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No Better Title - Arc I - ThePerverted1EyedBrony

In the past four angelic beingings came to earth to bring peace and harmony, but failed, 2000 years later the descendant of the one who sealed them away offers them friendship, how will they react being trap in a new world and how will they get home?

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Chapter 3 - Battles Aftermath / Getting Settled [Edited]

Chapter 3 – Battle’s Aftermath/ Getting Settled

“Ug… my head,” you say tiredly, fully open your eyes and see you’re in a Hospital room hooked up to IV’s, blood bags, and a heart monitor, “How did I get in the hospital?” you ask yourself while looking around the room. Suddenly you hear a knock on the door, “Who is it?” you ask,

“Hey, Cam, it’s me, David, I also brought Amber with me, is it okay if we come in?” David says through the door, suddenly you feel the whole memory of what happen flood back to you,

“UG! MY HEAD!” you yell as you grip your head in pain,

“DON’T WORRY CAM, WE’RE COMING IN!!!” Amber yells through the door. Suddenly the door bursts open and you see Amber and David looking at you worriedly,

“Do you guys always bring loud noise with you were ever you go?” you ask in pain,

“Depends… is Amber always with me,” David asks you,

“HEY, I’M NOT THE…oops… sorry, *ahem* I’m not the one who’s always talking,” Amber says,

“No problem Amber, but why are you guys here?” you ask,

“Oh, right, we’re here to bring you back to the church,” Amber says,

“Okay, but can I at least get something for this pounding headache?” you ask,

“No prob Cam,” David says. David goes to the door and you could swear he winked at Amber, you turn your head to look at Amber, and see that she’s blushing,

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, wait a minute. Did David just leave me in here with his psycho sister, you know she’s kinda cute when she’s not all angry or anything,” you think in you head,

“Um… Cameron… um…I just wanted to know…” Amber says nervously,

“Know what?” you ask,

“You know… how you’re… feeling and all… after all… well that?” Amber asks,

“…Well… I’m feeling better thanks to that form… it did shut my wound… and… you know… thanks for following my orders,” you say sincerely, you then notice Amber’s blush covering all of her face, “WH-wh-what I meant to say is… um… thanks,” you say nervously,

“Um, no prob, Cam,” Amber says. David comes in through the destroyed door with a doctor carrying a clipboard,

“Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you Cameron,” the doctor says,

“Um… ug…can I have the bad news first?” you ask, the doctor looks shocked at your decision, he then straightens his hair,

“*ahem* Well the bad news, is that your gonna need help around you home for the next few weeks, mostly because you have a, broken arm, a fractured arm, and one broken leg, specifically, your left arm is broken, your right arm’s fractured, and your left leg is broken, so I suggest you take time off of school, because I’ve already contacted the collage, they said they’d give you those few weeks, and would post their notes, slides, and other thing online,” the doctor says while handing you a slip of paper, “You’ll need to take those pills before bed, and the other ones whenever you feel pain, now for the good news, you are free to head home and recover, but please don’t get into anymore fights okay?” the doctor tells you,

“Okay,” you say to the doctor, “You didn’t tell anyone about them… Right?” you whisper to both Amber and David,

“No, no one knows but us, them, and the other heads,” David whispers in your ear.

“What’s taking them so long to get here,” Mr. Yellow asks,

“They’ll be here soon, they just needed to pick Cameron up from the hospital,” Mr. Green tells Mr. Yellow,

“Well if they don’t get here soon I say WE decide what the fate of theses…these… things are ourselves,” Mr. Yellow says to the others in the room, Mr. Red, Mr. Green, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Yellow all wait in a room, while Mr. Yellow paces back and forth.

After a few minutes, Amber, David, and you arrive, “WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT RING TO MAKE HIM…” Mr. Yellow gestures in your direction, “LOOK LIKE HE WENT TO DEATH AND BACK IN ONE FIGHT!!!” Mr. Yellow yells at everyone in the room,

“I’m only in a wheel chair because in after the fight I passed out and they,” you jester towards Mr. Red, Mr. Green, Amber, and David, “took me to the hospital where, well it turned out during the fight I busted up both my arms,” you jester to your arms, “my leg,” you show Mr. Yellow your casted leg, “and had injuries that I’m thankful to be alive from,” you say in a mildly defensive tone. You look behind him and see Celestia, and the others in a barrier bubble, “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING TO THEM!?” you ask angrily,

“Whoa there Cam, all they did was come peacefully into the barrier bubble,” Mr. Red says to you,

“I TOLD THEM THAT THEY WOULDN’T BE HARMED!!! NOW LET THEM OUT OF IT!!!” you yell at everyone, Mr. Green lets Celestia and the others go,

“Thank you, Cameron,” Celestia says in a shy tone,

“No prob,” you say to Celestia, you turn your attention back to the others, but before you could yell at them, Mr. Orange comes into the room,

“Hey guys, I’m here to have David use the healing bubble,” Mr. Orange looks at you, “Well… I think Cam here, is gonna be needing it more than you,” he says to David, Mr. Orange then turns his head and spots the girls out of the barrier bubble, “GUYS THEY’RE OUT OF…” Mr. Orange begins to yell,

