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Yes. I moved chapter 1 to it's own thing. May as well start fresh.

and making her scream you name

Interesting stuff. Friendshipping with benefits, kinda.

It's funny. 90% of the story ideas I come up with are clop and/or grimlight. Everyone who's into that kinda stuff I tell the concepts to thinks they are great. Unfortunately I have NO interest in actually writing those genres.

I blame 502 fic.
I know I fixed that description once. JFSGJHFJLDFHJL

I'm not 100% what grimlight is, but if you have clop ideas (especially if they are quick/short or w/e) pm me. I am practicing story flow with these, the content itself isn't really the point and I could always use ideas.

:O Is this for EQAD speedclop comp? 'cause you totally gonna win.

it is
but there aren't really "winners"

Even so, you totally won in my book. Hands down.

Sorry for playing editor, but:
Dash lay on her back, her tail wrapped under her butt, clamped firmly in her mouth, and pulled taunt as she strained her necks. I'm guessing you mean 'taut' and 'neck' here.
Also, Her body flushed with heat as she finally came down form her high I think you need 'from' and not 'form' here.

An otherwise entertaining and well-written oneshot, though.

My first question is, did you read the description? Did you really read it?

My second, was that really all you found? I found at least twenty.

Awesome work kits, not every day I find a one-shot clop, especially a speedclop, that makes me go 'aww' at the end :yay:

1033992 oops. Read this around 3 am, only got about half of everything I got this time... :twilightblush:

D'awww! These are great! Your utilization of grooming lends a certain warmth to the scene, helping it feel more like a love scene rather than just sex. You also did a rather fantastic job with the characterization of both ponies, making the story much more immersive.
Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

This is one of the best clop fics I've read so far :O I don't usually get drawn in by them but you pulled it off. Didn't feel like just smut

And then Rainbow Dash literally dropped by for a visit.

"Hey, Applejack! How's the harvest coming-"


"Uhh... what the hay are you two doing?"

I've played that scenario over and over in my head. Dash figures it out, but just teases them with it, shaking her tail at them, stretching, until they get all flustered. Then she's like "duh, you're both hot, let's do this!"

So wait... did RD feign an injury to lure Fluttershy into her love nest? :rainbowderp:

nope. 69 minutes. didn't get there, but she did pull a muscle.

Ok. I'm not really happy with this at all. It's more rushed than normal. I've been awake for almost 20 hours now. So I beg your forgiveness for kinda not making this as sensual as it should have been.

I go, sleep now. Dream of what should have been done.

Ignore my grumpiness. It can't be that bad and I really get pissy with myself when tired.

There's only so much sensual you can manage when there are two of Pinkie involved in something. :twilightblush:

Well. Take last week's (Dash's Birthday Present). That was pretty sensual and contained one Pinkie. Two ought to work also. I just flubbed about with the setup too long to get the clop done right. I only had around 10-15 left when I started the sex.

I'm likin' 'ow there's nary an explanation a'tall fer what 'appened. That's the Pinkie I knows!

I gotta say Kits, of all the speedclop comps I've read so far, yours are my favorite. The whole calendar thing is funny, and a great way to explain why everypony is rutting everpony else in the same timeline.

Thanks! I'm honestly not sure how much of the idea is whose. During the R63 week both TAW and I spent several days falling in love with Berry and spouting off ever increasingly cute/hot things. There was a whole IRC channel too. Someone mentioned the core concept and we both incorporated it.
That said, I think mine is a more chaotic ordering.

Again, thanks~

Why make another IRC channel when we already have one? We wouldn't mind actually having some fanfiction chat for once :unsuresweetie:

A few reasons
1) This one is older than fimfiction (well the root channel is. The clop channel came about more recently when there was some drama over horsecock)
2) I have the ~; I make the rules.
3) It's a clop channel
4) It's not #fimfiction
5) It's a +k on an off-the-beaten-path network. We're the illuminati, not the elk lodge. (but is really easy to find if you pay attention to my history at all.)


I got the idea that for some reason there have always been two Pinkie Pies (explains how she gets around so fast!) and it's only now that Dash finds out.
:rainbowhuh: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Ahhh, if only I had a sex life like this. I think life would be pretty damn good.

Granted, we'd need extremely efficient birth control...

But it'd be fun all the same, right? Just kinda doing it for the feeling.

... Ok, yeah, that kinda takes all meaning out of intercourse being the ultimate symbol of love, but God damn it, these ponies make it seem like a real roller coaster!

No need for birthcontrol for lesbian horses!
Two comments on "ultimate expression of love"
1) sex isn't love. it's just sex.
2) >implying they don't love each other.

This is "story" is dead for the time being. I'm burnt out it. If you like this short stuff, check out TAW's speedclop collections. He does a much better job, IMO, of showing them as a set of friends who grow closer.


I think I read both of these quite a while back when I was still lurking on this site, but all the same. You're both pretty skilled, but I'm too caught up in the story to get technical and pick a favorite.

As for my comment on sex, sure, it's just the interaction. There's something behind it usually, though, right?

...Dunno where I'm going with that point, just woke up.

"Wait, I can explain!
No, no I can't."
And then Rarity drops by and is shocked, shocked that two of her friends would do such a thing without letting her in on it.

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