on combat and such... that would be helpful seeing as I’m going to have to help in gettting the other ponies out of the ice they are Incased in... also I need to-“ I hadn’t noticed, but the light coming from the mare’s horn in front of me was beginning to grow, I looked up to see a very sleepy looking mare looking me in the eyes, her mane slightly disheveled.

“Uh... hi?”

Before I could say anything else, the mare in question pulled me from my chair using her magic, and stuffed me into the bed... at this point I was lost in a blinking fit, I think this mare’s still asleep...

“Uh... this is concerning...” she snuggled into my chest and fur, the feeling of this mare was firing warning after warning in my head, she smelled of lavender... mind don’t leave me now, you know we don’t do that.

We stayed like that for awhile, while she was happily sleeping away, my mind was destroying itself trying to keep control thanks to the mare keeping me in her grasp, by the gods did she smell like the heavens...

“This is getting worse by the minute... just don’t think about it, and wait until morning and it’ll all be over by then... let’s just hope I can explain this to her well enough for her not to blast me into dust...” I sighed, this was going to be a pain and a half to explain.

Just then she hummed, and hugged me closer, I didn’t thing I could get this close to a mare, but it seems I was bested. This is going to bite me in the flank later isn’t it...

“What am I going to say when she wakes up... maybe I should just improvise, but even then... would they really buy it,” I had to stay calm, any sudden movements, and I would most likely get it, I stayed in that position for a while, about three hour or so, when finally the sun began to make its appearance, during that whole time, she was snuggling and sniffing me intensely with a dopey smile in her face, if somepony walked in right then and there, it would have been bad... my body couldn’t feel any more squished at that point.

“Hmm... Celestia, five more minutes... put the sun back, it’s too early...” the mare said, snugging closer to me.

“As much as I enjoy the feeling of you snuggling me into submission... I would like to have my body back,” I said out loud, which woke the mare holding a tight firm grip on my body, and arms.


I was woken by somepony near me, they sounded like they were right next to me.

“As much as I enjoy the feeling of you snuggling me into submission... I would like to have my body back,” the voice said, they sounded masculine... alarms suddenly went off in my head.

I opened my eyes, and I saw I was hugging somepony to the point where they couldn’t escape, they even seemed slightly uncomfortable. A blush intensified on my face and I squeaked in fear.


I pulled back in fear, I was at the edge of the bed, I couldn’t be anymore embarrassed, why did I do that, how did I even get him into... before anymore thoughts crossed my mind I fell off the bed, hitting the floor with a load thump.

“Oh sweet Celestia, are you ok,” I asked, as I went over to the mare, now on the floor, only to realize my body felt like lead.

I slugishly moved over to the mare that was blushing, she was in a slight daze... I sighed, as feeling returned to my body, I needed to get her to a doctor, I picked her up and walked up to the door, only to be pushed back by a force. I hit the back wall while the mare that was in my grasp merely plopped onto the floor, knocking her out of her slight daze. My wings couldn’t hurt any more than they already do, and I think I even got a nose bleed from the door making contact with my nose.

“Hey Twilight, we’re back, how’s it-“ whoever was speaking cut themselves off, only to realize that they were looking at a mare, who was named Twilight and on the floor in a daze, and me, a very green pony with a cloak knocked against the wall, eyes still rolling, and a bleeding nose.

“What in tarnation happened here, Twilight, are you okay,” a southern accented mare said, I think they helped Twilight out, I was still dazed from the impact of the door.

“Hey buddy, what did ya do to Twilight, did you hurt her,” a cyan mare knocked me out of my daze by hitting me in the stomach, which caused more blood to seep out of my nose and tears to start forming around the edges of my eyes, and decided to just jumped to conclusion and blame me for this, “I swear to Celestia if you did I’m going to shove this hoof- woah! Hey!”

The mare was pulled away by another mare, this one orange.

