• Published 29th Sep 2017
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Redeeming Darkness - 'Displaced' - KukriRyuTsukino

What happens when you go to a convention as one of the most infamous Rangers who actively chose to go dark? How would you redeem his actions... through your own?

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New Life

Redeeming Darkness - A New Life

Equus, the country of Equestria, city of Canterlot

Thomas Oliver, FPoV
I gritted my teeth as I focused on recreating the Hadōken, yet concentrating it into a more explosive burst to widen the crack which was very far from easy as the energy kept trying to explode, though the crack was maybe a couple of inches wide at most.

‘This is going to hurt, I’m almost certain. Hopefully nobody is on the other side,’ I thought as I pressed my palms a bit closer, the energy crackling and glowing almost a hot bluish purple.

“What exactly is that? That does not feel like what you used before,” Byakōshinken said carefully.

“It’s different. I guess… the equivalent… would be a darker form of the Hadōken… the Metsu Hadōken. The most literal translation of both is ‘Wave Surge Fist’ and ‘Destructive Wave Surge Fist’,” I sighed, shrugging my shoulders.

“Interesting. I assume you have used these before,” Byakōshinken commented.

“Never, actually. Where I came from, they're techniques used in a particular video game series about street fighting, though the people in that series are able to use their Chí, so, reasonably, I should be able to recreate the techniques, though I guess I should be thankful that the Metsu Hadōken seems, at least for the moment, only requires intense focus and not the dark, malicious energy,” I sighed before shoving the energy hard, breathing hard. The energy surged forth much like a cannonball, barreling through the dense stone shell before I heard curses and yells as a sudden boom caught my attention, making me wince.

Perspective Shift Princess Celestia
I have never seen such an odd, dense stone. It appears to imprison something male, possibly two, from the voices my hearing picked up.

“Halt, do not harm our new visitors,” I commanded. I was mildly surprised by the sudden surge of energy before a foot and a half diameter sphere shredded through the stone, the acrid scent of burning sand hanging in the air. I noticed, through the smoke and mist, a sudden surge of graphite grey and emerald green energy that faded almost immediately. I half noticed the sphere detonating against a wall slated for demolition anyway as I focused, my golden yellow aura flaring up for a few minutes as I pushed aside the dust and smoke before I noticed the form half slumped over the heavily fractured stone just under two feet above the cobblestones of the streets. Clearly, he was semi-conscious, I observed.

“Carry him carefully into the palace and into a empty bedchamber. Make certain that he is comfortable. I will check on him shortly,” I said calmly.

Clearly, he is not a pony, so what is he? His clothes are rather tattered, unfortunately. I wasn't very surprised to see Twilight Sparkle approaching alongside her young ward Spike.

“Princess Celestia!! What was that? Can we speak to it?” Twilight said excitedly.

“Of course, though we'll have to make sure that he's healthy first, then once he feels better, we will be able to see where he came from,” I said with amusement.

Perspective Shift - Thomas
'Ugh, what happened? At least I know what clothes feel like in the dryer… wait… Byakōshinken… Saba… was actually talking… wonder why he sounded like Hugh Jackman, though. Too bad I don't have a Zordon to help me understand what the hell is going on. Call it a gut feeling… that something just feels… off,’ I thought as a groan escaped me as I sat up slowly, feeling like I'd been used for the football in the Super Bowl, sore, aching all over, and exhausted… and starving. “I have a craving for fish and chips,” I muttered, wincing before I let my gaze slide slowly around the room.

The arching pale golden-bronze ceilings made me think vaguely of Italian architecture, though the windows were almost definitely French in nature. The windows were a soft creamy white that made me think of meringue, though I don't recognize anything. 'Whoever owns this place is most certainly rich, though… I vaguely remember something about a motherly voice saying something about I will check on him shortly and we'll see where…. something… I can't remember the rest,’ I thought. I did notice the double doors as well as the other broad door with marks I don't recognize on it. I shifted in the warmth of the bed before sliding slowly from beneath the covers before shivering slightly as I realize that I'm clad in naught but a pair of dark green boxers.

“Ugh… I feel shakier than Jell-O…” I mutter before I slowly walked around the room, noticing the dark stained cherry wardrobe with deep sapphire inlays and coppery inlays. I slowly walked to the unknown door before tentatively opening it, my eyes widening at the broad bathroom.

I guessed it had to be easily ten or fifteen feet across and probably the same in breadth. The tub I saw could probably hold at least five or six people and looked about five and a half feet deep. “Damn, I've seen pools this deep and it's a freaking bathtub. Ugh… hope I'm not in some rich bitch's place… she'd probably perve all over the idea of a guy… in my position,” I muttered with a grim look.

I hadn't missed the fact that I felt like I'd been rolled in sand and gravel whilst my head was throbbing like Triple H was using his infamous sledgehammer on the inside of my skull. I tentatively touched the spigot that had the ruby on it, which immediately glowed softly as water poured into the tub, steaming softly before I touched it again, the flow and glow ceasing as I tentatively touched the sapphire, cold water pouring into the tub before I stopped that as the water reached the four foot depth, though I did notice the amethyst spigot that I touched lightly, bright creamy gold foam spraying over the water's surface before I stopped that.

I looked around, spotting the low cabinet a foot or so from the tub alongside a few thick towels and washcloths. I sighed softly as I slid slowly into the water, groaning softly at the heat as my muscles relaxed. I slid into what looked like a curving seat before sighing softly as my eyes drifted closed. A soft giggling caught my hearing, though I saw nobody. The sudden sensation of fingers gliding through my thick, often unruly dark red hair, distracted me before I heard the click of a shampoo bottle. My gaze snapped upwards as my eyes met bright cerulean blue eyes and a bright shade of raspberry hair that fell over her soft pale raspberry skin, partially covering her left eye in slightly wavy locks. I cocked an eyebrow at her, as she giggled before sighing softly as I very, very carefully restrained the urge to Freak The Fuck Out. I let my eyes drift closed before I felt her fingers running through my hair before I felt the slight chill before her fingers began moving gently in circles as I shivered slightly, drawing another giggle from the strange young woman, whom I guessed to be… roughly twelve or thirteen, maybe fourteen.

I'd actually never had someone wash my hair for me, strangely enough.

Author's Note:

Huh, seems Thomas is adjusting... and restraining the urge to FTFO. Can't really blame him, really.

What will Yorūshìkon do? Hmmm, he'll show himself soon, I suspect.

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