• Published 9th Sep 2017
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Escape from the Moon - Evilhumour

A mare finds herself trapped on the moon and must solve the mysteries of who she is, why she’s there, and how to escape.

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Chapter One

She jolted upright from the bed with a scream, her hoof clutching her chest as phantom pain wracked her body. She remembered her chest exploding due to something coming out of it but what she could not place her hoof on.

Just like where she was… or who she was.

She frowned, closing her eyes as she tried to concentrate. She could look around in a moment, she needed to know what she knew.

She could remember the basics of life; what objects were, what her kind was called and how to move her body and speak. But her name…

“All I can remember is that damn dream,” she muttered under her breath, shaking her head at how weird it was and how real it felt. “I mean,” she let out a snort of laughter, rolling her eyes. “Who has that kind of dream anyways? I mean, it's like I woke up dead on arrival.”

She paused, tilting her head at the phrase. “Dead on arrival,” she repeated herself and tapped her chin. “D, O, A… Doa.” She said it to herself, smiling. “Better than nothing.”

With a name for herself, she examined herself, pushing the blanket off of her with her thaumatics. A light green coat with a yellowish mane with a beaker cutie mark on her flanks. She then inspected her wings, and while she didn't know exactly what she was looking for, instincts took over as she began to preen them, searching for any damaged feathers. Instead of thinking of what she was doing, Doa let her mouth work on its own and trusted herself to take care of her wings.

Smiling as all she did was a few rearrangement of her feathers, she finally tilted her head around to see where she was.

She was in a room small enough to the point of being slightly uncomfortable, on a bed with sheets that fell short of covering the entire mattress. The walls were prefab plastic sheets that would offer no purchase for her hooves, the floor looked to be hard metal and there was a thin light strip directly above her head that she could tell would be hard to sleep under. In the corner of the ceiling was a monitoring camera pointed directly at her, with a red light flickering.

The existence of the camera in her bedroom brought a number of thoughts to her mind, nearly all of them unpleasant implications but the one positive thought trumped them.

A camera watching her meant there were ponies watching and they could help her.

“Hey!” she shouted, waving her hooves and flapping her wings. “Hey, I need help here; I can’t remember anything! Hey!”

The camera just kept track on her and Doa frowned as she realized something; the entire place was so quiet. There was the soft sound of engines running, but they were clearly being muffled by silencers.

It was very unsettling.

Doa frowned as she lowered herself to the floor, eyeing the camera cautiously. Whoever was monitoring her clearly wasn’t going to respond to her and she was wasting her time in here. She still needed to figure out where she was, what her real name was and what was going on.

Doa tried to walk around her bed to get to her door, but she stumbled into her bed that was bolted in the dead centre of her bedroom and her bedframe was hard metal. Cursing under her breath as she shook her leg to wave off the pain, she examined her door. It was a completely bare diagonal door which made Doa tilt her head; she was sure that there should be some company brand on it.

Watching the door slide apart, Doa made her way into the hallway when the door almost closed on her, catching a few of her tail hairs. Letting out a yelp, she shot it an accusing look before she examined the hallway. Like her bedroom, the hallway was just slightly small enough to be uncomfortable. Directly in front of her was another door with one down to her left. As she literally had nothing to do besides explore, she walked towards the room with the door opening to a bathroom that held a toilet, a sink and a glass shower stall.

Doa smiled at the sight of a shower as she did kinda smell and it would feel good to wash up after that nightmare- Doa froze as she spotted a camera in the corner of the ceiling, that would give whoever was watching her a perfect view of her using the shower and the toilet. Wrinkling her nose at the lack of privacy, she also saw that there was a towel on a hook next to the shower stall, the same bland white as the walls.

Acting on instinct, she lit up her horn and a turquoise aura flew over to the door of the stall but frowned how sluggish it felt to use her thaumatics and how difficult it was to open stuff. She had to test her wings later to see if there was something wrong with her wings as well but first, shower time.

Stepping inside, she was relieved to see there was a bottle of bodywash on a small alcove, surprised to see this luxury in this spartan pace. She picked up the bottle and immediately wrinkled her nose; it smelled like industrial antiseptic. Gagging at the scent, she began to fiddle with the water temperature controls, settling on a medium heat with the shower head setting default on hard beads.

Frowning at this but resigning to just dealing with her poor shower, Doa began to rub down her body with the foul soap as she tried desperately to wrack her head for any memory of her life, where she was or what was going on. She felt a small stab of panic in her chest but she forced it down. She had been awake for less than an hour, she could act like an adult and keep her head on her shoulders!

Flicking her mane away from face, she turned the shower off and reached for the towel only to meet air.

“What?” Doa said, the towel and the towel rack gone and the wall smooth. Stepping out of the stall, she began to feel the wall only to see it was completely seamless. “How” she muttered to herself, looking for any holographic emitters in the floor, walls or ceiling but found nothing. It must have been have some sort of advanced emitter setup that worked through the wall panel itself but…

Leaning forwards, she licked the wall and immediately regretted her actions as it tasted terrible. But not the electric buzz that should have been there if there were tiny emitters built into the wall.

Wiping her tongue with her hoof, Doa made her way to the sink as she shook herself dry, seeing her reflection.

She didn’t look all that bad; her mane short enough not to get in her face with her coat seemingly well built for drying quickly. Blinking her blue eyes, she tapped the sink bowl. “Okay Doa, you’ve still got a job to do,” she said to herself as she flashed herself a smile before she started to leave the bathroom and walk down the hallway to the last door. Stepping through it, she was in a circular room that a held a small meal table in the centre, and another one in corner with an antique style physical computer on it instead of having the standard holographic interactive module.

She would examine the computer later; she noticed that there was only a few a couple other doors. She would wager one would be a pantry and the other would be attached to another hallway, which meant she could confirm either that she was alone here or she had a private area all to herself.

Trotting carefully to one of the doors, she saw it slide open to reveal a pantry of tiny packages along both walls. Lifting one up with her thaumatics, she saw it was a dehydrated meal package of what was a basic meal of spaghetti.

Seeing as she wasn’t that hungry at the moment, she put the meal back where she found it and noticed beyond the packages there were a few cartons of labeled vegetables and fruits. Leaving it alone for the moment, Doa made her way out of her pantry and went to the other door, spotting several cameras on the ceiling and they were all focused on her. Flicking her tail, she walked through the hallway to find herself in a much larger circular but empty room that had only two more doors, one a highly reinforced door hatch and other was one of the other doors she had see before, and a staircase with a glint of natural light right above her.

She couldn’t help but let out a small squeak of joy; maybe seeing the outside world would jog her memory. Pumping her wings, she tried to fly up to the second floor but her wings wouldn’t give her any lift beyond a small hover before she had to land.

Scrambling on her hooves, Doa raced up the stairs, wondering where in the world was sh-

The world was above her head.

The world was above her head.

Slowly, she forced her eyes away from the celestial body to look around her to see she was a observation room, with glass walls all around her and she knew exactly where she was.

She wasn’t on the world, she was on the moon!

How in the world did she get up here, it didn’t make any se-

Her blood froze as she could not see something she should see. Racing around the deck, her heart began to thud in her chest as all she saw was the dusty expanse of the moon and nothing else.

There was no pathway connecting to another station, there was no moon buggy that would help her travel and most importantly, there was no launch station so she could leave the moon.

Finally coming to a stop, Doa reviewed her current predicament; she couldn’t remember anything of herself including her own name, she was on the moon with no way off and there were ponies watching her every movement but were obviously not going to help her.

She was trapped and she had no idea how she would escape from the moon.