“Simmer down there sally, I doubt he’s the cause of this, right,” the orange mare asked, looking intensely at me, only to realize I was on the floor, writhing in pain, tears slightly coming out of my eyes, and blood seeping out of my nose.

“Now look at what you’ve done Rainbow, you broke him,” I heard a posh voice say from the mares.

“Hey you would’ve done the same thing too,” another scratchier voice said, among the mares.

“No, I wouldn’t, I would have asked him did he do something to her, then I would take action, I swear Rainbow, you always jump to conclusion before even having all the facts,” at this point I think my nose blood was beginning to puddle, I couldn’t tell thanks to the fact I think my insides were also bleeding.

“Oh my, are you okay,” a soft voice asked me, I would have answered if it weren’t for the fact that I can barely breath, I tried to take in a breath, but only to be stopped by the pain, I stop, more blood shot out of my nose. Though... I still answered with the last of the breath I had in my lungs.

“Oh yeah... totally, having your nose punched by a door, and getting punched in the stomach is very soothing...” I managed to say with a wheeze.

Ugh... my head hurts... what happened.

“Hey Twilight, are you okay,” somepony asked me, I groaned and got up, it was Pinkie.

“Yeah, I was just sleeping when- *gasp,*” I gasped when I saw the stallion that I hugged to near death was on the floor writhing in pain, and blood pooling around his head as blood seeped from his nostrils. Rarity and Rainbow were bickering and Fluttershy just looked over him.

“Girls! What happened, how did he get like this,” I asked, only for Ranbow to slightly cower in embarrassment.

“Well you see... I kinda thought he hurt you, so I basically attacked him...” she said, rubbing her hoof on the back of her head.

“No he didn’t do any of the sort, if anything, I’m the one who hurt him... ugh I feel so bad for what I did...” I trailed off, letting what I said drift through the air.

“Wait so mind telling us what you know Twi,” Applejack asked.

“Well...” I began explaining what happened with me waking up to find that I was hugging him, me getting shocked, and me falling off the bed.

“Well shoot... it’s all just a misunderstandin’ is all... Rainbow, I think you owe an apology ta this feller right here,” she said to Rainbow, who merely looked saddened.

We all turned to look at him... only to see that he was still in a heap on the floor, and it even seemed like his colors were starting to fade.

“After we get him some medical help,” I added, as everypony agreed with a nod.

“Ugh... is this the thanks I get for putting up with how much I go through...” I said, letting out a sigh. I was once again on my bed, feeling the after affects of the healing spells the doctors provided. I however really didn’t care if this was how I was going to spent the rest of the day, I was tired, and I needed rest.

“Well right now I would stop complaining if I were you, you need rest, and the last thing you need is more headaches,” the nurse said, as she adjusted the bed for me to lie down and sleep.

I felt a spell cover me, and my eyelids began to follow gravity, and moments later, I found myself unconscious.

“Well now that he’s asleep, I would like all of you to please leave while he recovers,” the nurse told us, I was about to interject... until a hoof touched my shoulder, I looked over and saw it was Applejack’s, she didn’t say anything, but I knew what she meant, I nodded, and agreed to leave.

After leaving the hospital, I went with Applejack to her farm, I had to help her with her apple farm, I found spike sitting outside waiting for me. He hopped onto my back, and we headed out

Some time later...



Ugh... my head... why does it feel like I was hit with a pan... where am I...

I began opening my eyes, the lights were dimmed, not too much... but just enough to not blind me. I moved one of my legs up to rub my face, after doing so... I noticed that I wasn’t in my room... nor was I- wait... what happened... everything seems fuzzy... maybe it’ll come back to me.

I began to sit up, the room I was in was... well... a hospital room, I took to looking at my surroundings. While it was a challenge, I managed, even if it was difficult. There were other ponies in the beds that filled the room, all of them seemed familiar... Ugh, curse my good for nothing memory.

“But there is something about them... I just can’t put my hoof on it,” I muttered, rubbing a hoof on my chin.

