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Music ponies are best ponies.

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At least you didn't do a ton of bullshit in the short description XD

(Not a clopper, but I thought it was funny how straight to the point this one was)

I prefer to let my potential readers know what I'm offering without jumping through a bunch of hoops. And hey, even if you're not a clop fan at least I gave you a few seconds of amusement.

Good point man, good point

Just as good as I was expecting.

If I ever think of another fun OctaScratch idea, even if it's a sequel to this, I'll send it your way

Please do! And I'm glad you liked it.

Just for future reference, would you be willing to write a ScratchTavia fic that involves a foursome with another pairing?

I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Rainbow is a would be rapist to want this spell but it was a good fic.

Well, yeah, she would be in real life. That's why this kind of stuff only belongs in fantasy, where it is harmless. And, thanks for the compliment!

Wonder how much fun Vinyl will have with Tavi now that shes under Vinyl's control

Comment posted by WhoNeedsAUsername deleted Nov 23rd, 2017
Comment posted by WhoNeedsAUsername deleted Nov 23rd, 2017

I'd love to see a sequel where we see Rainbow using the device on somepony

Yeaaa... Why would the element of *loyalty* want this anyways?

octavia wearing an AKG might be my favorite thing in the world lol. Years ago someone posted this on a headphone enthusiast site and stirred quite a reaction.

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