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Shin Poni Tensei: Persona - Lollama13

During a celebration, Twilight, her friends and Celestia get trapped in a demon-ridden world where they must use their Personas to save themselves and everyone else in this world.

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Chapter 1

Shin Poni Tensei: Persona

Full Moon Night

Canterlot Castle – Main Hall

It was quite the busy night at Canterlot, the capital of Equestria, all the ponies in the city and castle were celebrating a meteor shower that only occurred once every 50 years, and they were doing it with a massive festival in the streets and a fancy masquerade ball at Princess Celestia’s castle. Among the guests of this party were Twilight Sparkle, a book-loving purple unicorn and Celestia’s faithful student, Rainbow Dash, a sporty pegasus mare, Rarity, a fashionista unicorn from Ponyville, and many others.

At the main hall of the castle, there were ponies dancing together, eating, drinking, and generally enjoying themselves, all with their own unique masks on their faces, some animal-themed and others just generic and colorful. At the table with all the food and drinks, Twilight Sparkle met up with some of her friends to have a nice conversation.

“Hi girls! How’re you all doing? Enjoying the masquerade ball?” Twilight asked.

“Yep, I didn’ use to think these fancy mask parties were a big thing, but now that ah’m in one, I changed my mind,” Said a freckled orange mare with a red and green mask.

“Thanks for the input Applejack, you know it was my idea for this year’s festival, right?” Twilight replied, but got a response from a different pony, as Applejack had moved away for a moment.

“Yeah, it was a pretty good idea,” Rainbow Dash said, adjusting her colorful and pointy mask, “Then again, I’m not the party expert here, that pony’s at the other side of the hall,” She joked, pointing at a pink mare with a curly mane who was enjoying the sweets at another food table.

“Hey, Twilight!” ‘Shouted’ a yellow mare with a straight pink mane as she approached Twilight, donning a butterfly-shaped mask.

“Oh, hi Fluttershy!” Twilight greeted her friend back, waving at her for a second.

“Umm, would there be a problem if I left the castle for a moment? Angel and the others aren’t liking this music that much, so I wanted to take them out,” Fluttershy asked.

“Absolutely no problem, so long as you can be back in time for Celestia’s speech she’s gonna do later into the night,” Twilight responded.

“Alright, see you two later,” Fluttershy said as she trotted out towards the castle’s front gates.

Later, at midnight…

After a long night of partying and chatting, Celestia herself appeared at the top of the staircase in the main hall, followed by two royal guards as the music slowly stopped and she made her speech, everyone that could fit in the main hall was there to hear it, and anyone who couldn’t, stopped what they were doing anyways.

“Citizens of Equestria,” Celestia began, “It is with great pleasure that we commemorate yet another half-century in our proud history,” She said, causing the entire crowd to burst out with cheers and yelling, which she peacefully silenced, “These past 50 years weren’t exactly smooth sailing, but we made it through, for ourselves and for those who couldn’t make it,” The princess continued, “So, I am glad to say, to 50 more years of Equestrian history!” She finished, the ponies below roared in excitement as the princess and her royal guards bowed down and made their way back to the castle’s living quarters, while everyone else went back to their average party.

“That was it?” Said a pink mare with a red and black mask on her face.

“Pinkie, this sort of celebration is really important, be a bit considerate of the princess’ speech,” Rarity replied, “Even if it was lackluster at best…” She quietly added.

“Welp, I think I’ll get goin’, I have plenty of work to do in the mornin’ and a few hours of sleep in better than not sleepin’ at all, bye y’all,” Applejack said, she made her way to the castle’s gates, but they quickly and loudly closed before she or anyone else who wanted to go out early could exit the premises, “What the…?!” The farm pony shouted in confusion.

In the quiet halls, everyone heard slow footsteps from the staircases, they turned towards the sound and found Princess Luna slowly walking down the steps and looking towards the crowd, which looked back at her in shock and surprise.

“Why is everypony like this?” Pinkie whispered in Twilight’s ear.

“Luna has been ill for a while now, usually, she does the speech too, but she couldn’t even do that,” Twilight whispered back, “So, seeing her up and about like this is kind of a big thing,” She finished.

The crowd began to cheer, thinking that Luna had gotten better, but they were all quickly silenced by a very loud ‘SILENCE’ shouted by Luna herself.

“I currently do not care about your parties, and I’m especially not here to join you all,” Luna began, “Who even cares about these pitiful festivities, 50 years? Meteor shower? I’ve had enough with all this foolish behavior!” She yelled, The crowd went from happy to very confused in a matter of seconds.

“Why is she saying this? This is so unlike Luna to just insult this sort of celebration,” Celestia whispered to one of her royal guards as they watched this scene unfold. Luna tilted her head up, almost reluctantly and opened her eyes, revealing that they were actually a piercing gold, as opposed to the usual dark blue. As the princess stared down at the horrified ponies, she also flashed them a wide grin as she flew up into the air, flapping her wings and creating a dark storm inside of the castle’s walls.

“We have to get outta here!!!” Screamed several different ponies as they rushed to the exit, their visions blocked out by the dark winds Luna created, a few ponies were struck by lighting from the black clouds in the main hall, Twilight and her friends included. The walls of the castle began to become corrupted and rock-like, Celestia rushed down in an attempt to save Twilight and the others, but she was struck by lightning as well, falling unconscious on the floor.

Hours later…

“Princess!” Twilight called out, nudging Celestia’s unconscious body, the princess quickly awoke and got on her hooves.

“Luna… What happened?” Celestia asked herself.

“I don’t know either,” Fluttershy said.

“Was that even Luna?” Rainbow Dash added to the question.

“Well, this party was certainly crashed, and by somepony who was all for it the past times,” Pinkie remarked, “I think so, I wasn’t there…” She said.

“Yes, Luna advocated this 50 year celebration every other time it happened, but why did she just destroy everything like that? I’m not sure that truly was my sister…” Celestia said, slowly trotting towards the exit to the castle.

“I mean, that is exactly what I asked an-” Rainbow was silenced by Twilight with a hoof to the pegasus’ mouth and an angry grunt, “Oh, sorry,” Rainbow said. All the mares followed Celestia to the exit, but as they opened the gates, everything was off.

Author's Note:

Hello pointless cliff hanger, my old friend... I've come to talk with you again...

Anyways, I hope you're enjoying this story so far (Probably not, but I can still hope), if you are, expect the next chapter soon, and if you've played through Persona 1 before, I hope you can still enjoy it despite knowing the plot twists that will happen and what not.