I saw that it was daytime outside, wonder how I got here in the first place.

“Hmm maybe I should look around...” I trailed off, giving it a shot at getting off the bed, it took an effort... but I managed. Once I took my first step... I immediately regretted it, as I was now getting a mouth full of the floor.

“Ow...” I muttered, only for the sound to be blocked by the ground.

Getting back on my hooves, I gave a few more shots at moving around, after awhile I was back on my hooves, walking around.

Walking over to the window, I noticed one thing, nopony was outside, or at least it seemed like it until I saw that a whole group of ponies were chasing a purple unicorn... with a baby dragon on her back...? She seemed to have a golden ticket of some kind in her magical hold, Celestia... whatever this ticket may be, it must be valuable... or rare... either way, I feel bad for her.

Moving away from the window, I found that on the counter was an empty glass, with an apple core next to it, they seemed resent too. Looking through the cabinets I found... nothing useful... ugh do they not store anything good in these hospitals.

“Hmm, maybe somepony’s out in the hall,” walking over to the door, I grabbed the handle and opened the door, the hall was filled with passing doctors and nurses, the occasional patient in their company. Nopony seemed to notice me so I just walked back into the room.

“Wonder who they are,” I thought out loud, looking at the rest of the ponies in the beds, I saw that they were pretty diverse in color and species, five Earth which is including me... three Pegasi... and two Unicorns...

“Just one thing to think about... why does she look like me,” I said looking at a bright pink mare with golden mane and tail... with with a stripe of white off to the left... my mane and tail were similar, however I was a more pronounced pink. Maybe I’ll find out later who she is.

“Okay, let’s go over what we have and know so far... I’m in the hospital for some reason... by the fact there are other ponies here with me... we were all part of some kind of incident... and realizing that maybe we were brought back here, that it was most likely a deadly situation we were in,” I thought about the things going on... when I realized I don’t even remember my name.

I was broken out of my thought process and brought back into reality by the sound of the room door opening.

“Well Ms. Smith, here are the patients, but I don’t see why you’d- oh, I didn’t expect to see any of you up and about,” the nurse said, and walked in, while being folowed by an elderly pony.

“Oh it’s fine, just trying to figure out what’s going on, my memory has yet to return so I’m going to wait-“ before I even finished my sentence... some of my memory decided to pop back into exsistance, “-and some of its back...”

I sighed and sat down, recollecting what’s left of my memory.

“Well all I can tell you at this point is my name... ugh... there’s still fuzzy bits here and there,” I said getting up off he floor, “my name is Rose, Rose Gold, nice to meet you.”

“A pleasure, I’m sure, anyway, I might as well tell you what happened from what I was told by the other nurses, you see...” she began explaining about how we were frozen in ice inside the old castle of the two sisters, and about how somepony named Twilight along with her friends, saved us, and that’s why we’re here in the hospital.

“Phew... that is one heck of a tale,” I looked around and saw that the elderly pony wasn’t next to the nurse anymore, but rather, next to one of the beds, specifically, a slightly small bright red Earth pony with an orange and pink mane, mismatched, she looked sad looking at the pony, but also happy, I wonder why.

“Umm, Ms. Smith, do you know this pony,” the nurse asked.

“Why yes... sadly before she disappeared, she was... my sister... her name was Sugarbee... sweetest pony you could ever meet,” Ms. Smith said, while my eyes widened... wait a minute... now I remember...

Sometime in the past...

”Hey Rose, what are you doin after we say goodbye to Mint when he leaves to go on an adventure,” somepony behind me asked, I turned around and saw it was my friend Sugarbee.

“Oh nothing, I was just going to help my sister with some new plants she received a few days ago, they’re some nice lemon trees, some small ferns, and an asortment of chilies, one of them however kinda scared me a bit,” I said, rubbing the back of my head.

“Now why’s that,” she asked.

