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While walking through the Crystal Palace one day, Shining Armor somehow after tripping and falling into the Magic Mirror Portal ends up in another whole universe called the After Colony that has now mushroomed into a war between the group Romefeller Foundation and those who dare oppose them (taking place mid-way through Gundam Wing) and gets caught up in a battle where he is saved by a mysterious human named Heero Yuy piloting the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam.

At the same time during the same said battle, a man by the name of Trieze Khusrenada calls the two over to his mansion that he is currently under house arrest due to his stance against the Romefeller Foundation's usage of the unmanned machines called Mobile Dolls for mysterious reasoning.

There after filling in the details from his view of where Shining Armor is now at, he offers the two soldiers each a Gundam; Heero receives the OZ-13MS Epyon Gundam while Shining Armor is for some reason given the OZ-14MS Aquarius Gundam that was built at the same time as the Epyon Gundam.

When asked why he would be entrusted with a weapon like Aquarius despite having neither meeting the man nor piloting a mobile suit let alone a Gundam, Treize's response is this:

"Regretfully, there wasn't much of a choice for a future for me...use this and it'll show you a way back to your home..."

With that given answer, Shining Armor is thrown into the conflict of the After Colony Era and things will change forever...

*(Note: The Aquarius Gundam will have a copy of the ZERO System like the Wing Zero and Epyon Gundams)*

*(Note 2: Takes place shortly after Equestria Girls meaning Flurry Heart hasn't been born yet)*

*(Note 3: The Violence warning tag is for war scenes and such associated with any Gundam series)*

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

Didn't the Earth Sphere and OZ have a mobile suit designated Aquarius?

Aquarius was designed at the same time Trieze designed the Epyon Gundam, but its ultimate fate is unknown.

this is an interesting read although I'd really don't like the weight starts out how tall it is studying a mirror that shows the Gundam universes I would have preferred that there are other dimensional mirrors that lead to other places and Shining stumbles into one of the ones that Twilight is studying that happens to be the universe for Gundam Wing

Hope we get to see more chapters soon

I'll clear that up next chapter.

The mirror Shining Armor fell into is about the same height as the one in Equestria Girls.


The had suits for Leo (

), Aries (

) , Cancer (

) , Pisces (

), Capricorn (

), Scorpio (

), I think the Tragos was supposed to be Sagittarius (

) , variants of Virgo (

), Taurus (

), a battleship for Libra (

), two gundams for Gemini (

) and the Gundam Aquarius (


It indeed never was as I would love to see more of it rather than it being an SD Kit.

I think it was in the SD Generation video game, too.

Will he go through all the Gundam Worlds? That would be so awesome!

Likely not, but I might have Endless Waltz and it could be the idea for a spin-off series though.

That is sad to hear but It's all good. I'll still read this and any other spin offs cuz I love Gundam


So how much longer do we have to wait for the next chapter?:rainbowhuh:

It's on hiatus as I've got a few other works that need my attention, but the chapter is coming along well, just trying to figure out the part where Heero and Shining Armor meet Trieze and Shining learns a bit more about the After Colony Era.

Awesome shit! It was worth the wait

Well that was fun wish it didn't take so long but I was very interesting kind of shows how to Peaceful Equestria is as well

I checked the stats of the Aquarius it doesn't have the zero system or epyon system why did you decide to put it in

Figured that if the Epyon had it, Trieze would have put another copy of the system in the Aquarius Gundam so it could keep up with the Epyon Gundam.

Ooook this is not what I thought it was gonna be

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