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Princess Celestia is a being committed to doing her duty, but that doesn't always mean that she enjoys it; faced with yet another long, lonely night in the castle filling out paperwork about this and that, she longs for a distraction. And soon enough, it comes in the form of a most unexpected visitor arriving via a rather unorthodox method. Straight through her rather expensive windows, in fact.

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Just like in the show, Rainbow has some unexpected nuggets of wisdom floating around in her featherbrain. Thumbs up for an easygoing slice of life fic.

One issue: Why would Celestia call it a French window.

Huh neat and cute little slice of life. Did you use to have another account? Because I think I have read this before.


Because I'm dumb and forgot to fix it in the edit, that's why. :twilightsheepish:

Eh, it's just a minor thing, no need to self deprecate over it. Seriously, my brain corrects a lot of stuff as I'm reading, as most fanfics are... lax... in grammatical correctness. This one was harder to ignore for me 'cause I'm a huge lore nerd. Excepting this hiccup the story was a light and easy read suited for 6 to 10 year olds... maybe 8 to 10 due to the description of Rainbow's injury.


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