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I like drawing. I've been writing stories for about a year now and I've been getting a lot better thanks to everyone's support. Brony on everypony.


Canterlot is filled with brand new evils around the city and who do you have on your team to put a stop to these paranormal hauntings? Well, nobody can pull this off better than the C.C.P.R.S (Canterlot City Paranormal Research Society)

Warning: This story contains scary songs, language and graphic descriptions of how some of the characters in the past died.

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Good first chapter

Hope to see more soon


Comment posted by fluttercord shipper 23 deleted January 1st

Will Desk be banned from the house? Sicne it's her fault for bring that dam thing there, and getting Faded Moon to play with her with it.

you mean "Dusky" and to answer your question: all I can say is that she's regretting her decision

Looking forward to the next chapter, can't wait :), keep up the awesome work

To be honest, the glowing red eyes look like "The Fallen's" eyes from Transformers 2

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