• Published 9th Sep 2017
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Escape from the Moon - Evilhumour

A mare finds herself trapped on the moon and must solve the mysteries of who she is, why she’s there, and how to escape.

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Chapter Two

Doa felt her legs tremble at the sight of the world above, an urge to grab a space suit and search for something that could explain what was going on but she had doors she had yet to explore and there was a computer for her to examine.

Taking careful steps down the stairs as her hooves were still wet and slippery, she skidded a bit as she left the steps and almost crashed into the wall. Flicking her wing, she could see the room was not completely circular. Next to the hatch that lead out to the expanse of the moon was a small enclave that held a single space suit of bland orange material and an extremely old model helmet. It was actually a separate piece that would need to be twisted on to make a seal. Where was the built-in helmet that would form to match her head and was made of material that had a zero point zero two percentage of failures?

Walking over to the helmet, she marveled at how simplistic it was and couldn’t believe that this was once the lauded standard of stellar exploration equipment! She had it halfway down her head when she let her thoughts catch up to her.

Doa knew about the stellar expansion that led to a galactic expansion and formation of a number of different nations but couldn't recall what a single one was called. She knew that the planet above her was the coreworld of civilization but she could not recall what the name was. She knew that was a highly inferior spacesuit model but she could not for the life of her recall what the model was called.

Rubbing her hoof along the oxygen tank on the back of the suit, she saw it was suited to go right between her shoulder blades and if she had anypony to gamble with, it would provide to be uncomfortable to wear. Snorting as she held the suit up with her thaumatics, she could see it would a tight fit to wear with her wings pressed against her sides. Hanging it back up, Doa was about to check the last door when she paused and walked back towards her spacesuit. Disengaging the oxygen tank, she saw it was midway filled. Using her turquoise thaumatics, she slipped it into the recharging port and waited to see the amount increase before leaving.

Doa then trotted over the last door, keeping her eyes down and away from the planet above her head. Standing in front of the sliding doors, Doa found herself in what should have been a medical station. There was a single operating bed in the center of the room, a sink tucked into the corner with a mirror over top of it, and the walls were lined with cabinets that, logically, should contain medicines and medical supplies that would keep her healthy for a long time.

But there were no bottles or medical supplies and the doors were sealed up. Tugging on all the doors told her the same story; she was denied access to all but one. Opening it up, she was it contained a box of simple bandages and a box of gauze strips. Glaring at it, she felt whoever had placed her did this to spite her. How she knew this, Doa could not tell but she knew it in her heart.

Slamming the door shut, Doa stormed out of the room with her wings twitching angrily. As she walked down the hallway to her kitchen, she began to breath in and out to calm herself down.

Perhaps that computer would have some information for her. “But going to grab myself an apple or something,” she told herself, flicking her eyes around the small meal room as Doa made her way to the pantry with the door opening before she got there.

She then flicked her tail to her side as the door almost closed on it completely as she walked through the doorway. “Okay,” she said out loud, placing a hoof against her chest. “Note to self, watch out for doors.”

Shaking her head at how close she came to losing her tail, she opened the drawer that said apples and pulled out a nice red apple with her thaumatics.

Holding it next to her face, Doa stared at the door. “You are not going to try and cut my tail off again, are you?” she asked it, with the door opening slowly in front of her. Licking her lips, she darted through the doorway with her tail tucked between her legs.

Turning her head around, she saw that the door was still open and it took a few seconds before it started to close, much slower than the other doors.

Jerk,” she scoffed as she walked over to the computer and began to turn it on, sitting down on the chair provided. “Okay, give me something good,” she muttered under her breath, slowly eating the apple. She saw it slowly load up a dull white background that was the same colour as the walls to show there were two accounts; a Guest account and an Administrator account. Going for the more private account, Doa saw she was locked out by a password which could literally be anything under the mo-

“Nope, not going to use that phrase,” Doa muttered as she went to the other account. The dull white background changed to an even more dull blue background that was so faded that it actually bothered her eyes. Scrunching her eyes, Doa saw that it had just one application installed; a word processor.

Opening the program, Doa went to check to see if there were any saved files she had written before only to find nothing there.

Letting out an annoyed grunt at this dead end, she decided to at least start creating a journal of sorts.

Day One-Year

Doa’s eyes traveled to the bottom right corner of the screen where it should have had the time date and the year but it was absent.

“Well isn’t that fun,” she muttered dryly to herself before going back to her journal entry.

