• Published 24th Sep 2017
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Rainbow Light Goes To School - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

After The TwiDash Family went to a family vacation Rainbow Light has finally grew up to become a filly.

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Back At Home

Then, they went inside the house. “So how was school?” Twilight asked.

“Good and already made a BFF,” Rainbow Light said. “So fun if it wasn't from my BFF, Sketchy Clouds that I said bye to earlier.”

“Glad you had a fun time,” Twilight said.

Rainbow Light had a rest because she was tired from school.

To be continued...

Comments ( 6 )

Interesting story, but I personally feel that it needs to be longer. It has great potential, and could be a really great story. It just needs more details. Describe the story more. Explain what Sketchy looks like. Other than that I loved this story, and I'm really honored that you put Sketchy in it.

I’am a short writer and it's sometimes hard for me to edit.

Its okay, I feel it's still a wonderful story.

Lovely story
One thing though....
How does Rainbow Light have gold eyes since none of her parents do:rainbowhuh:

It's a mixture of eyes and never drawn this picture.

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