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Jay David

Just a guy from Britain who loves MLP.


When one goes through crazy stuff on a regular basis, itโ€™s hard to sometimes get a moment to yourself and kick back. But, thankfully, such a time is exactly what Sunset and Flash now have for themselves, as they spend the early morning with each other.

Part of my EG Continuity

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Comments ( 12 )

"Careful, Flash. You're going to slip off the sofa being that smooth."

Any more smooth and it'd be criminal.

Smooth, touching and calm.
But it gives me the feeling that there will come something after it.
I feel this is just your warm up for Valentins day.

Trump should use your first paragraph to reinforce the border. It'll save us a lot of money.


Any more smooth and it's be criminal.

I see what you did there! :trollestia:

I found the news scene far funnier then I should have. I was actually bent over laughing. That made my day well-done Darling :raritywink:.

"Good morning. Our top stories today, the economy continues to sink, political scandals continue to be unearthed, and everything everywhere is becoming horrible. But first, the weather. Jim?"

That made me laugh more than it should have. XD

Still, this was quite a sweet and touching story. I really enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Cuddles on a lazy Sunday are the best sort of cuddles.

D'aww, i love their cozy little relationship. Makes me want one too :heart::ajsleepy:

Took me a minute to get that. :facehoof:


One of my friends is a fan of Jay David, and even he thought that first paragraph was a real block of text.

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