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Average brony obsessing over the main cast with an unhealthy desire to see them in a dark fantasy setting.


In Equestria during the prohibition era, A certain family runs a business. The work is hard and the price for getting caught might as well be death, but the reward for success is more profitable than any other occupation in the nation right now. When a young woman earns the trust of the Don of this family, she is accepted and becomes a part of the family. However, over two months since she joined, a string of unfortunate events have occurred, and the Don has questions she'd like to have answered.

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Comments ( 19 )

:ajsmug: Thanks, Glad you liked it.

This was interesting.

Interesting to read hope you expand this era of events so we can get more into it

:derpytongue2: Cool. I might make more of these if the inspiration comes.

Man, I love these kind of mafia stories.

Your title's misspelled.

:ajsmug: Same here. One day I'll have a whole story in this vein as that's my plan after Sometimes they call me super is finished. It seems as if there a demand for more of these though, so I may make more as time goes on.

:applejackconfused: In my defense, it was 4 am when I uploaded this. that has been corrected.

.... I want to like this.... I really do...... but...... that ending fucked it up. Not that the story's bad but.... that ending..... I don't really like it.

:applejackunsure: *shrugs* That's just kinda how it played out. I have a bad habit of killing the characters I tell a story's perspective from.

Still.... if anything though I feel it was too quick. Someone like AJ would have Bloom or someone strangle Dash with rope or a bag.

:raritywink: In the event I revisit this setting, (which I will) I'll show you who does what for the family. Applejack isn't one to delegate dirty work to someone else, especially if she feels personally offended by the offender. That aside, this will likely be the end of that setting and anything that comes after will be chronologically before this.

...... oh..... you're.... coming back to this......

The family never forgets...

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