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I am a nice brony who likes ponies, animals, bed sheet ghosts, stories about comforting friends/family, humor, tragedy, some horror, clop fics, being silly or adorable. Have a good day.


Derpy, Muffins, Ditzy, whatever her name is, has always enjoyed cheering up other ponies, regardless of the harsh words ponies sometimes throw her way. She is the proud mother of Dinky Hooves, and as they grow in their relationship, they both will learn that being different isn't always bad or easy.

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Nice story!

"I'm doing good. I just... I just can't believe you are letting me stay here. Kind of hard to understsnd since I mostly stay withThe Doctor," Dinky replied.

You got some mitakes here, just to point them out.

Thank you for pointing out ghose mistakes. Yeah, that happens sometimes. I fixed them.

You're welcome, that happens to me too

Poor Dinky but at least, she has now a family and home.

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