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Rainbow skies

Hey what up im rainbow skies this is my profile thing hope you like my stories and some other stuff as well but stay frosty later


(I have no money for a drawing)

After an 'incident' involving getting expelled from his last and final school in his city, the boy in question is named Arctic Night. The young man travels over sea's to go live with his uncle in canterlot city after his mother forced him due to finding out about said problem with school.

He gets transferred to a school called Canterlot Highschool and he clearly hates it, but as he goes on with his days he meets a quiet girl named Fluttershy, can he handle the shy girls attempts to make a friend

Or Not?

Hello everyone rainbow skies here, well this is something different from my normal writing but I do hope you like it please go check out the PoME group and see their stories as well

A thank you to Ragga_Muffin for editing.

This takes place after the Friendship games and in the PoME universe

All characters featured in this story all belong to their respective owners in the PoME group:
Jarvy Jared

I hope you Enjoy

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Comments ( 7 )

wait a second... so u make this on September but you release it during finals week... wtf lol

To be honest it was supposed to be out earlier but things came up, and well I may have forgotten until the week before finals

Hmm, I'm interested, tracking...

As far as I've read you're off to a good start. Let me be the first one to welcome you into our group. Keep up the good work and if you need help don't hesitate to ask ok? :raritywink:

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Jul 13th, 2019
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