“Well, they called it a ‘ghost pepper,’ not really looking forward to it... I’m not really sure where she managed to find those types of peppers...” I trailed off with a sigh.

“I swear to Celetia that mare has a pepper problem... she may be ‘Sweet,’ but she can sure pack a spicy punch... ugh don’t even remind me about the time we had to try her ‘sweet’ treats, I nearly burned my tongue off after eating two at once... me and my stupid sweet tooth...” she said, muttering the last part.

“Well come on, we still have time to-“

A headache replaced the memory, leaving just a blurry haze... ugh... well at least I regained some of it back.

“Uh... Ms. Smith-“

“Please call me Granny Smith, seems like forever since you seen me hasn't it,” Granny said.

”Hey Rose, want ta join us, we’re almost done with the barn,” Smith said, helping her siblings and parents and family members raise a barn wall.

“I’m sorry Smith... I can’t, if I don’t get this done for Mrs. Heart, my mother’s going to be on me for not finishing some homework,” I said trying to finish my plant heath and science homework, I was aceing that class, with a ninety-seven on my report card, but if I didn’t get this done it would bring my grade down.

“Well shoot... guess that does make sense, oh well, though when your done, want to head over to the Mint fields, I know you want to see Mint as much as our other friends,” she said, making me blush a little, she knew I had a crush on Mint... I just can’t say no...

“Yeah... I think that would be good, he needs a little encouragement, he’s been feeling down in the dumps lately, especially with him doing most of the work thanks to both his parents getting sick, so I guess a bit of company wouldn’t hurt,” I said.

“Say have you met my younger sister, Sugarbee,” she asked.

“No, I don’t believe-“

Once again I was blocked from remembering anything else.

“Smith... is that you...” I was saddened by the fact she was old... that meant two things, one, me and these other ponies were frozen in time, two, this is now the future...

“Yes it is, come ‘ere before you cry anymore,” Granny said, pulling me into a hug, I haven’t seen her in a long time it seems.

“It’s good to see your still yourself, after you both went missing, I never would have thought you’d ever come back... but it seems I was wrong...” she said, pulling me out of the hug.

“Well I hope we can catch up later... but it seems like the nurse has something to say,” I said looking at the nurse, who had tears running down her face and a tissue box next to her, she had a tissue already in her hooves and was blowing her nose.

“I’m sorry... that was just so beautiful... *sniff,* ugh, why is it always this stuff that gets me,” she said, wiping her eyes with another tissue, “anyway, I do have somethings I need to do, specifically, with this one over here.”

The nurse walked over to a dark forest green like pony, his mane was black, save for the highlights at the ends of his mane, he seemed to have been forced to sleep... how do I know this... well...

”Hey Ace, whatcha doing,” I called to my friend Ace.

“Oh well just trying to wake up Patient,” Ace said, pointing to Patient, who was on the floor tongue out and legs splayed out.

“Alright, what did you do this time,” I asked.

“Well I was trying out this sleeping spell I found, and well... you can see the results,” he said, rubbing the back of his head.

“Ace... what have all of us told you about testing spells... use them on other ponies, not our friends,” I groaned.

“Well she wanted me to-“

Yeah... that...

“So what about him,” I asked.

“Well earlier today he was hurt and we had to heal him up, the only way for him to fully recover, is by getting some rest, and it’s been nearly half the day, so I thought I should have checked on him, before I headed down here however, Ms. Smith said she wanted to see the ponies who were saved, and the rest you know,” she said, checking over the pony, he seemed to be fine to me.

“Well everything seem to be in check, I have to head back to the front desk, I’m sorry Ms. Smith, it’s time to go, but you can come back tomorrow,” she said.

“Well I guess I’ll see you then,” Granny said, pulling me into a hug.

“Yep... see you then,” I said, returning the hug.

We both waved goodbye, and the nurse closed the door to the room, leaving me to relish in today’s events, even if we were in the future, I wouldn’t miss any second of it if it meant I would be with my old friends again.