Day One

Today I woke up with no memory of who I am or how I got here, here being the moon. The station I am on is ridiculously small and bare minimal supplies stocked if I am to be generous. There are no medical supplies on board, there is appears to be nothing on board to pass the time, there is only one space suit, helmet and tank with no back ups. Everything seems to have been built purposely small enough to tick me off and there are cameras everywhere, giving me no privacy whatsoever.

She paused, glaring up at the camera that was focused on the screen.

Speaking of, when I took a shower earlier today, the towel I was going to use vanished… and I just realized that I saw no washing or drying machine. So even if I were to wear something, which doesn’t seem to be an option up here, or had that towel, I would need to figure out how clean them or I would have to deal with dirty and smelling clothes for as long as I am up here.

Doa paused again, looking at the screen and rubbing her face as she sighed. Lifting the apple to her mouth, she took another bite.

There is no else beside me on board and I do not know why. I am managing the best I can, trying to figure out what is going on. I am going for a walk on the moon and hopefully spot something that can at least give me a hint to how I got here.


She saved the file and was about to power it down when she tried something. Using a simple command to create a folder, she saw that nearly all the normal features were denied to her account but what was more strange was the memory percentage availability. It claimed there was a ninety percentage of data available to her for use and she was highly certain that her journal could not have eaten up that much data.

So whatever was on the second account may have a significant amount of information for her, maybe even the answers to all her questions.

She just needed to somehow crack a password that could literally be anything.

Groaning, Doa finished her apple off and realized that she had no way of dealing with her garbage. Leaving the core where it was for the moment, the mare began to make her way back to the larger circular room where her spacesuit was waiting for her.

Pulling it towards her with her sluggish thaumatics, she started to examine it to see how exactly one would put it on. While Doa still could not recall anything of her life, she somehow knew she was also slightly curious to how ponies got dressed in these things as it appeared to be one continuous material.

As she turned the suit around in her turquoise aura, Doa felt a tiny bit of slack at the horizontal middle point of the barrel section. Turning the suit to her face so she could see that section properly, Doa noticed that there appeared to be a completely continuous line along the suit that began to split the suit in half the more she placed her thaumatic on it, with the suit sealing up as she moved the pressure away from the spot. Biting her lip in concentration, she focused all her thaumatics on the split with the suit coming apart in two pieces.

Out of breath from the effort, Doa placed the top part of her suit to the side as she began to pull the lower half up her legs. “Dammit, it is like I am a Third instead of a Pure right now,” the pony said as she focused her turquoise aura on the upper half of her suit. “I hope my horn and wings heal so I can be a normal pony again.”

Standing still with her wings pressed against her side and her tail flat against her left leg, she dropped the suit over herself and did her best not to squirm as the suit sealed itself, the fabric wriggling to make itself one piece again.

“Well, so not going to get used to that,” Doa muttered as she picked up the oxygen tank. She saw it was full and placed it on her back, hearing it lock in place. She then flicked her eyes towards the helmet and tried to lift it with her thaumatics only for the suit’s seals to peel apart. Giving a bit of yelp of surprise, she cut off her horn and tried to reposition the suit back onto her body.

Doa could feel her face flush as she shuffled on the spot, annoyed at how touchy this suit was. She then shot a glare at the cameras trained on her, Doa reached for the helmet with her hooves and grunted at how hard it was to pick up without her innate tactile thaumatics.

“Cannot make it easy for me, can you?” she snapped, flicking her tail inside the cramped suit and feeling her wings press against the sides.

Taking a breath, she managed slipped the helmet over her head and twisted it in place, hearing the coupling mechanism snap into place before she heard a much firmer sealing sound.

Doa’s ears flicked as she then heard a beeping sound on the fetlock of her suit. Lifting up the leg to her face, saw it had a holographic display of the oxygen she had remaining in percentage.

“Nope, not in the slightest,” she grumbled. “Just percentage; no time, no estimation of how long it will last, just percentage.”

She made her way to the hatch and saw it had an actual lock on it. Granted it was just a lever, but it was something.

Pushing it down and pulling the door open, she stepped into the airlock with the door closing behind her with a hiss. On the middle of the right wall, there was a simple control panel that had only a few buttons, indicating what would seal and cycle the airlock and what would open either door. As with everything else on this station it was overtly, and at this point annoyingly, simplistic to use. Placing her hoof on it, she heard the room begin to drain of oxygen and depressurizing the room, the lights flashing red.

After about thirty seconds of waiting, the light in the middle of the two panels, the lights flashed green before going back to the normal dim white with the door to the moon’s beginning to open.

