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Hey y'all. I'm a christian brony born in 1996, I just love making stories. Picture of my oc done by a really good friend of mine.


A story in the perspective of Prince Blueblood and his struggles of the torment he gets from the demons of his past. and a mysterious character who helps him in the end

Art done by: https://www.deviantart.com/rocket-lawnchair/art/Private-Party-813170775


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Feels a bit rushed, but the point was crystal clear.

Yeah, i'll admit i'm still a bit of a novice when it comes to fanfiction, but thanks for you're feedback.

I decided to end it all, I couldn't deal with the guilt anymore so I jumped into the nearest lake and into the deepest part. I was knocked out and began to drift, but i awoke and saw a pony dripping wet, I told him he should have just let me die, that he knew how I was and that he was one of the ponies that hated me. He asked me why I thought he hated me, so I answered, I reminded him that he was the one that beat me up after what I did Rarity at the gala, he said that was in the past and even then he didn't hate me, just didn't like me, that it wasn't his nature to hate, he told me offing myself wasn't the way to go, that for others to forgive me I must forgive myself first he also said he couldn't let a family member just off themselves and that my brother in Manehattan would be devastated if he heard I killed myself.

After he saved me I finally got to apologize to everypony I wronged, even Rarity who surprisingly is the wife of the pony who saved me, she accepted and gave me a hug letting me know that it is all water under the bridge. I also apologized to Applejack who is the cousin to the pony who saved me, but a question rang in my head, how did this pony who saved me know my brother, so I asked him, he said that he's met him a few times and that they visit each other from time to time and that we're closer than I realize.

I'm trying to figure out who saved Blueblood. A family member to Blueblood? Married to Rarity? Cousin to Applejack? Knows his brother in Manehatten? I have no clue.

I could tell you or i can just let the mystery continue

A nice idea and far more interesting take on Blueblood’s personality than what one usually sees in the show. The execution could use some work though—the pacing is rather rapid, and there are many overly long rambling sentences. Can give you some tips on how to fix that :twilightsmile:

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