After getting on my bed I laid there resting, I wasn’t tired, I just didn’t want to be on the floor. It would be Sunset in a few hours...





Oh my... ugh... this feels worse than what happened when I ate a piece of that ghost pepper... where am I... and why does it feel like I’ve been running a marathon... what... happened...?

I began to open my eyes, I was... in side of a hospital room...? Alright what did happen...?

“Ugh... where is everypony,” I thought out loud.

“I'd ask too... but it seems we’re both in the same situation,” somepony called to my right, I looked over and saw it was my sister Rose Gold, Laying on one of the many beds inside the room we were in.

“Oh Hey sis... what happened, why are we in the hospital,” I asked.

“Well... from what the hospital staff have told me... we were frozen in ice and now we’re in the future...” she said, looking at the ceiling no tone really shown in her voice.

I pause, the air filling with an awkward silence, I processed what she just said to me... ok... we’re in the future... in the future... the future... future... wait FUTURE!?!

“The future!? How in the hay did such a thing happen,” I asked, beginning to panic at the sound of actually being in the future.

“Yep, not sure when... but you get the gist, apparently somepony named Twilight, along with her friends, saved us,” she said, looking at me, she did have a smile on her face, it showed the joy when you haven’t seen a friend in a while.

“You know, it’s good to atleast be by your side in this,” I said, giving my sister a smile.

“Yeah, couldn’t have said it any better myself...”

“So, which of our friends got frozen,” I asked

“Counting us, it seems like... Ace, Patient, Thunder, Copper, Color, Bramble, Sugarbee, and Mint... gotta say, it seems like it’s our best friends were the ones frozen...”

“So what do you say we get up and look around the hospital, it’s not like the nurses will mind that we’re just out and about.”

“Yeah, Let’s go, we’ll just have to be back before sundown, alright let’s go!”

Me and my sister got out of bed, as we both headed for the door... only to be pushed back by a force that I didn’t think was possible.

“Hi there I’m Pinkie Pie, and I found out you two were awake, so I thought I’d just stop by and say ‘hi’, it’s so nice to meet new ponies, like what was like before you were frozen, did you have like different foods back then, was it like primitive and stuff, oh oh did they have cupcakes, anyway what’s your favorite flavor, when Is your birthday, Hey are you Ok, of course you are, anyway...”

Ugh, make whoever this Pinkie Pie is stop this torment of words being pelted at me at high speed... I think I’m about to have an migraine...

“...and that’s how Equestria was made!”


“Never mind, I just wanted to say welcome, and here have a cupcake,” she said, pulling two cupcakes on a plate out of her mane... how? When? Where? Huh?!? Ugh... this mare is about to fry my brain...

We just took the plate and thanked her for the cupcakes.

“Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow when everypony will be awake, then we can have the best welcoming party ever!”

And with that, she bounced out of the room, leaving us on the floor, with two cupcakes, and a plate.

“I’m not ready for what is going to happen tomorrow...”

“Me neither...”

It’s most likely to be a pain in the flank if it has to do with that physics defying pony.

Author's Note:

-Twilight Sparkle- -Pony Type: Unicorn- -Stats: Level Two- -TXp Points: 1065/2000- -Attack: 10- -Defense: 17- -Magic: 28-
-Special Items: Element of Magic-

”Is that a cliffhanger I spy...”

Man this took forever to get out... I’d blame writers block, but my lazyness is to blame.

Alright let’s clear up some confusion before anything else, in this universe there are somethings that are changed to make the story make sense.

As such in this universe, ponies can live for over three-hundred years, depending on their living situation.

As well as adding the presence of a new evil enemy, results in some timeline breakes here and there, but it will be fine.

“But Honist, what about the other one-hundred and ten ponies they have to save?”

We’re getting to that, just hold on and it’ll reveal itself soon enough.

If there is anything else that looks off or out of the ordinary that you don’t understand, leave it in the comments below.

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