“WE KNOW!” everyone but you yells at Mr. Orange,

“Okay… but anyways, back on track, Cam I think you should go in the bubble, just to… well you know,” Mr. Orange says as he jesters towards your broken bones,

“Will it hurt them?” you ask as you jester towards Celestia and the girls,

“OH, them, no they won’t get hurt from you using it, nor will they be hurt using it, I know this because I already healed them in it after the match, so that’s why they look a lot better than when they did after you fought them,” Mr. Orange explains,

“Okay, I’ll go in it, but while I’m gone,” you look at the others, “They are not to be harmed, if they do anything wrong then I take full responsibility for it, but if they are harmed in any way, shape, or form, I will hurt you more than you did to them,” you say in a serious tone while looking at everyone but Mr. Orange in the room,

“Okay,” all of them say almost in sync,

“Good. Now where to Mr. Orange?” you ask Mr. Orange,

“Right this way Cam,” Mr. Orange says as he wheels you out of the room.

A few hours pass, and you return to the room you left the rest of the group in, you open the door and enter the room and you’re shocked at what you see, you see the obvious fact that only Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence, David, and Amber are the only ones in there, but what really shocks you is that all of them are getting along. “Um… Okay guys, I’m back,” you say loud enough for them to hear,

“Oh, hey cam welcome back,” Celestia says as she walks up to you, “so, how did it go?” Celestia asks,

“Well as you can see,” you jester to yourself, “I’m perfectly fine now as you can see I can walk,” you jog in place, “move my arms,” you stretch your arms, “and just in general, good,” you say to Celestia,

“Okay that’s good to know,” Celestia says, “Can you come and sit down with the rest of us… there’s something me and the others need to tell you,” Celestia says solemnly,

“Okay… what is it?” you ask worriedly,

“Just sit down,” Celestia tells you, you sit in one of the nearby chairs,

“Okay, what is it you wanted to tell me?” you ask, you see Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight, Amber, and David walk in front of you and go down on both knees, “Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, I don’t want an apology from you four for trying to kill us, okay, you were probably doing that to see if I was a good person, and you two don’t have anything to apologize for, you helped a lot during the fight,” you say with a little but of a parental figure tone,

“No, it’s not that,” Celestia says solemnly while looking down at the ground, “it’s just that… well…” Celestia stammers and looks like she has a lump in her throat,

“It’s just that the reason you’ve never had any friends is because of me,” Twilight says getting your attention,

“WHAT?” you look at Twilight with fury behind your eyes,

“Well it’s because before you ancestor sealed us away, he asked us to keep an eye on his bloodline and help them, and the reason we didn’t let you have friends was because I only saw people that you thought might be your friends were only going to use you, or… well I don’t know if you want me to say the other one,” Twilight says with a little fear in her voice,

“SO, THE REASON I WAS ALL ALONE AS A KID WAS BECAUSE OF YOU! YET YOU DIDN’T EVEN STOP THE PEOPLE MY PARENTS HAD AS MY FRIENDS, AND THEY DID ALL THAT BUT ONLY USED ME TO FURTHER THEMSELVES!!! THE OTHER FRIENDS THOUGH YOU’RE SAYING THE REASON I DIDN’T GET ALONG WITH THEM IS BECAUSE YOU, YOU KNEW THEY WOULD FORCE ME BACK HOME INTO THAT… THAT… HELLHOLE OF A LIFE!!!” you yell at Twilight, you notice that Twilight looks terrified, “Ug, sorry… its just… I never thought that my life had been a lie before, and I had done everything on my own. I know I probably just lost all respect any of you had in me for that… blow-up, but its just that… I don’t want to talk about it,” you say to Twilight and everyone in the room,

“That’s not all Cam,” Cadence speaks up, “I’m the reason you… well, never loved anyone else, but you hating your parents, was all you, not me,” Cadence says a little defensively, you look at Cadence with fury behind your eyes,

“WHAT THE HELL ELSE IN MY LIFE IS A LIE? WHAT, WAS THIS ALL SOME ELABARATE JOKE SET UP BY THE OTHERS TO MAKE ME FEEL SIGNIFICANT? OR, OR JUST TO TRY TO KILL ME!!! WHAT ELSE HAVEN’T ANY OF YOU TOLD ME! I WANT TO HEAR IT NOW! AND I DON’T WANT ANY LIES OR I’LL… I’LL…” you yell before breaking down into tears, “Why *sob* why does my life have to be so hellish *sob*” you ask everyone around you,

“Well while we’re confessing, I might as well let thou know that the reason thou hasn’t had nightmares is because of me,” Luna says as she and the others in the room come around you,

“Ya… and the entire green faction might have spied on you since birth, but weren’t aloud to affect your life in anyway,” Amber says solemnly while wrapping her arms around you,

“But don’t worry, all of us are here for you now, nothing bad will ever happen to you again,” Celestia says in a motherly tone, while you and the others are in a group hug

