• Published 5th Oct 2017
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There We Were - Randy11201

Straight out from camp, now these marines will put all their blood, sweat, and their training to their test.

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The Journey Begins

"Alright, listen up!" The officer said with both of his hands up. "Welcome to cloudsdale airbase. All marine personal please come and gather on my left hand side and all army personal please come and gather on my right hand side. "

The marines and soldiers splits up and go to their perspective places and report to the officers in charge of them.

"Right, Right, Right, cmon lets go bitch." Anon said before walking towards the officer in charge of the marine personal.

"Say what again?" Ally replied. "Don't make me kill me."

"Seriously, both of you knock it off!" Bleeze said while following them.

The marines gathered up at the officer who is in charge of them. The officer is wearing a typical ACU camo BDU except it is a tiger stripe. Long tighten sleeve cuff, and a black beret with the Air Force insignia pinned on it.

"Okay, I will call out your names and once you hear your names, I want you to say 'yes sir' out loud. Understand?


"Taylor!" The officer calls out.








After a long headcount, the marines followed the officer to a supply depot where they are ordered to get their fatigues and supplies. The marines walk inside a room and they line up behind the reception table. The supply sergeant handed them a rucksack, uniform and other supplies.

After Bleeze and Anon took their supplies from the reception, Ally walks in front of the reception table and take his supplies from the sergeant.

"Sorry kid." The sergeant said taking out a MARPART uniform, a olive drab sweatshirt, a rucksack and a few supplies to him. "Guess you need to wear these stuffy uniforms."

"What's the difference, it's still uniforms right?" Ally said while checking his uniform for defects.

Some marines who are lucky enough like Bleeze and Anon who are early get combat shirts, the other marines who are unlucky like Ally get standard issue BDUs. Anyway, after getting their uniforms and supplies from the supply sergeant from the supply room, the marines put on their uniforms. Later, they are taken to a briefing room where they are being briefed by a commander about their trip and their missions.

"Any questions?"

The room went quiet signaling they didn't have any questions.

"No? Very well." The commander on the stage said. "We are going to watch a movie before your flight. Tonight, we are going to watch Apocalpyse Now."

The entire room burst with a thunderous applause with everyone clapping and cheering. As the commander left the stage. The lights in the room starts getting darker and suddenly a white screen appreas, playing the movie.
Everyone starts to gone wild the moment when this scence happened. The scence where Huey's start to attack a Viet Cong village.


The entire room gone into chaos the moment when the Huey's start their attack. Everyone was just screaming and cheering like kids, even some guys just stand up and start to dance.


"HALLEH FUCKIN LUYYA!!" Ally shouted giving Anon a high-five.

"ANYONE WHO RUNS IS A VC!!!" Another marine shouted.


"Damn these people." Bleeze sigh giving himself a facepalm. "Can't I watch a movie quietly without been disturb?"

Things get even intense the moment when Kilgore ordered a napalm strike. But before when the jets could make their attack run on the treeline, the movie suddenly paused and the lights in the breifing room once again lights.

The marines in the briefing room imediatly stand up and start to swear.

"HEY WHAT THA FUCK MAN!!" Ally shouted.

"CMON!!" A marine shouted


Suddenly, a voice comes in though the speaker system.

"Attention, Attention, all personal please report to the hangar area immediately. I say again, all personal please report to the hangar are immediately. The announcer announced through the speaker. "Get some marines, get some!"

At the moment, everyone stop swearing and started to cheer once again.

"Finally, for fuck sake!" A marine said as he hug his comrade.

"HELL YEAH!!!" Ally shouted giving a marine a homie handshake.

"Let's go kick some ass!" Anon said

"Let's go." Bleeze said

The next thing that everyone know is, they are sitting at the passenger area of a C-17 transport plane going straight to Hunolulu airbase, Pearl Harbour. The seats on the plane are cramp and extremely uncomfortable but no one cares, the moment when everyone board the plane, the first thing they did is closing their eyes and sleep.


"All passengers on this aircraft please be prepared, we have 5 minutes before landing on Honolulu Air Force base. Please take all your belongings and fasten on your seatbelts, we will be arriving soon." The pilot announced though the speaker waking up everyone who is sleeping.

Ally lets out a yawn and stretches his arms. He then takes his rucksack and fasten on his seatbelt while waiting for the plane to land.

5 minutes later, the plane finally landed on the runway. A few seconds later the plane finally stopped and the back hatch opened. The passengers stand up and take their stuff before exiting the plane.

Ally puts on his field cap and grabs his rucksack, following the marines exiting the plane. He takes a deep breath and said "well, there we were."

"No turning back now, Bleeze said while looking around.

"May lord have mercy on me" Ally said

Author's Note:

Here's a question for you guys, did anyone of you watch Apocalpse Now