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The story takes place in AU where Terrek wasn't ever there and instead, was replaced by Kevin a person that was transported there by a present left by his parents that he thought that he knew, and it started on the lowest day he had ever lived, but life gave him a life in a world less grim and murderous, giving him the chance to really begin to enjoy himself again, maybe, and what determines his journey will be the ponies he meets and maybe someone/pony else.

Another is that the story is also affected by YOU, somewhat suggested characters will be added in the next chapter max being 3 every chapter each chapter is at least 1000.

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Interesting ... please, continue.

Also, finally a story with a canadian in it!

Comment posted by TheLeadWriter deleted Sep 19th, 2017

Your welcome! and I am writing the next chapter now!

very nice man keep it up :D

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