• Published 9th Sep 2017
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Escape from the Moon - Evilhumour

A mare finds herself trapped on the moon and must solve the mysteries of who she is, why she’s there, and how to escape.

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Chapter Three

Day Three

Hello to anypony else reading this.

Doa let out a sigh as she rolled the apple next to her, still haven’t taken a bite of it.

“As if anypony will ever read this and care about me,” she sighed, resting her head on her fetlock.

As the title suggests, I have been here for three days now and still I am no where closer to figuring out how I got here. I still cannot remember anything beyond that nightmare.

Doa shuddered at the nightmare of her dying by suffocation and her lungs exploding. She wasn’t sure why she’d had that nightmare but it had put her off from exploring outside for a bit, only going out this morning. A tentative term if anything as she had no way of measuring time’s passage. Still, nothing had happened when she had gone outside save for her heart racing the entire time. She was so glad when she got back inside although she could have spent a lot longer outside as her oxygen tank had barely dipped past ninety percent during the entire time she had been outside and she had been hyperventilating the entire time.

The equipment might be old, highly claustrophobic and impractical but it did the job.

Went outside for what I’m estimating was half an hour... Most of the time was to psych myself up to continue going around the station. The suit is currently hanging in the large room; had to clean it in the medical bay from me we

Doa froze as she almost wrote that in. While she was under no illusion everything that happened up here was being recorded and nothing she did was missed, she didn’t need to write that in. Hitting the delete key a couple of times, she continued her journal entry.

sweating all over the suit. Took a nice cold shower after cleaning the suit up. Just wish the towel on hoof wasn’t so itchy.

Doa paused to glare that towel resting next to her and squirmed, phantom itches were terrible.

Going to look up at the planet above me and see if I can recall anything this time.


Doa grabbed the apple in her thaumatics and dropped the towel over the chair to dry out and made her way toward the central larger room.

She climbed up the stairs, taking slow bites of her apple, tilting her head up to stare at the vast expanse of space and the planet just out of reach.

She was just out of luck, seeing the oceans of the planet with only a few ocean cities’ lights poking out from their depths. It was like she had a set of stars now; laying on her back, she began to make connections from the lights of the cities, imagined constellations from them and made stories for her creations.

Most of them involved ponies escaping from captivity.

Doa sighed, spreading her wings out as she chewed her apple. It was simple for her just to say her heroes escaped from their captors so she didn’t have to think about her own prison; it was easy to create happy endings for others when she couldn’t see how to create her own. It was easy to create stories with bad ponies that her heroes defeated when she couldn’t even imagine who was holding her on the moon. She could imagine the most of basic of stories to why they wanted to capture the hero, but she could not figure out why anyone would want a pony as average as her.

Doa scrunched her eyes up as she threw her apple core at the ceiling, the core making a dull thud as it bounced off the glass and when it hit the ground. Everything so far had been really testing her limits, especially the nightmares she had been having of her dying all the time.

For the last two days she’d had more nightmares of her dying. Thankfully she had felt none of the pain, but seeing herself die over and over again was not very pleasant. It didn’t help either that unlike most dreams, her dying in them didn’t end the dream.

If the dreams did continue, however, she could begin to calculate and predict how many times she would die and know when the nightmares would end. It wouldn’t be that hard to do all that math and it might even be fu-

She pushed herself upright as the world showed her some of the coastline with a massive force field over it. She watched the shield continue to grow, covering a vast expanse of land and it hadn’t seemed to reach its apex yet. But what really caught her eye was what was inside of it.

There was these massive - had to be massive if she could see them - plumes of yellow smoke, no doubt some sort of toxic gas, that they were containing from spreading outwards. The force field was covering what look to be about sixty six thousand square miles and she couldn’t help but feel some sort of awe at the sight.

The only logical choice why she was feeling like this had to be because she was impressed in how resourceful and determined the ponies of the planet were to protect themselves.

Her kind had come a long way from a simple herd and prey species, colonizing the galaxy under many banners and yet maintain peace among each other. She knew that were even a few Thirds in charge of galactic trade organizations, acting as merchants, bringing in wonders from far distant systems. There just wasn’t organisms that one could find on the coreworld and studying new flora and fauna would be something amazing to look forwards to.

Doa’s ear twitched as she thought of that. It wasn’t a memory of her life but simple deduction. She knew that her cutie mark was science related and her special talent had to be related to science. Doa was trying to go over the different branches of the science fields in her head to see if something triggered her memories but there were a large number of fields for her to examine and she was just going off what she could extrapolate from her own empty mind.

She had tried thaumatology, astronomy and biology, all falling flat.

