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a crossover specialist working hard to make his mark.


the cheetah. fastest land mammal... one such one who is down on his luck gets a second chance in a new world. what kind of crazy adventures will he get into? one things for sure. this is exactly what he needs!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 24 )

This requires talent.

I'm liking it man. :pinkiehappy: this will be awesome. :twilightsmile::heart:

thank you so much!

Eqsturia? Advtures? Seriously man? Did you type this up on your phone with autocorrect turned off?

one i just didn't catch those so thanks. but two DON'T BE A JERK ABOUT MY MISTAKES!

8450337 haha, that's what I do with my story.

Improvement. Nice :) Also, " Nice to meet you Sokudo" should be "Nice to meet you, Sokudo" I thing english uses that "," there when they are referring to someone. Don't worry tho! It was pretty well written, despite(?) the errors ;)

oh okay. it has gone through editing once already so thanks for pointing that out.

Tricky business, I guess :)

pm me with how bad the errors are.

Comment posted by darkstone57 deleted Oct 4th, 2017
Comment posted by darkstone57 deleted Oct 4th, 2017

Why did my comments get deleted?

sorry man but i didt want to keep uo them up. please dont get mad.


i was afraid if i kept up a harsh (even if true) comment it would push other readers away.

You do realise by admitting that here - you’ve, even involuntarily, dug your own grave if someone catches on.

ya i done goofed.

Well, to those who do, let them know I’m not fussed about this. Sornos simply took my advice and that’s all.

thanks for not being mad.

Good Story ^^ and where's next chapter ?

sorry man, insperation is dry.

Oh man that's suck .. :(

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