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Morning Meir is the smartest pony around! Just ask anypony and they'll tell you the same. Now even more famous around the world for cracking the mystery behind Augustus Regal's murder and saving the world from destruction, Morning Meir has decided to stay home, while the rest of Equestria celebrates Nightmare Night: The scariest and most fun-filled night of the year! But Morning Meir is suddenly called away by an old friend, to the lively city of Nawlans to investigate a series of murders that appear to be surrounded around Voodoo: The ancient tribal practices of Zebrican culture. While investigating, Morning Meir and her friends find themselves thrust into another mystery as they hunt the killer behind these murders, and unravel a conspiracy that has plagued Nawlans for decades.

Chapters (20)
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Okay, so....I'm really curious now: How come there has been like NO comments, the entire time I've been writing this? Did I just write a story so perfect, that no one had any opinions of it? Sorry, but this has never happened before, so....yeah. Just asking.

No it's a good story. Keep going :) Mystery, suspence, horror. Just the right thing for a October . :) One have you been reading about Hoodoo and Voudun (Voodoo)?

I have indeed! Iv'e been studying Voudoun (Voodoo) and it's culture for the story, to make it authentic. And for absolutely NO other reasons then that....:)

Faust the Alicorn is mother of Celestia and Luna. Of course she is. She also the mother of the Equestrian world.

It may not be Nightmare Night, mind you, but the Fright will continue! (Did that rhyme? That was supposed to rhyme. Sorry if it didn't rhyme.)

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