Walking forwards with her eyes closed, Doa only opened them when she felt the shift from metal to the dusty surface of the moon.

It was terrifying, the sheer wide empty expansion of the moon in front of her with nothing existing in almost all directions. Doa felt like she could walk in all directions never find anything, become lost forever and never find her way home, be trapped on the moon for all time.

It was also beautiful in its own way. The landscape had its own raw strength and power to it that was awe inspiring. And the stars; oh the stars. They stirred something with her heart, something powerful. They were free and unchained, and she would be like them one day. Free from anypony.

Smiling to herself, she turned around and began to examine the station’s exterior. It was made of the same dull material from the inside with no indication to the true owner of this station. It was almost like it was made just to exist and nothing more.

Doa moved her view from the sky downwards and blinked in surprise as she saw the base of the station. It seemed to have been welded to the ground; even if she had the basic tools to dig, she would never be able to get underneath the station. She could only guess why they would want to prevent her from getting there but perhaps there was a some sort of gap or clue they had left behind.

She made her way towards where the medical station was, keeping to her left with her eyes down, examining the base of the structure. She continued to walk with the sound of nothing flowing into her ears until she reached towards where her bedroom was, the absolute furthest part from the air hatch when she started to hear something, an actual sound!

Her ears flickered around, trying to pinpoint the sound when she realized it was coming from her fetlock. Raising it to her face and activating the holographic emitter, she saw that the oxygen remaining was just twelve perce-it just fell to eleven percent and was dropping fast!

Racing as fast she could, Doa made her way back to the entrance when she heard another sound that she instantly placed and caused her heart to drop even further.

Her helmet’s seal was coming apart, slowly sliding off to the side. She slammed a hoof to push it back in place, but tripped in the processes, tumbling in the lunar surface.

Doa felt her heart scream in her chest now, with only seven percent of oxygen left to her with her helmet moving again.

She flared her horn as hard as she could to keep the helmet on as she bolted forwards towards the air hatch; her suit was starting to peel off of her due to her thaumatics but she had to keep moving.

Doa could feel pinpricks of the cold air of space on her sides but she had to keep moving. She slammed her hoof on the panel to open the door, her fetlock screaming at her that she was almost out of air. Peering inside of the airlock, Doa actually saw the room was depressurizing itself again and taking its sweet time.

“Come on come on come on,” she muttered to herself, teeth clattering in her mouth as the coldness began to pierce her bones, forcing her to shut her horn off so her suit wouldn’t come apart but it was too late.

Holding her helmet as tightly as she could, Doa made sure to let out a breath of air as the vacuum of space pushed its way through her suit as she was finally able to dash through the doorway and slammed on her to shut the door behind her.

Closing her eyes as the airlock began to fill with oxygen, she fell against the side of the tunnel with her heart racing at her near death experience.

Removing the blasted helmet from her head as she was feeling extremely claustrophobic, Doa weakly tapped her hooves together as she gingerly slipped the suit off herself, a small smile on her face. “Okay,” she chuckled lightly as she got upright, swaying slightly. “New plan; take shower, crawl into bed and sleep for a week.”

Doa’s smile fell as when she reached the door, it did not open. Frowning in confusion, Doa pushed on the door but it did not budge. Pushing with her shoulder now with the door stubbornly remaining closed, the mare was examining where the control panel should be when she heard the pneumatic pistons of the door begin to hiss.

The door behind her.

With her eyes widening in terror, the door opened itself up and she was sucked out of the airlock. Crashing onto the lunar surface, Doa got to her hooves as fast as she could and dove for the airlock but the door had closed itself on her face.

Screaming in silent horror, Doa was bangging on the door when she felt an intense explosion in her chest. Falling backwards in absolute pain, she was aware that her lungs had just ruptured and exploded in her chest and Doa was left dying in complete pain on the surface of the moon.

She jolted upright from the bed with a scream, her hoof clutching her chest as phantom pain throttling her body. She remembered suffocating and flailing on the ground, the nightmare of her horrific death.

It’s not real, she thought to herself. It was just a bad dream.

The mare blinked her eyes, looking around the room she found herself in, unable to remember how she got here… or who she was.

She could worry about her new location later, she would need something to call herself.

All she could think of, however, was that nightmare. Where she had died and woke up after dying, and arrived to find herself in this place, whatever this place was.

“Wait,” the mare said as she placed her hooves on the bed. “I woke up dead on arrival…” Tilting her head as she muttered the acronym for that phrase, she cracked a smile. “Doa is a cute name.”

WIth that settled, Doa began to make her plans to figure out where she was.