“Thanks guys, I needed this,” you say solemnly, while hugging them all back,

A few hours had passed and you, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight, Amber, and David, are outside of your house, “Well, I’m guessing all of you are staying with me now?” you ask,

“Nope, I got other jobs to do, but I could drop by occasionally, to make sure you doing okay,” David says

“So… I got five chicks living under my roof?” you ask hopefully,

“Haha, yes, you have five hot girls living with you, for free of course,” David says with a grin on his face, you look at the ground dejected, “I’m only messing with you, Amber here will be splitting the rent and helping pay for the bills the others will be needing,” David says while putting a hand on your shoulder,

“Phew, thanks man, I really didn’t want to have to triple my workload to just barley get by now,” you say brightening up a bit, “Now, let me give you the grand tour,” you say in the best tour guide voice you could give, you show them each of their rooms, you show them the basement where you kept all of your gaming gear, which by the looks Luna took an instant liking to, you show them where the bathrooms are located, you show them the kitchen, and you finish off by showing your pool in your backyard, at the sight of it everyone lit up, you smile at how cute they look when they smile.

“Hey Cam, can I go get settled in?” Amber asks,

“Okay, you can, but then I want you right back downstairs so we can talk about some rules,” you say to Amber and all of the others, you look at Celestia and the others, “Also, you can go and get comfortable in your rooms, okay, then again…” you trail off, “Na, I think you’re all reasonable adults, so I’ll let you decide your rooms. But pick a single room, I’ll explain later,” you say to everyone.

“Okay,” they all say,

“Okay, now that all of you are acquainted with your rooms, I would like to set some rules,” you say to everyone in the living room, they all groan in response, “Rule 1, My room is off limits at all times, except for special occasions, like waking me up if I sleep in, if I ask you to go retrieve something from my room, or you need to speak privately to me,” you say to the others, they all nod in understanding, “okay, Rule #2, the electronics in the basement are off limits unless you have my permission,” you say, you look at Luna and see that se looks like a kid that just lost their favourite toy, “the only exception to this rule is if I give you full permission to use them,” you say, Luna instantly perks up at that little addition you make, “Rule #3, all chores are gonna be split among us,” you say, everyone groans again, “Rule #4, Family may share a room if they feel spooked at night,” you say, Luna and Celestia light up at that little bit of info, “Rule #5, Clean up after yourself, in short, I don’t want this place looking like a pigsty,” you say, they once again nod in response, “Final Rule, no, I repeat, NO magic use in this house without my permission,” you say sternly,

“Um… about that…” Amber says,

“What?” you ask,

“We kinda…sorta…MAYBE… usedmagictohidetheirwingssotheywouldn’tgetcaughtinpublicandsothenwewouldn’tloseourjobsandyougetintrouble,” Amber says as fast as she could,

“I was gonna ask about that, oh one last rule,” the girls look at you angrily, “when outside, you four need to hide your wings, so I’m allowing you four to use your magic to try and find a way to hide your wings,” you tell Celestia and the others,

“Okay,” they all say,

“Now back on track, to start, we’re gonna need to…” you look around and finally notice, the place looks clean, “Um… Amber quick question,” you ask Amber,

“Yes?” Amber replies,

“How long was I out?” you ask,

“Oh, about… two days,” Amber says in a positive tone,

“Okay… then why does my place look like it’s been cleaned?” you ask,

“Oh, sorry I knew I forgot to tell you something,” Amber playfully hits the side of her head, “My grand-father had me and David keep the place clean while you were out,” she says,

“Okay,” you sigh, you then look at the others, “Anyways, the pool all of you are to also help clean, but other than all those rules, anything is fair game… including the pool,” you mention,

“Oh, um… Cameron, Amber,” Celestia says while tapping you shoulder,

“Yes,” you turn to look at her,

“You do know all we have to wear are these clothes, right?” Celestia says,

“Oh, sorry,” you turn to look at Amber, “can you go shopping with them,” you pull out your wallet from your pocket, “Here, take $100, to help pay for their clothing,” Amber looks at you, “And no, you don’t have to pay me back, just use it to help reduce the cost on you and your cash,” you say while walking away,

“What are you gonna do then while we’re away shopping?” Amber asks,

“Isn’t it obvious, I’m gonna be cooking dinner,” you say, Amber stares at you with disbelief, “And don’t worry, dinner will be done by the time you get back,” you say shooing them off,

“Okay, Cam…” Amber gives you one last look, “Just don’t kill us with your cooking okay,” Amber says jokingly,

“Oh, don’t worry I won’t,” you say playing along with her joke.

“Okay, Cam,” Amber says,

“Bye,” they all say in sync,

-End of Chapter 3-

Author's Note:

Our hero's now know a bit about Cam's past, but will Cam open up on his entire past? What will happen when the girls get back? What will be for dinner? Will our hero get to see some sexy swimwear? Will any of them break Cam's rules? How will this friendship blossom? Find out in, Chapter 4 Shopping / Trying to Open Up.

Once again, color issues so I've finally gotten around to editing them, I've also made some minor spelling and grammar adjustment.:pinkiehappy:

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