• Published 29th Sep 2017
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Redeeming Darkness - 'Displaced' - KukriRyuTsukino

What happens when you go to a convention as one of the most infamous Rangers who actively chose to go dark? How would you redeem his actions... through your own?

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A New World

The planet Equus - Country of Equestria

Clouds swirled in a controlled manner around the broad continent of Equus, homeworld of mythological anthromorphic creatures such as unicorns, pegasi, dragons and griffons to name but a few.

It was very common for creatures here to use magic, whether actively as the unicorns did, or passively, as the 'earth’ ponies which lacked both horns and wings, did to use amplified strength or other such gifts.

Inversely, the Alicorns, who had both wings and horns, were amongst the strongest of the active magic-users.There is one young female unicorn with great potential in the magical arts above most of the others. What fate has in store for this young woman? We cannot be sure.

Even now, watching this thirteen year old unicorn filly, her mulberry fur contrasting with her indigo and rode streaked mane, she is clearly skilled as a young draconian male between ten and eleven years of age with purple scales and a lighter green abdomen and chest walked into the sunlight from the archway of a large ivory and gold palace with swirling white and pale grey towers. The amethyst eyes were narrowed a bit against the sunlight as she looks up from the scroll clutched in long, slim fingers.

For some reason, her eyes widen as our perspective shifts to see the light yellow, goldenrod, and orange streaks trailing a silvery black comet blazing fast before striking a cobblestone square several dozen yards north of the palace. The scroll flutters in the breeze before being grabbed and rolled securely by the young draconian male.

“Thanks, Spike. Princess Celestia might get upset if we lost that scroll detailing the lost Chí Beasts although nobody is quite sure how they could be summoned,” she said as she darted quickly towards the rising smoke from the impact of the unknown meteorite.

“No problem, Twilight. Hey, what was that and why were the Wonderbolts chasing it?” Spike replied as he jogged after the young woman.

“That's what we're going to find out. Ooooh, it could be some lost creature, or maybe some super element that could channel magic more strongly!” Twilight Sparkle hypothesized. Spike rolled his eyes a bit, blocking out most of Twilight's rambling before they slowed, going quietly but stopping a good twelve to fifteen feet away from the smoldering stone as an echoing boom sounded. The most telling detail, however, was the slight rocking of the meteorite as if something was within it.

It was very well known that humans were little more than a myth, Spike mused as a chunk of the meteorite the size of his head shot off, rolling to a stop, revealing that the interior of the meteorite looked to be gold, though the spider-webbing cracks gave away the probability that the deepest core of the meteorite may well be hollow.

Perspective Shift - Thomas Oliver
Thomas groaned as he came to, feeling very nauseous as his eyes fluttered open behind the ruby lens of his helmet before he lurched to his feet, unable to see anything before his hand rose to his chest, a warm radiant sapphire-teal aura flaring up as he found himself in what appeared to be a jagged eggshell, especially at the apex over his head whilst most of the surrounding areas was rough golden-amber stone. He drew a fist back and threw a hard punch at the stone, eliciting an echoing boom that sounded almost like a shotgun blast.

I narrowed my eyes as I unlatched the helmet, setting it aside as my gaze slid around.

“You do have your Chí, remember? Why don't we try that to get out?” a dry voice cut in, sounding like Hugh Jackman. I blinked before looking down at Byakōshinken.

“Eh? Byakōshinken? How are you… talking?” I said with confusion.

“Not important at the moment. This thing looks completely sealed in, which means,” Saba said dryly.

“No fresh air. So… we need to make a hole… that way fresh air can get in…. I wonder,” I said with a grimace as I tensed my legs before focusing, feeling an intense energy flowing through my body before throwing a powerful strike at the same spot, noticing that a burning silver-black aura flared up as my fist plowed into the stone, tiny shards kicking up before I jerked my arm free, a rush of cool air the most welcome sound in that moment before I blinked, hearing faint yells of surprise and probably shock.

“Mhmm, interesting. Using the Bunsun Zankyō in a focused state as a hammering strike. Kou would have liked your style, I think,” Saba deadpanned.

“You say that like he actually…” I said before Saba cut me off.

"He did exist, long ago," was his curt words. Admittedly, that fact intrigued me to know what that meant, but we had other things to worry about at the moment.

I inhaled slowly and carefully as I concentrated, not having noticed that the helmet had, several seconds after I'd set it aside, had dissolved into motes of sparkling graphite grey and gold light that streamed into the buckle. A wavering sphere slowly formed, crackling with restrained force.

“I've always wanted to try this… never thought I actually could,” I muttered with a smirk.

“What do you mean?” Saba said curiously as he hovered free of the sheath whilst his dark counterpart remained quiet.

“This… Hadōken!!” I said, barking the second word as I shoved the unstable sphere forward hard, the sphere detonating on impact.

Twilight jumped as a sudden plume of dust detonated from the cracks, though she wasn't surprised that, moments later, no less than three squads of fifteen guards, plus her older brother and mentor, materialized, the guards surrounding the meteorite in two rows. “What are they freaking over? It isn't like it's a monster or something,” Spike quipped rolling his eyes. The cracks had widened revealing the glistening obsidian layered over sandstone which melted into a brilliant glittering golden surface.

"Who knows? It would be very preferred, I suspect, that it's not some dangerous monster, Spike," she replied before noticing the odd rose quartz disc near her foot. It was half as thick as her pinkie and around an inch and a half wide and at most a third of an inch thick.

What will happen next? We'll find out if the dark past of 'Lord Drakkon’ has any bearing on the present.

Author's Note:

Feedback would be very helpful and informative. Currently in the works of the third chapter.

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