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Hello, Everyone.


This story is a sequel to A Helper

Rainbow Dash and Twilight decide to visit Filthy Rich and Spoiled to stop the bullying towards Scootaloo. Meanwhile, Scootaloo has to face her mother, how she feels about her new life and the scars her old one have left her with.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mlp or characters but I do own storyline.

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This is definitely an amazing tale! Very much worth the wait for more to flesh it out.

I like the back story of Scoots' birth and how Scoots' mom is just not of sound mind to be anything remotely responsible. She's looking for shortcuts and totally unable to see beyond herself. She's the child who never grew up. She believes in fairy tales without effort. It's so easy to pass blame on others as facing yourself and your own shortcomings is extremely difficult. Perhaps she had parents that were the same way?
You certainly grabbed my attention and got me to vividly see all you have assembled in this first part. I'm definitely eager for more. Great job!

How To Deal With Bullies.

Step One-Draw back your fist.

Step Two-Put your fist in the bully's face.

Step Three-There is no step three.

Thanks for your comment and your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hopefully the next chapter will be out soon.

April is extremely childish isn't she? Poor Scootaloo

Thanks for your comment and I like your idea, maybe If I remember it will be in the April fools edition next year xD

Admittedly, in a story, whenever I see an intentionally abusive or neglectful parent who truly doesn’t feel bad about how they treat their kids, I instantly have one strike against them (or more, if the treatment is worse than would be allowed with an E rating).

But this?

Though I still have one strike against her. . . now, I actually pity April more than anything. :pinkiesad2:

Thank you for your comment, I do agree with your statement.

Nice. There is certainly good progression here. This chapter could easily lead into Scoots' real mom doing something quite dastardly, if she wants to, as Dash has shown what could be considered negligence as a result of the fire.

It will be neat to learn what happens next. :)

Yeah, Poor Rainbow. She is trying her best :rainbowderp:

Thank you for your comment and your continued support :twilightsmile:

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