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"Hurry up and fetch me my leg!"



DIO learns the magic of friendship, while inadvertently committing a comical genocide.

Rated Teen for: Mild Gore, Strong Language, Rude/Morbid Humor, Dark Themes and Elements, DIO stuff.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 75 )

Needs more MUDA

"Author's Note: Yes. I did it."



Killer Queen has already touched the FanFiction

Are you talking about my story, or is there another one I don't know about?

Also, this looks fun. I'll follow for now.

I can see our jojo fanfics in the same universe

Thanks for taking away my sides

Holy shit, this makes me very happy, I didn't expect all of that to come from some shitty jojokes, but hey, I'll write more when I can.

that video oddly causes a thud under my table every time i watch it. maybe a ghost?

"I'm going to push the button! I'm pushing it now!"
+1 follower

i must read about this universe

Last line = beauty

Needs more duwang

Wouldn't Killer Queen make everything he touches explode?

Well, Primarily
I looked and nearly had a Sheer Heart Attack
When I saw the story exploded with likes, I nearly Bit Za Dusto
If I were to give this new bomb a name: Killer Queen daiyan no bakada Positive Feedbacko!

8425248 That is because I liked your story, m'lord.

I, DIO, respect your admiration! I shall not fuse you with a dog.

My stand has the ability to grow when aroused

D E F F I N E T L Y must be in the same Universe

I'm kind of excited for DIO to learn the magic of friendship and reach Oba Heabun so I can make alicorn jokes.

I wonder what Jotaro would do when he finds Dio in Equestria.

"Masaka. . .DIO! Yare yare daze."
>Star Platinum cannot attack
>The World instead shakes hands with Star Platinum and has a friendly game of chess
"Hoho! Jojo, I have learned the power of friendship! You cannot overpower me now, I have won! Would you like a cup of tea?"

"Tea is for gay brits. Where is my canned beer coffee"

"Your great great grandfather Jonathan was a gay brit."
Very close leaning into ear.
"How do you think I got his body?"

Reading this gave me a stand power.

Name: Face Masher
Ability: able to cave in the face of the user so hard, the hand is visible at the back of the head.

(i wanted to post the related pic, but couldn't find it.)




New chapter coming soon <3

Edit: I was planning on writing soon, but shit is stressful as fuck over here with getting a job and everything, bear with me. Well-timed jojokes are better than rushed ones.

"I've reached true power."

Well, shit. Does that mean he's achieved HEAVEN?

"Hello?" she called, about to ask for help before she heard some rustling. She jumped back as she saw a man in a white suit with a strangely designed tie and weird hair walk out. Gray/White hair striped black. He looked at her placing a hand on his chin.

Hell's bells. Ah, well.


There aren't any ambulances in Equestria, are there?

Kira's here and I'm sure he'll fit in fine. After all, all he wants is a quiet life.

As you might know, I'm going to make the obvious joke
"Where are they taking me?"
"Who knows? But it won't be somewhere you can rest in peace."

I'm not looking forward to seeing Lord DIO meet with Kira.

DIO is a powerful and intimidating villain. Kira is a creep with a fetish, what could go wrong?

8437290 Well, Killer Queen could make everything he touches explode, Sheer Heart Attack is indestructible and Bites the Dust is basically a redo button. I dunno if DIO can top that.

Dio: I can stop time!
Kira: you can bite ze duste

DIO: I want to rule the world!
Kira: I want to cut off hands forever.

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