Her thaumatics tended to short out when she tried to reach out and think through what she was doing, causing her turquoise aura to sputter out for a couple of hours until she was able to reach that weak level she was forced to call her baseline.

Studying the stars was an impractical choice for her as she had not been awake long enough to make a good mental map for the sky above her and Doa was forced to write it off for the moment. She would also need more time to do proper tests on her thaumatics, and by proxy her wings, to see if they were improving over time.

Biology was an almost pointless endeavour as she knew all the basic body parts in a pony; heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, intestines, carbuncle, brain-

Doa let out a shout of surprise and pain as a sudden flare of light seared into her eyes, blinding her completely. Rolling around in pain, she felt the ground underneath give way and her falling to the ground.

Day Eight

I can confirm that every five days that there is some sort of solar flare that shorts out the monitoring systems for approximately five minutes. I also need to be careful not to be in the larger hub as the light can blind me for approximately two hours.

Doa snorted at that memory, flicking her tail. She had been stuck feeling her way around back to her bedroom. She was also glad that she hadn’t been on the second level as there wasn’t any railing to protect her from falling off and breaking her neck.

The thought of her dying made her shudder at the first memory she had; that painful nightmare of her being covered in acid rain in a tight box. It had put her off taking a shower for a couple of days but she finally succumbed after smelling completely rank to the point it was bothering her.

She just wished there was an actual towel in this place.

I am still no closer to figuring out why I am here or who is watching me or anything of my past. I will keep on trying to piece together what I can from my minimal surroundings and escape from this place.


The mare frowned; something told her that writing she was seeking a way into the other account was a bad idea. Still she felt it would be a major advantage when she finally cracked the code and saw what was taking twelve percentage of the computer’s memory.

As long as she had her head on straight, she would be fi-


Doa was not sure how she managed not to react to the whisper of sound but was grateful for it as it might give those watching her another means of controlling her.


Come to me

Letting out a yawn to mask turning her head towards the sound, the mare found herself facing a wall that she knew only held the vast expanse of the lunar surface.

Come to me

Great, Doa thought to herself as she went to make herself a supper, I’m starting to hear things.

She would investigate the source in the morning; she had made a routine of going out in the morning to explore the moon and again, it would be out of the norm and thus highly suspicious if she deviated from her standard method of behaving.

If it was still there and wasn’t her going crazy.

Come to me

Holding her head down to hide her eyeroll, Doa stepped into the pantry to pull out one of the dehydrated food packages at random.

“Ooo, it’s spaghetti again tonight,” Doa said to herself in a sarcastic tone.

Humming a tone to herself as she walked towards her bathroom to rehydrate the meal with the doors stealing more of her tail hairs. She paused and glared at the doors behind her, wondering if she would lose a leg or something to them one day.

Pulling the package open was always a struggle with her thaumatics and she had to resort to her teeth more than once.

Snorting as this package was proving to be difficult to open, she began the awkward dance of trying to hold it in her mouth and hooves while she provided enough torque to op-

Come to me Doa

“Gaah!” she shouted in surprise, tearing the food package open and the food spilling over the entire room. Swearing under breath as she gathered all the food she could with her thaumatics, she placed it back into the torn package and held it over the sink. Biting her lip as she struggled to hold it steady as she tapped the water control panel, she almost fell forwards as the spaghetti came back into an edible form.

Biting her lip the entire time as sweat poured down her face, Doa made her way back to the meal table and dropped it down, splashing over the table.

Sighing as she would need to clean this up later, she leaned down and began to eat her supper.

“Need to find material that I can make into a fork,” she said in between bites, swallowing the food down her mouth with a wince. It was overly sweet tasting compared to the others but she could deal with it. “So I can eat like a norm- a norm -” she began to gasp for air, panting to get anything into her lungs. Falling onto her back with her hooves scratching her face, Doa then began to thrash in agony as a sudden fire wracked her body.

She jolted upright from the bed with a scream, her hoof clutching her chest as phantom pain wracked her body. She remembered the sudden pain all over her body with her being unable to breathe, but she could not place her hoof on just what had caused it.

Just like where she was right now… or who she was.

She frowned, closing her eyes as she tried to focus on that important question.

Ignoring all the basics of life that flashed through her head, she needed to remember who she was or what her name was at the very least.

“But all I can think of is that damn dream,” she muttered as she wrapped her hooves around herself, shuddering. “So where am I?” she said to herself as she rubbed her throat, looking around. “And how did I get here…”

She paused, the thoughts of arriving here after that realistic death dream caused some to spark in her head.

“Well I came here after I died in that dream; something related to dead on arrival?” she said to herself as she made her way out of her bed, pushing the long blanket off of her. “I guess I could call myself Doa until I think of a better name…”