• Published 7th Oct 2017
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A Frozen Conquest - Honist

Really, who writes a story about my adventure in saving a bunch of ponies from ice and dangerous ponies who froze them in the first place... really who even includes the part about me being- nope... not finishing that sentence...

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The Coldest Prologue...

“Ugh.. is there any good book here in the library,” I was looking around, I spotted a few books here and there, but what really caught my eyes was that looked half frozen half unfrozen, the title read, ‘The Frozen Conquest. Written by Sean F. Locket.’

“Hmm... sure, why not,” though what caught me off guard was who the heck was Sean F. Locket.

“Hey there kid,” a library assistant called out from one of the tables.

“You got a good read right there, a fine story that is,” he said, his hair was highlighted a forest green at the tips, and was slightly scruffy.

“Really, what’s it about,” I asked.

“That’s for you to figure out,” he said, getting up and walking off towards the back of the library.

“Hmm... I guess I should read it, seems like a good story from just looking at it,” I pulled the book open...

Ponies... we roam almost everywhere, and we come in all different shapes, colors, species, sizes, and even personalities.

There are those who would rather see the world as it is, nice, peaceful, and best of all, warm and happy... but then there are those who would rather see the world freeze and perish.

A long, long, long time ago, the princesses encountered a legion of ponies named, ‘The Frozen Flames,’ who would freeze ponies and lock them away.

The princesses needed to stop them at all cost, or suffer more frozen ponies in ice.

They indeed managed to stop them, and banish them, but they never found out where they hid the ponies, not until recently...